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How to choose the shutters to give?

Cottage is a structure, which is rarely used year-round. This country house, where people come to relax, Consequently, he quite often left unattended, therefore it needs to be protected from criminal attacks. Shutters are for giving a good protection against thieves one, since most of them enters the room through the window.

What is the structure?

Shutters for windows in the countryExternally similar to the design on the blinds: it also consists of the ability to move apart from each other slat, the only exception, that the slats are made of durable material and tightly adjacent to each other, leaving no gaps. Lamella mostly metal.

Another design feature is, that it was not turned elements and do not fold like an accordion. Due to their mobility, they rise up and fold into a roll, placed in a special box, which is fixed on the door or window opening. Sturdy connection of structural elements allows its high reliability, the ability to protect the house against burglary.

Why shutters?

Cottage is an attractive target for criminals: recent country houses no longer anything to concede the usual residential cottages. They have a high-quality finish, well furnished, may be varied within the household items, representing material value. Some people permanently live in the cottages, Some come in their free time. Non-permanent presence of the owners and a small number of neighbors makes the cottage accessible to thieves. To do this, to protect the country house, enough to establish a solid metal door. You need to think about the safety of windows, in fact connect alarm, associated with the remote protection, The holiday village, usually, must not.

Shutters for questioning

Shutters to the country are more expensive than conventional metal grates, but the price difference is proportional to the reliability of protection. Grating easy to dismantle, especially if there is time, some grille opening, as required by fire codes. Opening element lock to a conventional padlock, reveal that for a professional - it is one minute.

Shutters to reveal a much more complicated and virtually impossible to disassemble. Install them at any opening, as a window, and the door, and they are suitable as a garage door, since the design is not particularly limited in size.

Council: Blinds can be used in the case, if you live in the house constantly. They can be closed at night, ensure that the darkness in the room or when you leave the house. Unlike arrays, open shutters do not spoil the appearance of the structure, do not create a feeling of space is closed, do not threaten safety in case of fire.
Vandal-proof shutters to give

Some features of the application

Vandal-proof shutters to give differ from conventional stronger slats, equipped with reliable locks. The box is a structure attached to the wall through, so it is virtually impossible to dismantle. An important advantage of roller shutters, compared with similar remedies are additional functions. In addition to serious obstacles to the criminal, shutters provide protection from wind, sunlight during those hours, when do you want, before the room was dark. When closed, the shutters make the room quieter and sealed. They protect from dust, hit the window of foreign objects. No one can break the window of hooliganism, from what grille protect unable to.
The design is well suited to any style, which makes it a universal. Color box and the slats can choose any, many companies offer a special lamination, with which you can decorate any fabric pattern, that can spice up your facade, make the external appearance of the building more interesting.

Shutters on summer residence

The product is easy to use: it may have a mechanical or electric drive. In the first case the web has to raise by hand, Second, you can do it by remote control.

Council: If you use infrequently or shutters in the house periodically cut off electricity, it makes no sense to overpay and install an electric drive. It is safest to use a mechanical system.

The design is universal and yet so, that it can be placed on the walls of any material. The box is attached to the metal as a good, as well as to wood, brick, block walls, suitable for SIP-panels and other modern materials. Shutters for windows in the country have a small weight, why worry about, that will weaken or wall mount will not stand, do not have.

Conclusion: Blinds are a reliable way to protect their property from criminal attacks. Besides, they have a number of useful features, will not be superfluous for a country house.



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