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Flow Calculation of putty and plaster mix online

Leveling plaster walls is a serious and time-consuming process of flat finish. Conventionally used cement and mortar, which are represented on the finishing products market. We make a precise calculation of the fabric calculator for a few seconds.

Before you go to the store for building materials, you need to make a preliminary calculation of their amounts according to the application area. Due Online - Cost calculator plaster mix to make it easy and simple. Just a few minutes you will know, how many bags you need for repair, and a car is needed for such a mass of cargo. How to calculate the amount of filler in various ways, calculate the approximate amount, which will be spent in the procurement of building mixtures.

It is best to use a mixture of plaster consumption calculator at 1 m2. plaster calculation will be different from the basic cost, leveling. If you have already decided on the type of mixture and know exactly processed surface area, then calculate the flow fillings on the wall is not difficult.

The length of the wall m
The height of the wall m
Average thickness mm
Type plaster
Weight bag plaster kg

It is necessary to bags: total weight

Online calculator flow plaster. How to use the program material consumption

First you need to enter the exact parameters in the table area of ​​the wall for plastering, brand dry mix and click "calculate". If there are fractional numbers, they must be separated from the integer point, not a comma. In just a few seconds, the finished result: how much you need to buy bags of material and the total weight of the plaster.
The resulting data fully meet the future costs, you need to know some basic nuances in the calculation of the product, which can significantly affect the cost of fillings. Bole to know exactly the amount of material in view of windows and doors will help putty calculator.

factors, affecting the flow of the mixture at the walls of plaster

  1. If there is a pronounced curvature of the walls, it means, that the plaster will need more.
  2. Depending on the type of material will be determined by its consistency and flow. It is important to get acquainted with the technological standards of product purchased.
  3. plaster costs amounting to 9 kg per m2, it has a high strength and moisture resistance.
  4. cement - 17 kg per m2. It is used for exterior and interior, special machine applied, reliable and durable.
  5. Decorative plaster spent almost the same, as gypsum, used for hand-finishing of high quality wall and ceiling treatment room.
  6. Bark consumption per m2 – 3 kg. It is used for facades, It has a pleasant relief texture, It looks like a timber.
  7. Vetonit - from 50 to 170 d M2. The exact calculation can be made calculator building mixtures based on a desired layer.

Often it happens, that furnish more material, what happened when counting, therefore it is possible to make the gap in the direction of rounding to more.

Types of putty and putty rate calculator on the walls and ceiling

Modern classification distinguishes several types of plaster, which vary according to the composition of the filler, coupling elements and the method of application.

mineral filler, consisting of cement and lime, suitable for interior and exterior surfaces. It has a low cost, but not too good quality. It will be ineffective when applied to walls with vibration, as well as in high-rise buildings.

Silicate plaster more durable and reliable, it is composed of liquid potassium glass. It does not attract dust, long preserved in purity.

acrylic blend more versatile, suitable for interior and exterior decoration. it is water-resistant, easy to clean and dries quickly when applied.

Expensive material is considered to be silicone putty. she plastic, easy to apply and has a long service life. When selecting the surfacing material to guide the aforementioned characteristics, based on the financial capacity of the consumer.

How to make a calculation of the amount of plaster mixture by hand?

Take the following indicators:

  • should be plastered 10 m2 walls, is littered with 5 m with the beacons in three places with disabilities 4 cm;
  • We calculate rate for one square meter;
  • We look at the package rate, eg, 8,5 kg mixtures of 10 mm layer 1 m2;
  • Now multiply 4 see 8 kg and get 34 kg per square meter;

To determine the amount of material in bags, umnozhaem 34 kg 10 m2 = 340 kg and to share 30 kg bag and obtain approximately 11-12 bags, figures rounded in a big way and have the number of bags to buy.

Efficient calculation of putty for walls online kalkulyatorom.Tochno such indices can be obtained for a few seconds, taking advantage of online calculator putty consumption. Quickly, just, available! Now you can safely proceed to carry out the assigned work. Of course, for insurance, you can throw a percent 10, so certainly I do not have to go to the store twice, plaster and so will not be superfluous, it can always be used for other purposes.

use, construction calculators on our website and be sure of the reliability of the data and.

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