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How to choose a pressure washer and how to buy

Как выбрать мойку высокого давления

Selection pressure washers, for the care of a private area and car wash at first sight is easy but has nuances. Using high pressure washing, strong enough for easy cleaning. However, such a device can be used not only for the care of portion, but also to wash some of the technical premises, eg, garage. It is also widely used, such washing machine for paving slabs and walls.

The device in question was invented several decades ago. AT 1935 in Germany Alfred Kärcher created the company, produces such machines. To this day, this company produces cleaning equipment, including high-pressure washers. It was named the inventor has developed the popular name of the device - Karcher. As usual, we started as a machine produced only in the 1950s. Now the pressure washers are produced by most major equipment manufacturers, eg, Annovi-Reverberi, Craftsman, Bosch и Stihl.

Areas of application of the high-pressure washing

These days, high-pressure washing can often be seen in the service station. for example, automated services are always used these devices. Car wash automatic car wash, but the used space - Pressure Washers.

Очистка грязиSuch devices are used on a construction site, especially they are needed in the urban construction sites, because of the rules of construction machinery should be washed before, leaving the construction site. Also devices are necessary for rinsing concrete mixers, pipes and other various mechanisms.

In agriculture, high pressure wash used to clean stables, and agricultural machinery for washing, in which the radiators are often clogged with dust, hay or straw, that can lead to overheating of the internal combustion engine, often used in such machines.

The fishing also apply pressure washers, because after a successful fishing entire deck is covered with scales, which is not so easy to wash off manually. The ships often appear growths clam, that must be washed off.

In the production of food such devices are used for the purification of technical premises.

There are special tips, intended for spraying means, allowing clean a particular surface.

For everyday tasks well suited compact pressure washer. they are usually sold together with a certain set of nozzles, designed to perform basic tasks. Our site repair of apartments tell and tell me how and what to choose Pressure Washers, public companies and what to pay attention in the first place.

factors, influencing the choice of washing, you need to know before you buy

It is worth to warn of the potential owner of the car wash - in any case it is impossible to wash animals and humans, because the water pressure in the hose is too high. This pressure for each cleaning specified in the characteristics of the bars. Household washing water can not be heated, However, most of the models have the ability to connect to hot water, which temperature should not exceed 60 degrees. However, some devices can not use the hot water.

The price range for the high-pressure washer is wide enough. for example, Black&Decker PW 1700 WB stands 5000 rubles, а Black&Decker PW 1800 XR – 7000, Although they are almost identical in characteristics.


The device consists of a set of hoses, handle with attachments, housing, container for special funds, motor and pump. The cost of the device depends mainly on the type of pump, namely, of its resources. The pump has a cheap resource models, component 30 – 60 hours. This period seems rather small, but let's see. Let's, car owner bought the sink with a resource 50 hours and is going to use it for car wash. Due to the cold weather in the street can not use the device in winter, Consequently, per year will be used washing 4 – 6 months. Car washing away 10 – 15 minutes, And no one will carry out this procedure every day. In the rain and you can not use the device, since one can get an electric shock or break device. Therefore, washing will be used, on average 3 times a week for a year and it will take 15 hours. It turns out, that cheap for washing 4000 rubles will last 3,5 of the year, that bad, especially since such a device warranty is only 2 of the year.

More expensive pumps made of other materials and using a different type of actuator, so their resource above. Especially good pumps with a body made of brass or other alloy pistons of cermets. The cost of such washing can reach 20000 rubles.

It should also look at the set of proposed attachments and choose the best set. Very useful for milling dirt, sandblasting and suction ejector nozzle, as well as various brushes and angular nozzle.

The sale can be seen washing, operating at a low pressure water inlet, There are also devices, using the trunk water. To extend the life of washing on it is necessary to install a water filter, and Protect the hoses and not injure them. Comfortable models with hose reel. It is also important at the end of the work to drain all the water from the device and release pressure.

How to choose a high-pressure washer?

High Pressure Washer Karcher K 5.55 JUBILEE

Consider an example for the selection of washing suburban area. It will be used for car wash, the site itself, cleaning the pool and the house, sheathed siding. Let us examine the model of Karcher K 5.55 JUBILEE (the same Karcher). power - 1600 W, performance - 460 liters per hour, pressure - 140 have. This pressure is sufficient to perform all the necessary tasks to us. Among the set of nozzles and have cutter for dirt. That it is necessary to clean the tracks.

Мойка высокого давления Karcher K 5.55 JUBILEE фото

The pump housing is made of aluminum alloy. As I mentioned earlier, it is good enough. The temperature of water used can reach 60 degrees - this is the usual indicator. hose length is 9 m. The device is equipped with a container for the detergent. Also includes a special water filter, which the, as mentioned earlier, can increase the life of the product. This model costs about 9600 rubles.

Pressure washer Makita HW130

You can also consider a model Makita HW130. Engine power is washing Makita 1800 W, performance - 480 liters per hour, pressure - 130 have. Pumps used trohporshnevoy designs with light-alloy body. hose length is 7,2 m, and for the convenience of special coil attached to its winding. Also useful are special containers for storage of nozzles, built-in cleaner itself. Such a device costs about 10300 rubles.

Мойка высокого давления Makita HW130 фото

Washing BOSCH Aquatak Clic 125

More should consider the recently released model Aquatak Clic 125 from Bosch. Engine power Bosch - 1800 W, performance - 410 liters per hour, pressure - 125 have. The maximum possible temperature of the water is 60 degrees. It is worth paying attention to, that this unit has been created taking into account the needs of customers and very convenient. There is a gun, having a swivel coupling. The included nozzle provides four modes: fan spray, dot spiral jet, a low pressure jet and pencil jet. This set will perform a variety of tasks.

Мойка высокого давления BOSCH Aquatak Clic 125 фото

But that is not all, can boast this model. for the buyer, certainly, attractive availability of automatic hose rewind. This technique is called «Easy Roll». It is worth noting the high durability of the included «Torsion-Flex» hose kit. Such a hose is not afraid of any excesses, no tangling. Also useful feature is the automatic device is disconnected from the network - as soon as the user releases the button on the gun, the device is switched off. This allows us to work with a sink safer.

Also available in a special container for detergents. Quite convenient location switch - ability to turn off the machine foot will be useful to many potential car wash owners. Not only for the hose, but also for the network cable there is a function of its automatic winder. Absolutely indispensable function of water absorption, whereby lack of running water does not become a problem when using the device, because such washing may be from any source itself pumping water. The cost of such a model, Bosch is not much different from the others in this price segment and is 10800 rubles. It is seen, that she is the most convenient and good among all our models considered. See how to choose tools right.

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