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Maintenance and repair toilet installation

Modern installation systems from the Swiss firm Geberit most commonly used. This high-quality fittings, ideal for most types of toilets. It rarely fails, and if this happens Geberit installation repair easily spend, without breaking the finishing wall. The inner tank system is quite suitable for the replacement and adjustment. It is about fixing the problem will be discussed in the article.

Features of repair toilet installation

suspended toilet installation system has certain advantages over conventional sideburns: this flushing mechanisms of high quality, and a wide range of buttons, keys, and can be mounted indoors with any interior. The main advantage - it is possible to hide.

But no matter how high-quality equipment was not, it tends to fail. What contributes to this and how to repair the toilet installation, consider the following. so, types of damage can be very different. Focus only on the most common:

  • proceeds tank (reason, more often, in the bottom valve);
  • The tank is not filled (reason - a filter is clogged or the water supply hose);
  • Continuous filling tank (the reason - in the failure of the liner, or its improper installation);
  • Malfunction of the drain mechanism (the reason - in the wrong choice of disinfectant)

Eliminate all of these and other possible faults easily by opening the drain button. I.e, to dismantle the barrier or break the tiles do not have to. Simple installation, repair toilet suspension specialist conducts through the Audit window, because all parts of the system are easily removed and recovered.

How to repair the system yourself installation

As I mentioned above, quality repairs performed only by the master. But you can get down to business on their own, further study of the repair of a tank with the installation video, which can be seen below. It clearly and simply told about, how to carry out the dismantling of equipment, how to remove the installation button and flush inlet valve Geberi.

Procedure for dismantling the Geberit installation system:

  • Step one: Removing flush keys. To do this, click on it from the bottom and, thereby, carefully remove the cordon, and then to remove the wall.Geberit клапан
  • step two: lifting frame. Initially, it can be turned out fixing screws on the sides, then cleaned-pushers and clamps removed frame.
  • step three: Removing partitions. You need to click on the special clamps and remove it.
  • step four: water overlap. Without this repair tank installation Geberit will turn into a flood.
  • step five: disassembly and removal of the inlet valve rocker unit.
  • step six: dismantling drain valve retainer.
  • step seven: dismantling valve plum, which is inside the tank. Everything, Dismantling is made possible and carry out repairs.

Respectively, assembly after the installation of the necessary reconstruction in reverse order.

How to perform a flush installation of the inlet valve

Setting the installation system, after a while you will notice, the water overflows through the valve and into the tank. This is a signal, that due to the harmful impurities, which are in the water, clogged inlet valve system. The panic is not necessary to rush, as all this is easy to fix yourself, watching a short video on the topic.

To start, remove the valve itself. Basically, remove it completely, not necessary. It is enough to unscrew the cap and remove the rubber gasket. That's it, and need to be thoroughly washed under a strong jet of water. To be safe, wash and bonnet.

Now we assemble everything in reverse order and see, that the fault has been rectified. In this light it is possible to repair the installation of a suspended toilet.

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