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Hygienic shower toilet: variety of devices and methods of installation

Many of the apartments are planned as, that a small bathroom does not allow the installation of a bidet - a functional, It has long ceased to be a luxury plumbing object. For such cases, was invented hygienic shower, that does not take up much room in the toilet, but at the same time it performs the function of the bidet. Model, performed in any embodiment, It allows a person to perform all procedures for personal hygiene.

Particularly in a hygienic shower

Hygienic shower - a device, which is intended to control the water flow. Shower is equipped with a hose, watering can, adjustment mechanism and mounting. Using a button or lever, located on the watering can, You can adjust the spray head. The main indicator to use is the water temperature. In order that it can be adjusted, Thermostat set directly next to the soul, Blending or special cold and hot water, which is positioned at the junction of the pipe and hide in the wall.

Hygienic shower - convenient device for both separate and combined bathroom,

variety of products

Today's market hygienic shower models presented several options. Each of them has its characteristic features and the application. Water connection can be hidden in the wall, and placed in a prominent place. In this case, built-in models imply a repair when the unit malfunction.

  • Wall-mounted version. The most easy-to-design and installation, as well as by the number of popular choice among consumers is a wall-mounted version of a hygienic shower. When installing the mixer is placed on water pipes, and outside leaving only the hose and watering can with holder. Due to the flexible hose, watering can control is very easy. When you select this option a hygienic shower, You do not need to think in advance wiring water system, because it is only necessary to install the faucet closest to the toilet.

the device structure is simple and for, To use it, you need only press the button, disposed on a watering, in front of this opening of the mixer valve.

If the thermostat is provided in the watering can, the temperature is set only once, and then it is saved so, which it put. In this case, the soul of the system will remember the desired temperature, and will issue its output every time you turn the watering.

Not to bother to repair, in the process of connecting water to the mixer, simply lay the necessary pipe, connecting it to the nearest plumbing fixtures.

Holder and a watering device connected to the wall a flexible hose.
  • Hygienic shower with sink. If the bathroom involves the location of the sink next to the toilet, it is necessary to choose a faucet, equipped with a third outlet for water. Then, in case of need, Water is supplied to the shower heads. Works such as device: when opening the tap water is supplied to the mixer nose, and held there until you press the control button. Once the button is pressed, water goes to watering hygienic shower. This model of the soul, ideal for the small or WC. A variety of options products, dushetku allows you to attach directly to the sink. And if a very small bathroom should try to select a shell with angled placement, which is installed on the toilet tank. Such a move would save extra space in the room.
Such devices are equipped with built-in mixer, wherein the control lever is mounted on top or on the side of the device

Installation of this type of hygienic shower is easy enough, and is equivalent to setting the usual shell. The main feature of the design: a third output of mixer. After using the crane, do not forget, it is necessary to block the mixer, otherwise the water from it will flow into the sink.

  • WC-bidet. This multifunction device, and looks like a standard toilet, however equipped with a special nozzle for supplying water. The nozzle should be retractable and have a power button. Usually, it is placed on the rim of the toilet bowl.

    Water supply to the mixer in such devices connected to the installation via separate hose from the bottom.

This versatile device is good, that can be used in conventional toilets, and the false, which significantly saves space in the bathroom. The very design of the installation, This metal frame, on which is mounted a bowl. By pressing the button on the toilet, extends nozzle and delivers the right temperature water. When you are finished using the, injector hides in its place. Liner pipe to such a toilet - bidet carried out false wall. compact Model, but it has a high cost, which depends on a set of additional features and products.

  • Krыshka-Be. Another option hygienic shower. This cover has a set of functions, which may include water and heated to the desired temperature. The cover is a portable toilet. It is equipped with control buttons, Allows you to select a particular function. The lid itself is connected to the sink or to the T, which is responsible for the supply of water in the drain tank.

Cover bidet are mechanical and electronic. The latter option is mains powered, It is more expensive and may have additional functions. but, in the absence of electricity, the possibility of using the cover-bidet is reduced to zero, for the reason that, that the water heating will be carried out from power supply.

A variety of models allows you to choose the option, which is most suitable in the bathroom with the presence of certain conditions.


The advantages of using a hygienic shower

certainly, personal hygiene - it is always good. Therefore, the installation of hygienic soul has its positive aspects:

  • saving space. If a small bathroom, it does not make sense to set it bidet, which will occupy the same space, as toilet.
  • saving of time, which is spent on personal hygiene. You need only press the button.
  • Saving money. Installing a hygienic shower will be much cheaper than installing the same stationary bidets. Moreover, installation so easy, that it can handle even an inexperienced newcomer
  • Cleaning the toilet will be much more effective, in the absence of additional elements, installed on the floor.
  • Tricks to apply hygienic shower. The device can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also to, to wash the children's potty, litter box, toilet or just quickly collect water in a bucket
  • If the house has a small child, care for them becomes much easier with the help of a hygienic shower
  • Older people will also be easy to use such a device
  • Using advanced models also provides savings toilet paper and napkins

Disadvantages of using hygienic shower is so small, that they can be counted on the fingers of one hand. consumers say, that after using the wall version hygienic shower and fix it in place, several water droplets formed on the floor. This outcome is possible in case of no overlap of the mixer to the shower or faucet end wrapped. This is easily remedied with improvised tools.

In families, where there are kids, the same problem may occur in the presence of a wall shower. Kids love to play with water, leaving it wet floor, but this factor depends on the education of the child.


Recommendations for choosing a

In stores plumbing and sanitary ware are almost all kinds of hygienic shower. It is up to small: select the type of soul, manufacturing of material, design and quality. When buying a device, consider such features:

  • The design of the device. Some models can not be connected to the two pipes at a time, then the output is only cold water
  • mounting method. Sometimes a wall bracket, on showerhead exhibit residual drops, that flow down to the floor
  • material articles. Prefer brass with chrome finish, this option is the most durable in use
  • Learn the market demand, always choose the price-performance ratio, and pay attention to the warranty and service.
Low-end models are made from plastic and silumin

hygienic shower installation technology


No need to call the professionals to install hygienic shower. Phased installation sequence is simple:

  1. Overlapping hot and cold pipes at the nearest point
  2. Install shut-off valves
  3. Setting the mixer according to the instructions
  4. Connecting to the water faucet
  5. Install flexible hose
  6. Mounting wall mounting
  7. Verifying hygienic shower and Troubleshooting


When self-installing, choose the only proven high-quality connectors, gaskets and hoses. Usually, reaching complete hoses are not very good quality, better to replace them immediately, so that in the future no problems.


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One comment on the record "Hygienic shower toilet: variety of devices and methods of installation

  1. In my mother's apartment, which is in Turkey, wall-mounted hygienic shower. The Turks are very clean people, even though we assumed them fools( you that Turks? often say, if something does not understand), there may be some truth, but now is not it, there almost every apartment they have, they, Buildings are certainly) Hygienic shower very good thing. Really saves a lot of time. And for me pregnant at all was great. Bidet, I do not consider convenient option, and the space it occupies is not enough, as well as hanging himself on stenochke meter hose and does not bother anyone. Mom 2 toilet in the apartment, one with bidet, the second with a hygienic shower. And living there 2 of the month, I never been in the closet where the bidet. Very comfortably, practically. I do not know really how much it will cost us, establish a hygienic shower, but I do not think, that a million. When finally start our repairs in the bathroom, I will definitely be hanging toilet and a hygienic shower, piece super!

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