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Independent installation on the roof flashings

Tides are necessary for the roof element, able to protect it from water and prolong the life of the structure. Installation of these simple devices do not take much time, and you can make it yourself; it will require only comply with the instructions and everything you need to stock up.

The main objective of this structural element is the removal of moisture in the desired direction. Thanks to ebb blind area home last longer, and the foundation and walls will not gain any extra moisture. Winter will not be formed icicles, which, when dropped from a height can cause serious injuries to people, located at the bottom. If there are ebbs job gets finished appearance. They can serve as an element of decoration or, in front of, be discreet.

What you need to need chute?

Before you make the tides on the roof with his hands, you must buy all the necessary materials. It is better to buy a full set immediately. You need to make calculations: You need to find the area of ​​the ramp, regarding this selected diameter and the chute. Formula free: 1 quarter. m roof requires 1,5 quarter. see trough. For example, if the area of ​​the roof 100 m, It needs gutter width 15 cm.

Ebb roof

Preparing for installation

Installation of low tide on the roof is necessary to begin with the preparation of the necessary tools and design elements. The most convenient way is to mount the plastic parts. You need to purchase the following items:

  • trough: length should be slightly smaller than the side, on which it is mounted. In any case, you can buy a little more material.
  • funnels.
  • connecting inserts: they need so much, as planned in the groove joints. This is influenced by the length of the purchased gutters and the roof line. The insert also avoids the gutter strain. It can be used as a stiffener, so, if not required connection elements, several inserts to buy it is still worth.
  • If you plan to do for the house closed ebb, You need to buy a plug.
  • Arms to ebb: You need one for each meter design.
  • Clamps for fixing the drain on the wall.
  • Pipe for drainage, equal to the height of the house.

Ebb roof, if it is not straight, must have angled connectors.

• Arms to ebb

Mounting tide of krыshe

What tools are needed?

Setting the tide on the roof will require the following tools at your fingertips:

  • screwdriver.
  • File.
  • Sawing metal.
  • Pencils and building level.
  • Rope.

A place, which will drain the water from the roof, prepare in advance. It is chosen so, so that moisture does not cause inconvenience: eg, drains should not fill the sidewalk or planted in the yard of the plant. Water should not have access to the foundation, to undermine its: get rid of it as possible and with the help of stormwater. If it is not, punch groove for water drainage. You can install the barrel, but over time, the water will need somewhere to merge.

The sequence of work

Setting the tide on the roof with his hands begins with striping. You will need to determine, which will be attached tide. First set funnel. Focusing on her, you can spend a centerline, which will be the benchmark for the rest of the work. On both sides of the funnel put holders, depart from it 15 cm.

Set funnel need so, so that the water hits the center of it, and an end. This trick is useful for heavy rainfall. If the water will get to the center, beduet it spill over the edge structure. The trough must have a certain slope. To achieve this newcomer at first difficult. On the construction of one meter bias should be about 3 mm: he needs to, to accumulate in the gutter is not liquid.

Before you mount the tides on the roof, to do markup gutters slope. This will require a long board and building level. Use one of the edges of the holder, which is already installed. Spend the zero line: she has to go to that place, where the next bracket will be attached to the funnel.

We'll have to calculate the difference, which should arise between fastening elements. It must be multiplied by three. Set the following mounting tide on the roof, Considering this shift.

How to make ebb

How to mount the gutter

After mounting to be installed, installation timetable for the roof with his hands turns into gutters mounting stage for water. For a start they need to adjust the length. Stretches details you need to put in the attachment, do not forget to leave room for the connecting inserts. Their size can be measured in advance, usually leave around 10 centimeters.

If the gutter is too long, it can be shortened; you need to use a hacksaw. Place the cut cleaned with a file. In order to simplify your work, Put the cap on the end of the pipe immediately, while standing on the ground. On weight to do it rather difficult. Connect the individual parts of the trough is possible by means of inserts. For convenience, they have a special mark.

After assembly, the trough must be mounted on the holders, then check, whether there is a necessary bias. This does not necessarily carry out measurements, enough to pour a little water into the trough and see, will it follow or remain in place. If the fluid does not leak, slope must be increased.

After the failed properly to establish low tides on the roof, Installation can proceed to the drainpipe. The work starts from the funnel. If the length allows, pipe can be directly connected to it, otherwise, will have to set the knee: it will help avoid spatter and cause the water to flow into the pipe.

Typically the pipe has a length 2 m. We have to find, how much material is required and the connecting elements. Make it in advance.

Fixing timetable for roof
Mounting holders

What other materials can be used?

Ebb with their hands do not necessarily made of plastic or metal elements, made specifically for this. A good host can save and produce the items you own. This requires finding suitable galvanized strip or any suitable diameter pipe, which can be sawn along. The most convenient way to work with plastic pipes, You can use metal. Pipes made of asbestos are not suitable: they crumble when trying to cut it and have a large mass.

steel homemade ebb
steel homemade ebb

Options fixing timetable for the roof can also be different. It is available of their independent production. The main one is subject to the following rules: the roof should fall approximately to the middle of the gutter, or closer to the inner part. The slope must be at least 3 mm per meter design.

Conclusion: installation of roof flashingssimple procedure, which can handle amateur, thoroughly studied the theory and preparing the necessary tools.



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