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Basic quality PSUL tape

Who appreciate the warmth and comfort in your own home is trying to produce quality, not only warming, but also to seal each room. In this case, the important factor is the cost savings. Suffice it once to do the work to reduce heat loss, to subsequently spend less of Finance for payment. It is important in this case, repaired all the cracks in the doors and windows. This excellent tool stands tape PSUL.


Tape sealing PSUL placed in the joints or seams are available, after which it automatically expands, filling cracks and gaps. any, even small design flaws are hidden using robiband PSUL. No weather effects will not be able to influence the level of heat indoors.

tape PSUL

the most basic, which requires PSUL ribbon - to create a ventilated assembly seam during installation of doors or windows. It is made from a polyurethane film, which is added to acrylic. All of these components in one material provide excellent moisture-proof and heat-insulating qualities. In addition, it is capable for a long time to be in operation. Ease of use with ribbon and adds a presence on one side adhesive backing.


When using tape PSUL, specifications in a positive way to show constant. These include the following basic features:

  1. In the compressed self-expanding sealing tape PSUL it has only two millimeters. Once installed on the destination it is able to expand up to 8 cm. This indicates, that virtually any gaps, even significant, They will be hidden after the ribbon installation.
  2. It is resistant to deformation (more 14%).
  3. Able to withstand the weather conditions (solar radiation, moisture, temperature changes).
  4. In the operation is not subject to decay, the appearance on the surface of various fungi and molds. With all of this has excellent vapor permeability properties. Arrange a perfectly flat tape "breathe".
  5. It is a material, which is very difficult undergoes combustion.
  6. Able to fill irregularities in, formed even when laying bricks.
  7. PSUL characteristics indicate, that it is resistant to a large number of types of organic and inorganic solvents.
  8. All work for its installation can be carried out under any temperature conditions and weather conditions.
  9. Service life is at least 50 years old.

    tape PSUL
    Manifested qualities PSUL tape

When using robiband PSUL, characteristics are selected according to the needs and environment. In any case, much more positive qualities, than minuses. As a result, the expanding belt PSUL has a huge demand for building materials market. Details of the types and properties of PSUL tapes can be found on the company's website

Main advantages

When it comes to the combination of the pros and cons of using tape PSUL, the main emphasis is on benefits:

  • During installation can be easily cut tape, bend in the desired direction. No complications arise when glueing.
  • convenience package.
  • Combined with various surfaces, which can be not only metal, plastic, but also concrete, stone.tape PSUL
  • Regardless of the temperature and weather, insulation quality will be at the required level.
  • It is very difficult to budge after mounting surface.
  • Environmental friendliness and fire safety.

But this is only the most important of those advantages, which has a tape PSUL. In addition, it may be noted, it is widely used in various industries.

Application area

There are several species of seal PSUL, depending on the scope and conditions for installation. They can be used in any case for the waterproofing. But in addition to this they perform noise reduction function, steam and heat insulation.tape PSUL

for example, when replacing old windows in the new, immediately appears weak spot - the joint and its walls. Most often, it is filled with foam. But it is in operation very quickly destroyed. Especially if there is high humidity and exposure to sunlight. To fill in the resulting gaps with quality and benefit, applied tape PSUL robiband. It is also able to protect itself and the mounting of the destruction of the foam.

Another area of ​​application - balcony blocks. Most often it uses the tape Butyl PSUL. In addition, this material is suitable under certain conditions in a roofing. There's enough of its main quality - waterproof. She sealed gutter joints, joints of roofing materials, the windows in the attic, etc..

tape PSUL
Application PSUL tape

Selection of tapes

When selected for installation, the tape waterproofing robiband, should pay attention to certain qualities and factors:

  • expansion ratio. From it will depend on the joint filling density. Allocate the optimum ratio, wherein the extension does not exceed the initial (compressed) position 20-30 percent. More critical condition - 50-60 percent. In this case, the tape PSUL density will be different.
  • The width of the glue layer. This will have an impact on the density of the abutment to the base, which is glued, and strength during use.
  • Sealing tape robiband should have a minimum width 2 cm, If you are installing windows. The wider the material, the better he shows his qualities during operation.

You can for example result in the following calculation: the weld width is 1 cm. In this case, the expansion would be best within 30-40 units. This indicates, that will increase the tape around 20-25% from the initial state.

The price will affect not only the size of butyl tape robiband, together with the roll length, but also the composition, the presence of additional components, particularly evident functions and types. Everybody knows, that the price will increase depending on the number of dealers. This indicates, the best option - the purchase of the tape from the manufacturer or reseller.


When the purchase is made PSUL, not be amiss to ask the seller a passport for this material, or the certificate of conformity. It is only once to confirm the quality of products, hides many doubts.

When first confronted with the tape, better ask for help to the person skilled in this field. Not only did he tell you about the options available and the types of, but also prompt the optimal choice.tape PSUL

Installation work can be carried out at low temperatures. In this case, you can use a hair dryer to warm the construction tapes. Increasing the size of the rate of increase will be nearly twice as fast.

No need to immediately begin to unwind the entire coil for. subsequently,, if the material is no longer useful, back wind would be impossible. Consequently, It would be a waste of money. Set then the expanded sealant will be very difficult. Most often in such situations manifest errors and errors in installation.

Once the surface is prepared for pasting, should immediately strengthen tape, while it has not yet had time to expand to the limit.

The use of this material will allow the warm house, to minimize heat loss, protect the house from any effects of climate.





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