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How to set the squat toilet

Installing a toilet bowl with his hands - employment fairly complex, and require certain skills and tools. However, if you do it yourself, the, First of all, you can save on specialist, Secondly, gain invaluable experience - because the new skills are always useful.

toilets, because of its diversity, characterized by mounting method. The most common type is a floor.

Required items

Before, how to install a toilet bowl with his hands, You need to make sure you have items, which will be necessary in this case:

  • drill;
  • Boer;
  • Adjustable wrench and;
  • Hammer;
  • Otvёrtki;
  • sealant;
  • The transfer sleeve for connection to the cast-iron funnel;
  • Capacity, which will drain water from dismantled plumbing devices, and rags, to wipe.



Before, how to change the toilet with their own hands, We need to carry out preparatory activities. First you need to determine, in what way the new device will be connected to the sewerage system. There are three versions of cuffs:

  • Corrugated - this method of connection is the most cost-effective. However, with this method, installation can be made close to the sewer pipe.

Before, connecting the toilet via the pleated cuffs, make sure, the room has the necessary space, and comfortable fit equipment.

  • Direct - a versatile way to connect, It allows you to do so safely. If you have any hesitation in selecting the method of connection to the sewage system, then this option - the best.
  • Eccentric - the method of connection to the sewage system, useful in case, if the drain socket and displaced centers.

drain connection
Connecting the drain bowl with cuff

To properly install the toilet with their own hands, recommended dismantling the old liner and put a new. Its length should be equal to the distance from the connection of water supply pipes to the toilet compound, a plus 15-20 cm.


Before, how to change the toilet, You need to remove the old. This will require:

  • Turn off the water supply;
  • disable liner;
  • Drain the contents of the barrel;
  • struck off the barrels. If the old toilet is not planned to be used anywhere, this can be done with a hammer, otherwise we will have to act carefully;
  • Remove mounting tools, through which promoted the installation of bowls, remove it, pouring the remaining water.

If the dismantling of the old toilet decided to use brute force and use a hammer or a hammer, you should be careful, to avoid hitting various debris into drains, causing obstruction.

If under the old bowl there is some support from wood or other material, then it must be removed. Emptiness, which remained after this operation, should be filled with cement and leveled with a spatula. = Y1XRh22HZKE

Installing a toilet

  • Before, how to put the toilet on their own, necessary to make the funnel cleaning of rust and dirt. Then it is necessary to cover the sanitary sealant and connect the cuff.

When the toilet is dismantled, out of the sewer odors. So they do not distract from the work, sewage hole you need something close, eg, plugged with rags.

  • Installing a toilet bowl with his hands continued marking dowel. To do this, put the cup in the place, which should be promoted its installation, and runs holes marking. For this marking drill holes and insert the dowels into the holes.

In some models, the holes are drilled at an angle. In this case, to install the toilet in the hole, should be drilled at the same angle.

  • When plugs are inserted, cup is placed in its place, and connected with the cuff of the sewer socket. Then twist the screws, which is put on plastic washers.

Wrong right-tighten the screws. First you need to gently fit flush, and evaluate, even if the installation is made. If not, then align, substituting for it from the plastic lining. Only then can we tighten.

Setting the cup
Installation is done by marking the cup
  • own need to reassemble the barrel to install a toilet, if it is delivered in unassembled. Here everything is done according to the instructions, which is applied by the manufacturer.

All moving parts must not come into contact with each other or the walls of the drain tank.

  • The next phase - installation of drainage of the tank on the bowl. Fastening is usually done by means of bolts, which should be tighten evenly. When the installation of promoted, to wear tank cap and set the button or lever drain.

Between the cup and the edging it is recommended to put a lining. The gasket does not move, it is better to glue sealant.

  • The final moment of self-installation toilet - connecting fittings.

Connecting fittings

When the hoses connected, should not rush include water. First you need to check for damage to all construction sites visually. Only when confidence, that everything looks fine, You can open the water, type tank and try to wash away. If there are any leaks, they need to be eliminated.


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