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Repair of parquet with his own hands

Ремонт паркета в своими рукамиHardwood floors are considered the best floor coverings. New parquet always well polished and has a lacquer coating, he always looks nice and solid. But, while no one is sorry. Parquet gradually comes into disrepair, cracks occur on it. he cracks, begin to crack plank. Replacing the old flooring to a new - very expensive pleasure. Much cheaper to carry out the restoration of old parquet. Usually, to restore the parquet, there is one time in many years. It all depends on the conditions, which operated parquet. Site renovated apartment with his hands I prepared a brief guide to self-repair floor.

Start a floor restoration

To remove tarnish and loss of color parquet, We need to use the sander. Small scratches on the floor, easily removed filler or grinding. After the performed operations, parquet need to varnish or wax. If parquet began to creak, it must perestelit. Scrape occurs due to poor laying parquet or improper use of technology.

parquet swelling can occur when moisture. Such damage can be fixed in only one way - perestilaniem parquet. To replace the cracked or broken rivets necessary to replace a broken parketiny. For this, you need to completely remove the adhesive base. Then you need to make preparations and fitting new rivets in size. Perform fill special mastic place, where riveting fit.

After pouring the need to establish a riveting. On riveting need to put a heavy load, first removing the entire protrusion mastic. After finishing all the work, worth making scraping. It will help hide replaced riveting. After sanding required floor sanding and varnishing. The varnish should be applied in several layers. The coating is durable, If several layers of lacquer will be applied.

To make it a better grip all walks, polishing should be carried out after each applied layer, except the last one. Working with a varnish requires not forget about safety. We must always remember, that flammable varnish. When working with a varnish application necessarily respiratory protection. We must not forget to ventilate the room.

Planing and resurfacing of the old parquet

In olden called parquet sanding removal of the surface layer of wood. Nowadays, with the advent of new technology and different grinders, planing began resurfacing flooring. This operation is carried out in several steps. Sanding parquet floor makes it possible to maintain a much longer time, than simple removal of the top layer. For sanding operations use a variety of grinders. They can be drum, tape, surface grinding and other. We have understood how to perform Hand scraping the parquet with his own hands, With the Cycle, read if necessary.

шлифовальные машины для паркетаThe initial grinding is the rough. Here, all highly dependent, from the professionalism of the master. This grinding should be done without flaws, so that no further holes and inconsistencies were found. Floor Scratching occurs in the following sequence:

9 stages of repair

1. Parquet undergoes rough grinding. For such use special grinding machine or a drum type SANDERS. Vehicle drum type have a high performance, but require a high skill. Coarse sanding removes all the bumps, remove all old paint.

2. After rough grinding, fine-grinding of the old parquet. It is subject to disc surface grinding machine. Fine sanding clears the remaining irregularities and flaws.

3. The third step is grinding the most inaccessible places.

4. After all you need to grindings zashpatlevat all cracks. Filler desirably applied to the entire parquet, but you can only crack putty, chips and gouges. Applying putty on the whole floor, require large financial expenditures. With local putty can not see cracks. You may receive a discrepancy in color.

5. When will the drying putty, fine grinding is carried out. It removes the unnecessary layer fillings, leaving her alone in the crevices and pores.

6. Before you start the varnished surface, do not forget to remove accumulated dust and debris.

Покрыть паркет лаком7. When cleaning is finished, can begin yourself paint old parquet lacquer.

8. Covering parquet lacquer for the first time, We need to wait it is completely dry. Then make an intermediate sanding. It will remove all excess lint and debris. This grinding improves adhesion layers.

9. When, intermediate sanding is finished, you must vacuum the parquet and polakirovat it again. Parquet does not require repair, if it is properly installed. Such parquet will be long and reliably, restoration repair of the old parquet floor I do not need the next years 10 -15.

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