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Air heating system of a country house

Air heating systems of private houses is not only a modern heating views, but also quite economical, eliminates the need for intermediate heat. for example, This may be water, which is used in water heating. The main advantage of air heating, It is the lack of wiring pipes, concrete screed and waterproofing. But the system has a number of features, you need to study, And let us consider, What are the nuances of, and how an air heating system with their own hands.

Air heating with their own hands

Which uses air heating?

To begin, consider the use of an air heating system.

Mostly it is used in the regeneration of residential premises. In particular, sufficiently extended in its application:

  1. Large warehouses.
  2. large hangars.
  3. In shopping centers and supermarkets.
  4. entertainment centers.

In this case, a system of forced air circulation, which allows full distribution of air flow throughout the room, which helps to maintain a stable temperature automatically.

equipment used

By itself, the heating system is based on the method of heating air and its circulation. For the full implementation of the Tasks view is used the following equipment:

  1. Basic equipment - gas heater. It is located in one place, and his work is fully autonomous, because it does not require electricity. There are other models of the heating element, which use other fuel.
  2. The next element of the system - the heat exchanger. This device allows warm air flow, thus completely isolating them from the exhaust gases, that prevents mixing of the two streams.
  3. Further, it should be noted ducts. it channels, through which air is directed directly to the rooms for their heating.
  4. The duct provides the air freshener, filter and humectant, which allows to control and maintain the quality of streams, as well as indoor climate.
  5. Central air conditioning helps to maintain comfort in the rooms during the summer, Using the same system, and that the heater in winter.
  6. And the last element becomes the automation system. It helps to monitor and adjust the operation of the entire heating, in particular to monitor the temperature and adjust its, adjust the generator mode and also has lots of other functions depending on the model.

Full air heating circuit with all the items listed below:

Air heating circuit

Types of air heating

If your intention is to equip this kind of heating system at home or in any room, it is necessary to deal with the, which are types of air heating. The very classification of such systems takes place on the following parameters:

  1. Depending on the mode of circulation.
  2. in size (the scale) system.
  3. Directly on location.
  4. And according to the process of heat transfer.

Now it is necessary to look in more detail each of the options, describing it a little and examined separately.

By way of circulation

The first parameter of the classification systems is becoming a way of circulation, and it may be presented in two versions:

  1. compulsory.
  2. natural.

In the first case, the coolant circulation system by means of special fans. They disperse the hot air throughout the network, while the process takes place as quickly as possible, and flows along the path to the room cools down minimum. Thus, the system becomes more profitable, because in the opposite direction of air flow is delivered has not yet cooled down, accordingly requires less fuel costs for the repeated heating.

In the case of a natural circulation, air rises through pipes due to their ease of (as it is known warm / hot air is much easier to conventional). In this way, He moves much slower, in connection with which cools rapidly and in such a case, the room will warm up rather slowly.


Following becomes layout, it is also possible in several variants:

  1. Suspension system.
  2. outdoor.

By type of more popular and profitable Floor Systems. This is because, that warm air rises, Accordingly, if it is directed from the floor, then heating the room starts from the bottom, that will make it as comfortable as possible.outdoor air heating system

The system itself is hidden behind decorative elements, because the interior will not prevent. Most of it is hidden behind baseboards, or at all under the floor.

In the case of harness, air flows from the top down are contrary, and to get the floor has cooled, respectively, at the foot level in the room will feel cool.

suspension air heating system

globality (immensity) heating

Here the division is also carried out on the two options, this:

  1. local.
  2. central.

In the first case it is assumed heating a particular area of ​​the building, separate room, or a small building.

Central also means complete equipping for heating large area buildings, in particular industrial and institutional. For example, supermarkets, stations, hangars and many other buildings.

Central air heating

By heat exchange mean

And the latest version of the classification becomes kind of heat. It can be divided as follows::

  1. Ventilation system. Here, the equipment includes air intake only from the street, its heating and heating their premises. The cooled air inside the ventilation via equipped discharged outside.
  2. partial recycling, which means air intake Street, as well as domestic heating, which has completely cooled down.
  3. And the last option is becoming a full-fledged recycling. This scheme involves the continuous circulation and heating of indoor air. Streams are in constant motion, cooling down and heating up again.

The most common one is exactly full recycle streams.

Air heating system alone

Strengths and weaknesses of the system

follows, it is necessary to examine, it is all the advantages and disadvantages of air heating, Arranged in a private house. To start pay attention to the pros, among which:

  1. The high level of efficiency of the heating system, reaching 90% when properly installed.
  2. No need to purchase radiators, pipeline and related installation work, which significantly reduces costs.
  3. A unique opportunity combination heating and cooling (conditioning) system.
  4. High security, since only the heated air is used for the full heating.
  5. Rapid heating of premises, due to low inertia air.
  6. Heating itself may be carried out in any room, at the same time on any floor and any area.

And now let's talk about the shortcomings:

  1. First and foremost it becomes, that such a system is necessary to think more in the construction of, because it without a lot of demolition work is not possible in the finished building.
  2. All equipment requires control, and in addition fairly frequent maintenance.
  3. At arrangement forced circulation heating becomes volatile, which causes a complete shutdown of the heating system in case of power outage.

On this particular completed, and you can move on to the next item.

The system works

Regardless of, what type of system considered, it works on a number of principles, which should be studied before deciding its installation. Next, let's look at step by step algorithm works:

  1. Heat generator with hot water, gases, couple, or other kind of fuel (depending on the selected) It heats the air to the desired temperature, which is set manually when setting up equipment. This process is fully controlled by automation, when a predetermined temperature level system shuts.
  2. Further, the duct warm air flows are directed into the space. The network itself can be made of round or rectangular elements. The former have a lower resistance, the latter is better suited for interior rooms, choice here is strictly up to you.
  3. The next step is to fully warmed up the room. This occurs when the warm air entering through the distributor.
  4. after heating, when the air cools off it is guided through a separate pipe system to be reheated (or just appears out of the room, that depends on the type of circulation).

air heating working principle

Thus there is a constant circulation of air flows, that helps to heat the room. The effectiveness of this heating depends strongly on the calculations, that influence the selection of equipment, Type of fuel.


It's time to figure out how to mount the air with his hands heating system. As I mentioned earlier, it must perform on the stage of construction of the building. And now, step by step look at the process itself.

In particular, it can be divided into the following parts:

  1. system calculations.
  2. Buying equipment.
  3. installation.

Preferably all carried out under the supervision of a specialist, and the first stage and did instruct professionals. But let us get to the point.

Calculation of the heating system

calculation of heating

Directly calculations necessary data are the most time-consuming and difficult stage of the entire process. It is necessary to carefully calculate and take into account the following indicators:

  1. Fully taking into account the errors to calculate the heat loss for each room, which is expected to heat.
  2. Determine the choice of equipment, Heater type and capacity. Here everything will depend on the numbers, obtained in the first paragraph.
  3. Proceeding from the heater power calculated amount of air, which will come into the room.
  4. Then it is necessary to calculate the aerodynamics of the entire system.
  5. And the last step is determined with the duct diameter.

and repeat, do it best left to professionals, because any error in the calculation, and all the work and the costs will be made in vain.

Buying equipment

Regardless of the type of heating in any case need to purchase the following items:

  1. Heat generator. His role is played by the boiler or furnace. The appearance of them is selected in the calculations, as indicated above.
  2. The next element of note ductwork. For the most part they are made of steel. Further it is possible to carry out the decoration and to repair so, that these elements only complement the interior, and do not spoil it.
  3. And the latter becomes the supply fan.

heating equipment

First thing, of course, It acquired the most important element, namely heat generator. His choice depends on the heating calculations, which are held in the first phase.

Further, the fan is acquired under it, ducts, frames and dampers, which is recommended to get directly at the enterprises, engaged in the production of ventilation equipment.

Also need various kinds of attachment, heater, screws and some other little things mount, which can be found at any hardware store or market.

Fixing air heating system

We now proceed directly to the issue, as, and in what order to strengthen air heating system yourself. Consider this as a step by step guide:

  1. Primarily created all the elements of the project location (this matter best left to professionals, as correctly perform this task on their own rather difficult).
  2. When there is mounting plan, first mounted main duct. As mentioned earlier it is performed from the elements of round or rectangular, material for the galvanized steel is.
  3. Channel itself is required to perform several extended. In particular, should be more 50 centimeters from the last tie of small ducts. Such a course would help normalize the air supply, in connection with which all branches will be fed the same amount thereof.Installation of air heating
  4. The next step is carried out wiring, ie. laying smaller ducts, which are fixed to the main. This step allows you to adjust the room temperature, by installing dampers.
  5. Compound elements fixed reinforced tape or rigid clamps.heating wiring
  6. Then the installation of the heater is carried out. In the standard assembly it provides mounting holes, in which all equipment is connected, in particular filters, stabilizers, air conditioning, etc..installation teplonagrevatelya
  7. Also want to check the work of automation, necessarily must be fully working and the whole safety control system and adjustment, and also requires a temperature sensor.
  8. also note, that when planning the installation of air conditioners, require additional warming of the air ducts. It is recommended to use self-adhesive materials. Warming will help to protect the whole system against condensation, and accordingly, to significantly increase the service life.

In this particular installation completed.


As it became clear, air heating private houses is quite a good option, but it has a number of features, which should take into account. It is worth saying, that we have this kind of use is not very often, because most of the buildings do not provide heating during the construction, and perform it after construction. But in the West most of the houses are equipped in this way.

And in the end, we offer you watch some videos, which will help you understand more clearly, how to make air heating homes with their own hands.




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