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Repairing old wooden floor, boardwalk, parketnogo, tile, linoleum

Ремонт старого  полаFloor coverings, usually, there plank, hardwood, tiled, cement, pressed sheets of linoleum and. Site renovated apartment with his hands It tells you how to quickly implement the restoration of the most popular floor coverings.

Repairing a wooden floor

After some time, such a coating of wood and starting to crack, Consequently, skripety. Hatched complicate cleaning slits and impair the appearance . The cause of breakage is generally squeak grooved ridge compound. Repair of such defects is rallying and replacing boards. For rallying remove baseboards, with an ax, Carefully lift the board, Speakers nails pulled out. Before re-lay boards should check once more laying lag, the presence of leveling pads.

Rallying to begin with, that is nailed to the wall nearest the board, then pressed to her 3-4 with a gap of no more boards 1 mm.

Boards nailed to 2 times greater than their thickness. Nails should be drowned in the 2 mm.

If available plywood, the surface can be repaired very quickly. Her customize and chamfer under 45 degrees. The surface coat with oil-based paint or adhesive layer in the 3 mm and a sheet stack. See also article painting wooden floor with their hands - discussed in detail the stages of preparation and painting.

Repair of the parquet floor

Formed in the coating gap parquet, first cleaned wire, and then sealed with putty, which consists of sawdust (predominantly oak or birch) and wood glue. Spoiled strips should be carefully removed, vacant position clear, to pour glue and set a new benchmark. After installing the strips align a plane, smooth out an emery paper and coated parquet flooring varnish.

Repair linoleum

Laying linoleum on the floor with their hands with adhesive, it is much safer nailing. The base and the back of the linoleum should be primed, and allow the primer to dry. Plaster base with mastic, leaving 2 cm from the edge. We place a sheet and it smoothes, let us say, sandbag, laid on a bed. Next the web is laid with an overlap of two-centimetric. The edges should add on a few days, where linoleum with a base engages. Should be cut with a sharp knife at an angle 90 degrees. After trimming the edges are folded, base smeared with mastic, and edge glued. Speaking mastic wipe, seam closing the paper and put the board with the load. After a week with a cargo linoleum removed. Basically, alone it is not difficult, see how.

Repair tile floor

Damaged ceramic tile is removed together with a solution of. We should be careful, not to damage the whole tiles. The purified base tile floor was washed with water. New tiles laid on cement mortar (1:2) on the floor and moistened for a few days. In other words, simply replace the broken tiles.

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