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The correct choice of the modern system of floor heating under the tiles

The possibility of significant savings in the construction or repair of houses - a topic, which does not cause problems and misunderstandings. The constant circulation of building materials supermarket, viewing specialized publications largely doing their job, but the bottom line, as practice shows, is, seen not once. Although this statement is practically not applicable to such a system,, as a warm floor under the tile, which saves from the first days of work.

floor heating system - a technology or a new philosophy

Development of various heating systems of private homes, cottage or a separate room in the apartment building today is based mostly on the issues of its effectiveness. Thus one of the factors, affect system selection, the question remains of installation, service and guaranteed lifetime. And if the traditional heating systems often poses the question on installation of modern boilers, that for electric underfloor heating under tiles in many respects, this problem is solved in a complex.

To understand the issue of efficiency of the heating device in the form of warm floors Tile, will review at a specific example,, How does this technology. For conventional space heating radiator is due to air convection, When cold air rises from below, It warmed by the heat sink and then rises up. This indoor heat distribution zone extends from the bottom upwards, also, as well as the air temperature - the floor is about 17-18 degrees, on high 1 meter around 22-23 degrees, but the ceiling for about 26-27. floor heating device technology allows not only significantly change the heating process, but also to improve warm-up performance space. So, warm floor under the tile distributes the heat from the bottom, from floor level, if using radiator tile will always cold, then heated floors, electric under tile heating makes the room from the floor covering, tile heating to comfort 22-23 degrees. So what is next, having a size of the heating element during the whole floor, heat is distributed uniformly throughout the volume, warming to comfortable 23 degrees the entire room.

The main types of equipment for floor heating

Unlike bulky equipment for the heating systems of the traditional type with boilers, expansion tanks, pipelines and pumping stations, Equipment for underfloor heating can fit in one bag, including wire, electronic sensors and control system. Progress really stepped very far away, and handed their technology even in such premises, as the kitchen, bathroom, dressing room, after installation of floor heating equipment available today under the tile in any room, on outdoor terraces and winter gardens, to garages and bathrooms.

The basis of the equipment of the heating element, actually it is the basis of technology - film heating element or cable is laid on the floor and then connected to the control and monitoring system.

Today, for the installation of floor heating under the tiles using two major technologies - cable, using the heating cable and film, wherein the heating element in the form of thin plates stored within a film coating. Each of these two technologies has its own characteristics, but both allow laying of floor heating under the tiles.

Finnish warm floor under the tile, and the need to pay tribute to the Finns really understand a lot about this type of heating system, consisting of two-core heating mats ENSTO Finland, today considered one of the favorites for the use of technology of heating cable systems. Especially ENSTO that offers more than just heating elements, and solves the problem of the complex - a warm floor under the tile installation which is not only in laying the mats, but installing a control system the bundled. Also Finnish producer well proven cable heating elements Nexans (Norway), Devi (Denmark), ProfiTherm (Poland-Germany).

Film warm floors under tiles today are gaining more and more popularity due to the even greater efficiency and ease of installation. film heaters, using infrared principle, proven themselves not only through flexibility - they can be installed under tiles, and for other types of coatings, including laminate, parquet, linoleum. However, the film floor under tiles today has not yet received such a large spread due to its high cost. But given, that Korean and Chinese companies are gradually squeezed out of the market of infrared heating systems by Russian and Ukrainian producers, soon warm film floor under the tile will become even more accessible.

For both types of heating elements developed a special control system, components of the intellectual component system underfloor heating under tiles. it, first of all, includes temperature sensors, determining the temperature of the floor, cabling systems, thermostats, programmers and hardware protection. The complex of this equipment allows autonomous operation of the system to the requirements of each particular item.

Features of the device and assembly of the heating system

Warm floors under tiles installation of which is planned in the house, as any other floor covering requires reliable device initially concrete screed. The base is necessary for the uniform and proper placement of the heating elements. And for the heating cable mats for Film warm floor under the tile later after connecting and test the performance will be necessary to carry out screed layer, because under the tile is required, above all, and even base thickness of at least 20 mm. Perimeter of the room is recommended to arrange a special joint clearance, because at this thickness, the screed mandatory under heat expansion process will occur and as a consequence the deformation of the coating.

Another difference in the order of placement and the installation is, that the film warm floor under the tile is laid over the entire area of ​​the room, and the cable heating mats do not fit in places, where the furniture will be placed, stationary rack, walls and other equipment.

The film under the tile is laid over the entire area of ​​the premises, while it can be cut according to the required size, after connection of all elements into one unit is held with the mounting clip in the bus bars. But heating mats require skill when laying the cable can not be cut here, therefore, to change the direction, cut net base, and the cable should remain whole.

In both cases, all conductive cables, sensors and connection lines to be installed before the screed. Electric warm floor under the tile can be installed not only in a residential area, it can be mounted in other areas, because all the cables and tape elements have good insulation, and compounds isolated places further special plasters.

With self-heating installation type floor heating, tiles stacked with mandatory thermal gap of at least 2 mm, a screed further reinforced synthetic mesh. Installation strictly forbidden heating mats and cast film strips on each other, but the moisture proof polyethylene film should be packed with overlapping in 20-25 cm.

And once again the question of economy

Considering all the options of laying underfloor heating under tiles, the price will largely determine the manner and place of installation. Today, the average price range of cable products for the domestic manufacturers of the system is from 2,3 to 3,5$ per meter. For underfloor heating under tiles, electric cables European manufacturer will cost in the range 4-6$ Film materials will cost from 6 to 10$ for 1 running meter. Control equipment at the same time, that domestic, that the foreign producer begins in the price of 20 Doll., a full set of cost 250-400$.

but, Calculations show in comparison with conventional gas heating, savings will be from 20% to 45%, depending on availability of space insulation.





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  1. A warm floor under the tile we will do in the kitchen and bathroom. We chose a long course, exactly what we want, We read a lot of information about the pros and cons of the systems, but eventually settled on the film field under the tiles, but not cheap, but as for me it is the best option. The entire floor will be heated, and partially. From the ground will still be warm and go even in the winter will be warmer in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Now we are beginning to think about another bedroom, but it is open to question, I have no reason to desire to do the bedroom floor heating. Bathroom in our small, we want to break the bathroom and toilet, and here on the premises for the installation of floor heating under the tiles, we need 300 dollars, this amount we announced a pro, so how to make yourself a warm floor under the tile is not very easy, more precisely its installation is not so simple, as it seems.

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