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Tips for choosing a Linoleum, as determined by the choice of covering

Among the average citizen of linoleum is the most popular floor covering for arrangement. This is primarily due to its low cost, Besides big enough service life. But it is worth noting, that today it is there are many varieties, colors, and all this must be considered. Thus many visits question, how to choose linoleum for home.linoleum choice

What to look for when choosing a

For a start it is worth noting the main criteria, that need to pay attention when choosing coverage. Thus, the right choice of linoleum is conditioned by the following factors:

  1. cover Purpose (ie. to what room he selected).
  2. performance specifications, namely: wear resistance, vlagostoykoyst, ecology and many other.
  3. Also important, coating to withstand imposed load level and operation, what does the number of visitors and cross-premises.
  4. And the last factor is the aesthetic qualities of the material. It should complement your home decor.

In this way, taking into account all the factors, the buyer may choose any need for a coating of, because it will know how to choose linoleum correctly.natural linoleum choice

Types of linoleum and its features

To get started is to understand all, What is linoleum. known, that a covering most democratic, as fit as a residential, as well as in public buildings. But for the right choice is important to know all of its forms, It is not enough.


The greenest of all linoleum - a natural. Most often it is used in hospitals, orphanages, those places, which need constant hygienic cleanliness.

The basis of this type of laid jute fabric. Depending on the purpose of it is combined with wood flour, limestone, pine resin and a plurality of colorants.

Directly material itself is made from natural ingredients strictly, and therefore it becomes a great solution for children's rooms, as well as rooms with a living alergikami or asmatikami.

When choosing linoleum for an apartment or house, this option fits best, that the cause of its benefits:

  1. Is not harmful.
  2. completely harmless.
  3. wear resistant.
  4. It does not fade and can boast antibacterial qualities.

PVC material

Becomes the next type based coating fabric or nonwoven insulation. Today, it produces a lot of domestic companies by foreign technologies, because it has a cost affordable to everyone.

Additional material dostointsv:

  1. Low price.
  2. High performance.
  3. variety of colors.
  4. A small level of thermal conductivity.
  5. Good quality deelektricheskie.
  6. Ease of installation.

Speaking about the shortcomings, you can note:

  1. Sensitivity to temperature (with a sharp drop loses its elasticity and crack)
  2. Instability to chemical compositions.

The cheapest in this form will be baseless linoleum, slightly more expensive - on the basis of artificial materials, the most expensive - on the basis of natural materials. But we must understand, that depends on the price of life and the level of sound and thermal insulation: more expensive, all the better.PVC linoleum


It is also quite common option is Relin. This is a unique material based waterproofing components.

Very suitable for rooms with high humidity. It is resistant not only to water, but also to chemical agents, and generally has high strength. Use this form can be in the laboratories, production areas.Linoleum Relin choice


In production and transport can be seen linoleum on the basis of jute (alkyd). It is made of alkyd resins, which is produced from linseed oil.

The material is quite expensive, which leads to a complex manufacturing technology.

It is characterized by an excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation.

There is another kind of coverage, but it is currently hardly used - nitrocellulose. The disadvantage of this linoleum in poor fire resistance and ease of ignition.

In addition to the main types have linoleum with various additives: skid resistant, soundproofing, antibacterial.Features linoleum alkyd

Classification and characteristics of linoleum

For, to answer the question fully, how to choose linoleum, it is necessary to understand the labeling and classification. As it was she who determines compliance with the requirements of the material.

Labeling is represented by two numbers, The first digit of 1 to 4, It means for the purpose of premises:

  1. Rooms with a minimum cross.
  2. Living spaces.
  3. Office buildings.
  4. production sites.

The second figure shows the load, which is expected to cover. Accordingly, the figure shows one minimum load, and four, the maximum allowable.

In this way, choosing linoleum for the bedroom, you can take the material brand 21, while the hall or kitchen will require 24 class.

For better understanding, degree of load determines the required thickness of linoleum. In this way, considering such premises, as a living, hallway, corridor, worth mentioning, that in these places the maximum load, accordingly the material thickness should be at least 3 millimeters, Besides, protective layer must not be thinner 0,30 millimeters.

Besides, when you select must take into account the nature of the base, in this way, than the flat floor, the thinner it is possible to put the cover, and vice versa, respectively.features linoleum

Professional advice

And most importantly, the right to choose linoleum, should take into account the advice and recommendations of experts:

  1. The thickness varies from linoleum 1,2 to 6 mm. When choosing the thickness of the floor is important to consider the type and level of use of the room. If the room is visited frequently and many people, the thickness should be at least 3 mm. In the less popular it will be enough room 2,5 mm. Floor of wood would be enough for a thin linoleum, but for concrete - minimum 3,5. It is to insulate the floor and hide its roughness.
  2. Trust your charm, any pungent smell from the cover indicates the presence of harmful chemicals in the composition of. Quality materials have bad smell.
  3. All coverage figures should be clear and distinct.
  4. Material should fully comply with all safety requirements, before sale, quality species undergo a series of examinations, and I have a certificate.
  5. Before buying each roll should be checked for quality in the form of a roll out. The surface should not be scratched, mounds, exfoliated film. The presence of any of these indicators suggest marriage material.
  6. Preference is possible to always give to the models with the application of a protective film, because they are more durable, and easy to care for.
  7. All rolls should be made by one party, since different can be the slightest, but the difference in hue and figure.
  8. Do not neglect the choice of cover colors.
  9. If monotony is not even considered, it is better to choose a small abstract pattern.
  10. Major figure fit only large non-residential premises.
  11. Go to the shop to be the plan of the room in the arms and clear measurements.
  12. Transport it is better to roll, inside vybrt linoleum correctly


As can be seen, linoleum selection process is quite simple, if a little understand it. After examining all the details of, and taking into account our recommendations, You can easily choose linoleum for home alone, and in the future, your choice will not bring disappointment. Finally, we offer a few videos, which will help to understand better what kind of linoleum, talk about its types and properties in more detail.




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