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Repair toilet with his hands video, repair toilet tank, valve

You like to do things themselves, but not everything is equally good. Practical tips will help avoid mistakes, It makes your job easier. Site apartment repair by own strength It will deal with you, how to repair the toilet tank, gasket replacement, configure the proper functioning of the valve and drain all the toilet mechanism. Find your problem in the description below and follow the instructions, as well as in the end see video. How to Repair the installation, You can read the article to be repaired basin system.

easy job

If you have to firmly press the handle, to flush the toilet bowl, and water level - at the level of "full" (on the inner wall of the tank), plastic lip valve inside the siphon needs replacing. Replacement part is not the road, and the work does not require any qualification, Although it takes time, so you may well be able to do it yourself, without referring to the plumbing.

Ремонт унитаза своими руками
Self debugging and tuning plumbing. How to fix the toilet

Simplify your work

Lip valve to the siphon unit can serve years, but can fail in a few months. To facilitate subsequent replacement, Install a siphon unit into three parts instead of the old. In the future you will be able to replace the valve, without removing the reservoir or even turning off the water. You will only have to turn away a connecting nut and remove the siphon unit, to replace the flap valve with the bottom side of the unit.

Check the water pressure

Although it may seem obvious, it's easy to overlook. If you suspect, that low water pressure may be the cause of the toilet problem, you will need to troubleshoot a little.

Start by turning on the water in your bathroom sink. If the water doesn't work, try other sinks in your home. If none of them work, probably, you have a problem with the plumbing, and you need to contact your local water company.

but, if it's just a toilet, check the water valve, located under it, To make sure, that it is not in the closed position. Sometimes pets and small children can accidentally close the valve, which will lead to a change in the water level in the toilet.

To increase the water pressure, grip the valve with your hand or a wrench (if it's too tough) and slowly turn it counterclockwise. If the valve does not turn, it means, that it is already open to the maximum.

Rotate it only about one eighth of an inch at a time.. After each turn, flush the toilet and check, whether the water level has returned to proper.

Replace the overflow tube

Иногда переливная трубка внутри бачка унитаза также может вызвать проблемы с уровнем воды. В результате это предотвратит наполнение унитаза водой до нужного уровня или может привести к тому, что унитаз будет заполнен too many water.

When correcting the cause of the water level problem, check the overflow tube, to see, не изношена ли она и не повреждена ли она каким-либо образом. If it is true, you need to replace it.

Для этого сначала отключите линию подачи воды на водяной вентиль. Затем снимите шайбу, plastic outlet ring and screws (usually there are four), that hold it in place.

Затем вытащите трубку из ее положения. Установите новую трубку и обязательно затяните винты отверткой. Затем снова включите воду и сполосните унитаз, to check the water level.

Watch this video, to learn, how exactly is it done:



Replacing the flapper valve

- close the water tap, lower the water of the basin are bačka, Disconnect the drain tube, and unscrew the locknut siphon.

- Pipes (supply and overflow) disconnect, then remove the screws that secure the tank to the toilet bowl.

- Remove the siphon unit, disconnecting the rod from the upper hook siphon. The lift plate and the stem, slide along the guide rails.

- Damage to the membrane on the valve, replace the new. Assemble and install the siphon, observing the reverse order. Repair toilet with his hands over for this stage, Go ahead and look at the photo of the internal mechanism of the toilet tank and supply lines.

Механизм унитаза фото

Replacing the large pads

Leak at the bottom of the tank - a sure sign, that the damaged gasket between the tank and the toilet bowl. To replace it, first remove the tank, as described previously for the replacement of the valve flapper. Then remove the old gasket and put on a new, placing it right on top of the nut, fiksiruyushtey siphon. If the leak has caused the appearance of rust, on a plate of mild steel, which holds the two reservoir bolt, Remove rust with steel wool before assembly.

Tightening the nuts, if the flow gasket

water, current outside the spout when flushing the toilet tank, It occurs due to leaking seals. Carefully tighten the nut, which connects the inlet and the tank. If that does not work, turn off the water supply to the reservoir, unscrew the nut and pull down pipe, that there was damage to the rubber gasket. Remove it and wrap the end of the pipe Teflon sealing tape, and more than 10 revolutions. Insert it into place and tighten the nut.

restore link

If the water in the toilet does not come down, a lunch Proviso, check the connection between the inside tank drain lever and the lifting rod siphon. This S-shaped or C-shaped open-loop wire unit could. To restore the tank, simply connect it again. maybe, you have to get a finger into the siphon and push the bottom plate inside the siphon up, to show the end of the lifting rod.

Adjust the filling valve

This part is also known as the "drain valve", and most often the reason, that the toilet bowl is not filling up properly, connected with problems with him.

Заливной клапан – это трубчатый узел, located inside the tank, which is responsible for filling it after flushing the toilet.

The actual setup for this build may differ depending on the manufacturer, but you can still configure it fairly easily.

If you have a filling valve with a screw at the top, вы обычно можете отрегулировать его с помощью отвертки с плоской головкой. Для этого поверните вентиль по часовой стрелке – это позволит большему количеству воды попасть в резервуар.

AND, of course, just turn the valve counterclockwise, если вы переборщите. Затем промойте унитаз, to check the new water level, and keep adjusting as needed.

If you have a screw filling valve, which has a clip on the side, use your index finger and thumb, to move it up, to increase the water level (to reduce the water level, just move it down). maybe, you will have to play a little with it, to get the level you want.

Increase the water level in the tank

If the water in the toilet does not come down, check, whether its level in the reservoir at the upper mark. If the level is insufficient, adjust the lever angle of the float valve.

In the plastic valve angle can be changed, twist screwdriver adjustment screw. In brass valve repair and adjustment is necessary to carry out the so - a bit to straighten up the float arm, or loosen the nut on the moving float and gently move the mount up.

Soft plum descent

Flush toilets should be smooth. If this is a jerk, check, Do not mount the drain lever weakened on its axis: it must be held in place without the screw head. If the lever runs along the axis, it will not vertically lift the lifting rod siphon. Set the lever to the desired position on the shaft and tighten the screw discharge mechanism.

Constantly running water

The toilet cistern, connected to the water mains, Flushing can continuously leave water. The reason is, that water is fed into the tank through the inlet valve at the same rate, with which it is discharged through a siphon. It does not allow air to enter it and stop the flow. This can be eliminated, by replacing the inlet valve seat of low pressure on the high pressure seat. Second option - be installed on the supply line an additional valve, to reduce the supply of water. The video below shows how to fix it.


broken arm

Drain lever cistern, made of plastic, can break in. Universal replacement is suitable for most types of tanks. maybe, lever have to be shortened, it does not touch for a siphon unit.

Repair toilet lid

If you, for whatever reason, has broken cover toilet, then it is better not to repair, and buy a new one. It costs not much, and will look and function better than the old, the more broken.

Limescale on the walls

Remove lime deposits from the toilet paste, powder prepared from citric acid and water. Lower level of the drain water in the drain siphon toilet, pushing water through the knee bend mop or broom, and leave it there, to lock the toilet. Apply the paste on the lime scale and leave overnight. If necessary, repeat the procedure. Pasta well removes plaque and under the edges of the bowl. Now move on to view a video, which consists of a series of consecutive pictures. Possible solution to problems clogging the toilet.

Repair toilet Video



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  1. If the water in the tank is typed and stops, do not rush to change the float mechanism. In my case, it was sufficient, simply, unscrew it and clean the rubber gasket from rust film. Everything works again!

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