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Beautiful options for laying floor tiles

Planning repair facilities, where the tile will be chosen flooring, always involves a choice method of laying tiles sex. This finishing material is not only the product composition and color variety, but also it has a different shape. With proper decomposition of the material, The result is a stylish ornament or picture.

How to decide on the method of laying of ceramic tiles?


Interior layout should take place before the start of repair. When the head is already laid out the basic design of the room, should go to the selection of the material itself and one of the variants of the tile laying on the floor. Important criteria in the selection are:

  • Area and its form. From these indicators it depends on the fact of the optic expansion or contraction of space. Picking the right size tile, option of laying floor tiles, as well as the colors you can achieve excellent results.
  • The future location of furniture or plumbing in the room. on, in some places will be located these items, also depends on the future floor drawing.
  • lighting of the room. It is also an important criterion in the selection of options for tiling, because the room is undesirable to have light glare, or vice versa, too dark zones.
  • The quality and type of floor surface. If the floor is not flat, You need to add a little height, to pour concrete screed, concerning, in addition to not lose space, You will need to choose one or another method of tiling.

Preparatory work step includes cleansing a floor surface of the old coating, as well as seal all cracks, pits and bumps and achieve the highest level surface.

It should also be taken into account, that depending on the embodiment of the flooring tile calculations necessary to carry out the desired material, at the same time add 10 % additional material.

One should not forget about the tile joints, which will be filled with fugue.

Before drawing up the pattern and color scheme of the future floor tiles, should understand that, What are the ways of laying floor tiles.


The traditional method of laying


It lies in the arrangement of tile material joint to joint, ie square to square. It is the most widely used today on a method of laying tiles on the floor, a photo layout can be found in almost every catalog of companies, engaged tiling services.

Finishing material in this embodiment is placed strictly straight lines and rows. This method is good for small spaces, if resort to a trick: choose light-colored tile large format. This will create the effect of increasing the visual room.

This method is not suitable for stacking one tile rectangular, for the reason that, that there are difficulties in the correct pattern NCCA plays. but, you can find a way out, if you put a kind of frame of tiles of the same color of this form, and the space inside is filled with square tiles have a contrasting color. Also, when using plain tiles, you can experiment and paste rectangular tiles of bright colors in a chaotic manner.



tile laying angle


This embodiment assumes facing the floor tiles, deployed from the wall 45 degrees. This method of laying tile on the floor on the diagonal also gained popularity among consumers and artists because of its simplicity, but at the same time and the presence of raisins. Choosing tile for this method desirably monochromatic stacking and without ornamentation pattern. But if you still on the material present pattern, you'll have to carefully observe his.

Although this option tile layout on the floor spread, it also has some drawbacks:

  • Much tile trim, which entails extra consumption of material and its processing time. Even using a special tool, More time will be spent, than the traditional method of laying;
  • Method for laying tiles on a floor diagonally implies accuracy and patience in the process;
  • After completion of the work will be a lot of finishing material, which the, in fact, you can not have no place to use it later.


Chess laying method


As is clear from the title, tile when this method is put contrast. This option tile in two colors imply their sequencing. With checkerboard pattern can achieve elegant design premises, especially if you use black and white colors.

As in the conventional method, staggered manner as possible to lay tiles diagonally. This option allows you to add variety, eg, adding around the perimeter of the rectangular tiles, and the bulk of tile paintings lay at an angle.


Laying the tiles in the Extension


When facing a floor this method creates the effect of brickwork. Under option tile brick is used most often rectangular tile material. This gives the greatest similarity with masonry stone finish.

This option implies the presence of some of the nuances: Tiles have to be monochrome, whereas if you use several colors material, the visual sensation can arise, the floor is tiled with uneven. This is due to the contrast material, which is undesirable when using rectangular elements.

Diagonal embodiment stacking rectangular tiles on the floor will be quite labor intensive, because you need to make some effort, plitochki that all went according to what was intended pattern.


Stacking "herringbone" tiles


In such a situation is the floor tile placement like wooden panels in laying parquet. This method is suitable for laying rectangular tiles on the floor - this form is most relevant when using masonry "herringbone". Today, only two options applicable tiles arrangement in this method:

  • The first tile is laid parallel to the walls, starting from the corner. This option tile send "Christmas tree" on the diagonal of your room;
  • The first tile is placed at an angle from the wall - thus, Figure lie perpendicular.

If this method of laying tile on the floor was selected, and the room is too small, Use rectangular tile narrow shape - this will create a visual increase in floor space. If it is necessary to achieve the opposite effect - choose a wide rectangular tiles.

You can also consider options for tiling pattern using masonry "herringbone". Adding a variety of colors or playing on contrasts, You can create a rainbow mood, or to lay the necessary ornament.


Laying tiles maze


Another interesting option of laying tiles on the floor is its location in a maze. Tiled material it uses two forms of: rectangular and square. Wherein, picking up the material in store, must immediately be folded out of it drawing. important factor: square tile size should be half the rectangular.

With such a masonry pattern is created weave. You can use some options for laying tiles in two colors: for example in two contrasting shades or tile materials similar in tone. It is possible in this method the use of tiles with pattern: it adds to the mystery of sexual ornament surface.


Application pattern when laying tiles


When designing your tiling scheme, you can create your own ornamental image. Options for tiling a large number of drawings: arrangement of tiles of different shapes at an angle helps to make a drawing of the carpet, and a little cut the tile edges at an angle, you can achieve an interesting ornament in the form of honeycombs.


What a way to laying ceramic tiles or would be selected, do not forget, and that the quality of the floor covering material in building creates its appearance, so go to the choice of styling options need to liability, and then the results will exceed expectations.



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