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Creative ideas wall decor with their own hands

To form a cozy home-like warm atmosphere in the house to help not only expensive finishing materials and exclusive furniture, but the unusual design of the walls, made with their own hands. There are several ways, which can adopt all the, who wants to learn the unusual decor for walls, able to please the eye for a long time, or try to do something easy, removable, "Unsteady", no rukotvornoe.

Wall decor wallpaper
Wall decor wallpaper

Wallpaper as an option decor

To solve the above problems, everyone can take different. If there is a desire to create an exclusive interior without the involvement of a professional designer and walls are decorated with his own hands, will have to include fantasy and to realistically assess their capabilities. When the registration process is the same as the overhaul, the easiest way to decorate the walls - to use different wallpapers.

The sale can be found rulony- "companions", which perfectly match with each other. By combining textures and colors it is easy to highlight the functional areas and make other stylistic accents. Simple decorating walls wallpaper provides tremendous result, if the colors of rolls in common with a color palette of textiles, or upholstered furniture.

Murals on the wall
Murals on the wall

Photocopying and frescoes - the decor options

Bright and eye-catching photo panel helps shape - another "fixed" decor on the wall. Photocopying or artistic mural fits perfectly into any interior, helping to implement the thematic ideas. Normally printing is glued only to the wall ode, become a bright accent in the interior.

Stencils on the wall
Stencils on the wall

Texture finishing materials and stencils

To create the large fragment of the original finish a flat surface can also be used textured plaster, decorative brick, pebbles, color mosaic. With the help of them at the same time it is easy to create a wall decor and cover minor surface defects.

In order to make a textured surface with your hands, You do not need special building skills, and abilities. It suffices to study video, which show a master class. Adding special touches in the form of pearl grouts, glossy varnish, coloring pigment, you can endlessly experiment, achieving perfection. The assistance can take ready-made stencils and textured plaster applied over stamped signature. This decorating the walls with his own hands to bring a lot of positive emotions. The result is sure to please, and will be a source of pride.

painted walls
painted walls

Water-based paints - the easiest Wall Decor

If tired white wall, improve the situation will help to water-based paints. With the help of an adhesive tape and a molar experienced designers often create a man-made wallpaper in vertical stripes or a cage. Latest trend - Blackboard paint. using them, forms monochromatic background, which can be used later, as a regular notebook, every time writing or drawing chalks his imagination every second.

there are tricks, with which you can continually refresh the interior walls, using mobile, removable accessories. Here is the simplest and most affordable options.

Photo gallery on the wall
Photo gallery on the wall

Paintings and photographs in interior design

What helps make a beautiful space warm and cozy, homey and comfortable? Photos and pictures of loved ones, decorated baguette. They should not hang out in a chaotic manner, a well thought out story. All should be combined with each other:

  1. The form framework.
  2. Color palette.
  3. Dimensions items.

Particularly impressive look black and white composition, fotokollaži, collected on one canvas. Originally it looks painted on the wall of family tree, decorated with photos of relatives. Such a design of the walls with his own hands to make easy, but looks are very interesting man-made panels.

living walls
living walls

Unusual decorative room flowers

Unusual ideas for decor plain walls are implemented in large and small objects. We are all accustomed to the fact, that on the windowsills there are flowers with house plants, but new technologies help to forget about them and create a lively decor on the wall. To do this, there are self-contained irrigation system, fixtures, helping to organize the right lighting. Floral green composition - a bright accent, that it is easy to assemble their own hands. All accessories are sold in specialty stores. Care for green systems do not need to, they all work in standalone mode, and pleasing to the eye weary from the city's human urbanization.

Wall decor mirrors
Wall decor mirrors

Large and small mirror

Mirror decor on the walls at the same time changing the boundary of the space, expanding it, adding light and air. Similar object to perfectly fit into the existing interior, you must correctly choose the frame to it. If the room is decorated in the style of hi-tech, then the frame must be made of metal. If the interior is designed in classic style, the mirror is best to conclude in a wooden baguette with gold. To increase the volume, you can instead use a mirror tiles, then the walls lose their boundaries and generally dissolve in space. The design of the walls, too, can try to do with their own hands, a result sure to please and will implement some of his ideas.

Decorating the walls with pebbles

The materials at hand - photos of the most creative ideas

There are plenty of empty wall decor ideas. Here are the most simple of them:

  • Fabric or carpet pictures.
  • Mosaic of bottle caps and keramoplitki, river pebbles.
  • The compositions of the laminate scraps.

Original accessories are created from ordinary boxes for shoes. In order to make them decorative, enough upholstered box, painted or pasted in the style of decoupage. Form a garland of hearts, airplanes, cut out of colored paper, and you get the original versions of the decor plain walls.

Volumetric letters thread - another unusual accessory, which should adopt all the, who enjoy mobility, Creative interior walls with his own hands to create easy, if there is at hand suitable materials. So, eg, authentic decoration may be a children's crafts, vinyl films, simple and complex applications, finished polyurethane moldings. Made with the help of their wall decor in the living apartment always looks unusual and bold. Do not be afraid of their desires, experiments in this direction - always a win-win, which gives the apartment home comfort, valuable abundance of warmth.

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2 Comments to the post "Creative ideas wall decor with their own hands

  1. To date, options for decorating weight. The easiest to hire a designer and offers options, from which you can choose anything. It will be interesting to realize their design fantasies with their hands. A huge number of ideas can be found on the Internet. Create designer items for decoration of the walls can be made even from scrap materials or completely unnecessary things. I now want to decorate one of the walls quilling technique. Kvilling involves creating bulk compositions of twisted strips of paper.

  2. Decorate the walls of the house you can own hands, Chief creative! If you do not have funds for the expensive decorating the walls of your apartment, then all you can do yourself, spending a penny. for example, I have one wall in a room adorned with photos, without photo frames, simply hang them in a chaotic manner, but beautiful. Another butterfly cut out of colored paper and using the buttons pinned to the wall, these butterflies have for sale near 130 rubles. but you can spend 50 and do everything ourselves. Always enjoyable to do, anything with his hands, and the more the color and size of butterflies can choose yourself. My butterfly red, white and black, on light wallpaper overcame super!
    If the house has a small child, his first drawings can be hung in the nursery, and you, and the child will be pleased to see the first work, Yes and continue, as memory) Generally in the presence of fantasy, time and hands, you can decorate the walls of his apartment with his hands, spending a minimum amount of money!

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