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Maintenance of septic tank "Tapas"

Septic Tapas is well established on the market. The main advantages many consumers indicate simplicity of design. The structure consists of several chambers, interconnected. septic job based on the process of purifying sewage water. The output is a process water. In normal operation, the degree of purification can reach 98%. But, to achieve this result, you must carry out periodic maintenance of the septic tank. In some cases, it can be done with their own hands.

A little about the septic tank

The station has the form of a large capacity, which is made of durable plastic. With the partitions divide it into several functional cameras. In these microorganisms decompose received wastewater. The septic tank system worth pumping sewage, which has a high efficiency. It is easy to pumping wastewater from one cell to another. Also, the system has a compressor, which are responsible for pumping the air. This creates an optimum microclimate for the microorganisms.

Experts are inclined to believe, that such sewer systems are the ideal solution for a country house. But, despite all the advantages, septic tank needs maintenance. Do some work, you can own hands. But, in the case of serious pollution, it is better to carry out servicing of Tapas.

What to do and when

Service septic Tapas involves performing certain actions. So, you must start with a visual inspection of the system functioning. It should be done on a daily basis. For this special mug dismantled, which provides access to major components. Visual inspection will determine the presence of faults in the early stages. Of course, if the system is equipped with signaling equipment, the daily inspection is not relevant. Automation itself will know about a problem occurs.

The second stage is to control weekly inspection system to determine the quality of waste water purification. Experts recommend every three months to clean the secondary clarifier. It is possible to perform with the help of available tools or special pumping equipment.septic tank maintenance

When servicing a septic tank is necessary to consider and productivity. So, if one day longer septic processes 4 cubic meters of waste water, you should think seriously about calling assenizatorskaya machines. Once a quarter, it should make the system clean. If the productivity of the septic tank is less than three cubes, then you can do the usual cleaning of the vessel wall. In such cases, the sludge is gradually coming out of your own system. If this did not happen, you can use a drain pump.

Constructive elements of the system, such as the secondary clarifier and filtration system should be checked every six months. Every two years, experts recommend:

  • Conduct an audit of all bolted connections and screw system. If fastening weakened, it needs to be tightened. Corroded hardware needs to be replaced.
  • Check the state of the membrane at the compressor station. Experts recommend changing this element every 4 , the operation of the system. Of course, if the membrane is in a normal condition and ensures uninterrupted operation of the septic tank, then its replacement can wait.

Capital Cleaning System held every 5 years old. It produces clean equalization tank and aeration tanks. through every 10 s experts recommend replacing aeration elements. Perform such work must then be, when the operation of the independent water drain is minimized.

periodic servicing

The waste sludge must be periodically removed from the stabilizer. Frequency of cleaning depends on the operating conditions of the system. If an autonomous sewer running under a heavy load, the cleaning must be carried out every 3 of the month. In other cases, the frequency of 6 months.

Regular cleaning is performed using a septic tank-pump Mamut, which is built into an autonomous sewers. cleaning process is carried out on the following technology:

  • disable septic tank.
  • Remove the pump and place it outside the system.
  • Loosen the metal clamp, which is on the hose end. It will easily dismantle the plug from the unit.
  • Raise in the receiving compartment float switch. To accomplish this, you need to run a stand-alone system in a direct-phase mode.
  • Prepare tank and to pump it to half volume chamber.
  • Switch off the septic tank. Install the cover and secure the hose. Fill a clean water.

In this way, septic tank cleaning with the integrated pump over. If you use a sump pump, the cleaning takes place by a similar technique, with some changes. One end of the hose is placed in the prepared container. The second end is lowered into the sludge compartment.

After that, as cleaning is complete, necessary to properly wash stabilizer wall. Upon completion of cleaning it is filled with water to a set level. For cleaning the walls often carried out with special equipment, which works under pressure. If minor contamination, instead of a mini-washing, you can use an ordinary broom. Such services Tapas can be done with their own hands, and if this is not it better to call a special service.

How to clean the aeration tank and other elements of the system

Purification was carried out via the aeration tank drain pump. He sinks to the bottom of the tank and run. To carry out cleaning, you need to evacuate 30 cm of water. Next wall lend themselves thorough cleaning. In the next step cleaned sump, which is an important part of Tapas. Pre him to shoot with fasteners.

Further cleaning is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • Remove mechanical debris using a net or other available tools.
  • Rinse the receiving chamber.
  • To purge pump Mamut. Initially, it is disconnected from the hose and thoroughly cleaned under the pump. Thereafter, it was washed with external elements.
  • Clear elements for filtering coarse fractions.

At the final stage, a filter cleaning air compressor. It only remains to put together a system and run it.

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  1. Autonomous sewerage system significantly improves the quality of life for owners of cottages. Manufacturers of such systems are few and each is focused on the consumer. Idiots - firm, working with small volumes of sewage. The system is easy. In operation sewage into water technical purposes and silt, which should be removed from the system of pumping equipment. When purchasing cleaning system, supplier provides a guarantee for a very long period of the equipment, as well as have the opportunity to agree on professional technical support and, if necessary, call the masters.

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