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The toilet does not wash away feces well, what to do

If you think poop sticks out in the toilet bowl wholesale, wait , until your feces clog the toilet! It's not only disgusting, but also bad for the toilet itself.

Your only way out is to react, until the situation gets worse. Finally, you do not want, do you, so that feces will drain back and ruin the bathroom floor. The first goal is to find out, what is causing the problem, when solving it, the second step is taken.

We can help you with both missions, so keep reading, to learn about common causes of fecal clogging and how, how to get rid of them.

What makes a toilet clogged with feces

Blocked faeces are not the cause, and a consequence. When toilets become clogged after flushing faeces, this indicates, that there is another problem with the toilet or plumbing system. Here are eight problems, which can lead to clogging of feces.

It is already partially clogged

The first problem is also the most common.. Your toilet and sewerage, probably, already partially clogged. When you flush the toilet, feces can pass and stick to debris, forming a larger blockage.

Partial clogging occurs, when you throw objects down the toilet, not intended for flushing. The list of such items is endless., but common suspects include baby wipes , nails, hair , tampons, hygiene products.

The damage has already been done, but you can prevent future clogging, flushing urine only, feces and toilet paper. Despite, that it decomposes, too much toilet paper can also clog - use it sparingly, and your toilet will be safe. Methods detailed on unclogging toilet.

Drain pipes are broken

Each toilet has a flush system, connecting to the bottom of the toilet. When you flush the toilet, water flows into the drains, through which waste is carried away through the sewer network. However, old pipes are susceptible to damage due to corrosion and heat..

If there are small holes or cracks in the toilet drain, they will stop working as expected and generate garbage heaps. Poop quickly sticks to these piles, creating massive blockage, preventing the normal flow of water in pipes.

You have a low-flow toilet

Many toilets, especially new models, have a low flow system, which hardly removes waste. The main goal of low-flow toilets is to save water and be more environmentally friendly., but it can compromise the functionality of your bathroom.

It means, that your toilet can't flush strong enough, to push feces down the drain, therefore, some of them always remain in the pipes. Eventually the toilet clogs up and starts flowing back..

Technically, you cannot turn low flow toilets into high flow toilets . But there is one catch, and it is, to maximize the flush power of your toilet. Here are some ways to increase the flush of your toilet.:

  • Raise the tank float, so that more water gets into the tank after flushing.
  • Check the toilet for leaks, as they can reduce the flush power.
  • Check rim injectors, To make sure, that they are open or clogged.
  • There is not enough water in the tank.

The next problem goes hand in hand with the previous one., so we will not delve into it. When there is not enough water in the tank, it means, that the toilet cistern is not filling properly.

In addition to tank leaks and floating position, the problem may be in the filling valve. This is a small screw in the tank, which regulates the amount of water. Decision how to adjust water supply to the toilet tank.

You don't wash off properly

Are you sure, that you flush the toilet properly? As corny as it sounds, poor flushing can also clog feces in the toilet. The problem is one of these two options:

You press the flush button too softly, so that the water does not spill out.
You only use half flush, but your toilet needs a complete flush, to get rid of feces.
Accumulation of mineral deposits
Even if your toilet is very functional, it can still accumulate invisible waste and end up clogging. This is often a problem in hard water homes., because it is full of mineral deposits.

It builds up slowly, forming spots and folds, preventing debris from entering the toilet drain. In other words, your feces, probably, clog the toilet, when you try to flush it down the drain.

Air vent blocked
In houses, connected to the sewer system, there are ventilation holes, which balance the atmospheric pressure in the pipes. In this way, toilet bowl outlet eliminates vacuum in pipes after intensive flushing.

However, falling leaves and bird nests can block the vent or clog it somewhere in the pipe.. This creates a pressure imbalance, preventing the toilet from working properly - the only way to fix this is to climb onto the roof and unclog the ventilation hole.

Poor water supply

We argue, you did not expect this! This is unlikely, but sometimes dehydration can lead to clogging of stool in the toilet. How will you come?

When you drink enough water, feces are normal and quickly dissolves in water. But everything goes wrong, when you are not drinking enough fluids or are on a diet.

The feces gradually dry out, becoming hard and brittle - ideal conditions for toilet clogging. It does not mean, that this condition is dangerous to your health, but it can interfere with proper toilet flushing.

My toilet clogs every time, when i poop! use 7 cleaning techniques
The reasons are clear, but now we need to analyze, how to remove a blockage from a toilet. Remember, that cleaning a toilet with faeces can become ugly, so you'd better wear rubber gloves and goggles.

Solution 1: toilet bowl

The toilet plunger is a useful unclogging tool, so that you , probably , already in your bathroom or garage. Easy to use - insert the plunger into the toilet and hold it firmly.

Pressing the plunger builds up pressure on the blockage, which pushes the spent ball further into the sewer. If necessary, pump the piston several times., until it builds up enough strength, to break the blockage in your closet.

Solution 2: toilet rope

Toilet auger , toilet rope, helps you get rid of poop and debris deeper in the downpipe. You can stick it in the toilet and turn the knob, to move the tool forward. Reaching the blockage, the toilet auger drills and removes it.

Augers are good for, that they also clean the vents. You can go up to the roof, to push the snake through the ventilation pipe - it will collect debris with tree leaves and other waste.

Solution 3. Detergent and hot water

If you don't like working with pistons and augers, possibly, you should try more familiar remedies, eg, detergent. Use hot water and detergent at the same time - pour them into the toilet and leave them on 15 minutes.

It should be enough, to allow feces to decompose and drain out of your plumbing system. However, don't make the mistake, pouring too much at once, because it can overflow. Do it gradually, and all will be well.

Solution 4: vinegar and baking soda

Baking Soda and Vinegar May Be Your Next Best Solution. Take a cup of baking soda and pour it down the toilet. Then add the same amount of white vinegar. The reaction between them is strong enough, to clean the toilet.

Remember again, that pouring too much rubbish into a clogged toilet can cause it to overflow. Be careful when cleaning your toilet with vinegar and baking soda, so that you don't have to clean the entire bathroom later.

Solution 5: dish soap

Dish soap does not break clogs, but it may help you in a different way. If you pour hot water and dish soap into the toilet , you can lubricate the blockage and make it slippery.

This can be useful for small and hard blockages., which stick to pipes. In such cases, dishwashing detergent may run down the drain.. The blockage does not dissolve, but comes out of the sewer pipe.

Solution 6. Commercial cleaning products

If you trust commercial cleaning products more, than everyday kitchen goods, feel free to use them to remove fecal blockages. You can find dozens of high quality cleaning products, but make sure, that they do a good job of clogging.

We say it, because a lot of people buy bleach and Drano, to unclog your toilets, but these products will only damage the pipes.

Solution 7: Saline solution

Epsom salt, probably, least effective product on our list, but sometimes it can help you with blockages. Take a cup of Epsom salts and pour it down the toilet - this produces sulfate and sulfuric acid, which dissolve feces and debris.

The best thing about cleaning a toilet with salt is, that it does not damage pipes. This is a natural substance, which eliminates unpleasant odors, keeping your toilet pipes clean and tidy.

How to prevent toilet waste from getting clogged

When you are cleaning the toilet, you should think about prevention. You don't want to deal with the same mess again, so here's how to prevent faeces from clogging up from now on.

The easiest way to prevent clogging is to keep your toilet clean at all times.. You must clean up the trash at least once a week to prevent toilet waste from building up and creating a blockage..

Inspect the toilet for leaks. Toilets can leak in many places, and cracks are not always visible. Your job is to pay attention and look for leaks on a daily basis.. There are two ways to check the operation of the toilet.:

Look for puddles around or behind the toilet - they reveal cracks.
Add food coloring to the container - if it appears in the container without rinsing, so, you have a leak.
Do not rinse dry items
Do not wash off objects, which must not end up in the sewer, such as paper towels and napkins . They'll get stuck in your pipes and clog them over time. The only thing, what can you wash off, Is human waste and toilet paper.

Moisturize enough. Finally, you can make your feces lighter with adequate hydration. In this way, your toilet doesn't have to fight hard feces, therefore the chance of clogging is quickly reduced.


Clogging a toilet is not an ideal bathroom scenario, especially if you clog it with feces. The problem mostly arises, when your toilet is already full of rubbish. But other reasons include low flow flushing systems., broken pipes etc.. d.

In this post, we discussed seven ways to unclog a toilet after flushing faeces.. One of these tricks will surely help you get rid of the blockage., so roll up your sleeves and get to work - in 20 minutes it will be over!

Frequently asked Questions
What to do with the toilet, which gets hammered all the time?
It depends on the reason, but you, probably, you can permanently clean it with a toilet bowl or auger. Both tools successfully remove blockages, but you can try other solutions, such as dish soap, vinegar, baking soda, cleaners.

Will my fecal-clogged toilet clear??
If your feces is the only thing, what clogs the toilet, they, probably, cleanse themselves . Poop is water soluble, so they will decompose soon. But if the feces collide with other debris, they, probably, stay there, forming a much larger blockage.

Why is my feces blocking the toilet?
Many factors can lead to this., but most often it happens, when there are partial blockages in your toilet. find out how to get rid of urine odors in the toilet.



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