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Do not bask battery? It can be fixed

Before the start of the heating season is often a problem zavozdushennosti system. This leads to partial or complete blocking of heating circuits for leakage of coolant thereon. The result is that the batteries are not heated. Also, this problem is often found in apartment buildings, built on old projects. they, usually, is not installed and does not provide for any automatic air vent. And then the question arises: "How to pull air from the battery to an apartment house?"Usually, when you turn on the central heating system utilities workers independently bypassed all the apartments in these homes and deflates. But if this does not happen, the, probably, forget about you. And then you need to take the matter into their own hands. Calls in the housing or own bled.

The air in the apartment

so, how to let the air out of the battery in the apartment? If your apartment is cold, Although the neighbors do not know the bottom, where to hide from the heat. It is likely that you have there is air in the heating batteries. To pull it, you must open a specially designed for this valve. It is usually located at the top of the Kohn in homes with radiators, built-in wall. To access it will need a special key, which can be made independently. In new houses radiators are inside the apartment and they have so-called Majewski cranes. It is a nut and bolt in the middle. The bolt has a conical shape and closes the opening of the air outlet.

It must be remembered, that a very high pressure in apartment buildings, so much you can not twist the nipple. All actions are performed slowly and carefully as possible.

The air in a private house

Expansion tank
Expansion tank

In a private home is much easier, because the heating system is autonomous. If necessary, you can always her to turn off. Especially, that for effective removal of air in the system is just recommended. air plug in the radiator in a private house may occur for two reasons::

  1. Poor quality air removal after the last repair. After carrying out all types of repairs to the heating system it is necessary to each radiator to make its descent. But if the cork is far enough away from the valve, it is possible to simply wait for its release.
  2. Chemical processes in the radiators, and zavozdushennost - a gas formation. If low-quality casting radiator with a plurality of shells, not only lost radiator strength, but also reduces its heat exchange efficiency.

Why do not heat the battery video, will look into the matter.

Methods for removing air

Depending on the type of heating system can be identified and a few ways to get rid of air in the batteries:

Cranes Maevskogo
Cranes Maevskogo
  • In a system with natural circulation. In this case, to remove the air in the batteries can use an expansion tank. It must be installed at the highest point of the house, and it has an air valve - nipple. To be most effective system recommended good heat. When heated, the air in the form of steam starts to rise rapidly upwards, thereby necessarily fall into the tank.
  • In the case of forced circulation of the special air vent can be installed. They are also installed in the high points for the same reasons. When using such systems independently lower air is not required. But, Unfortunately, it is in theory, because in practice these devices work well only in the underfloor heating system, when the manifold is low. Automatic nipple is located at the far end from the entrance.

    Automatic air vent

In the implementation of the venting of the batteries in the system of forced-circulation boiler or boiler is recommended to disable. Because when the valve opening because of a sufficiently high pressure (0,8-1,5 of the atmosphere) air it can get even more, and it may be in other radiators.

To bleed air from the battery is necessary to open the valve, usually, set valve Majewski, and under its retraction substituted a small capacitor. There in the venting process and the water will flow. Today, there are different types of valves, and even universal. To open them you need to be in possession of an ordinary flat screwdriver or a special 4-sided key. He freely available, and also has a unit for the radiator. It is recommended to drain for at least 200 g water, it will come out all the air, which could get into the radiator. After carrying out prevention system pressure drops and should be raised to the desired level. When using Ariston brand pressure boiler required by 1,5 to 2 atmospheres. It is enough to heat the cottage.

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