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Distribution of air flow in the apartment

Ventilation in the house - this is the most important thing. It provides comfort and the physical condition of the inhabitants. But the mistress is the most important object - this is the kitchen. In room, where always something to cook, sting, warm, boiled - can not do without good ventilation. How to make the ventilation in the kitchen? To cope with this problem, should contact the shop of home appliances, select and install the cooker hood.

Meaning kitchen hood

In the recent past, the exchange of streams of heated, saturated with air food kitchen space and fresh street to ventilate the kitchen natural. To do this, equip the kitchen window window leaf. This is the simplest effective solution to air in room, known since ancient times.

If ventilation is not working in the kitchen, it is felt immediately at all points of the house, so the smells and the evaporation is better to exclude from their source, preventing spread around.

Installation of ventilation systems with hood

vityaj s valves
The use of the check valve in the ventilation system

Ventilation in the apartment building is laid in the construction of buildings. Its operating principle is based on the differential pressure areas and streets. Ventilation holes are standard:

  • kitchen;
  • bathroom;
  • toilet room and bathroom.

Cleaning the kitchen facilities the standard ventilation forces has very little effect. The installation ventilation in modern homes and apartments has become a traditional phenomenon.

Using a non-return valve will prevent air circulation in the kitchen.

Used to clean the air in the kitchen room ventilation systems can be divided into two types:

  1. circulating.
  2. flowing.

Currently, the kitchen ventilation with gas stove, and an electric hob carried design flow type.

The principle of operation of this type of air handling units is based on the air from the room, sending it to a filtering device and reverse return.

Exhaust flow system connected to existing standard ventilation, Air after purification returned to the room, Waste is discarded in part of the air vent.venvelyatsiya

All existing air purification system on the device are divided into:

  1. built-in, mounted in a hanging closet.
  2. wall, attached to the wall, directly over the stove.
  3. False, built-in wardrobe, Placed above the stove.
  4. Insular, Attached to the ceiling.
  5. corner, located at the corner of the kitchen.

Built-in ventilation system

Small size kitchens require a compact placement of furniture and equipment, required for its user-friendly operation. This refers to the ventilation, as the most essential attribute of the kitchen. Built-in model kitchens in perfect harmony with any kitchen furniture, since the ventilation casing hides the engine, pumps and filters, which are mounted in a hinged cabinet above the hob.

On the surface there is only the control console for the device and the absorption surface extract. Such a construction simplifies purification device.

The structures built models provides drawer, thus increasing the amount of air intake, despite its small dimensions built ventilation.

Sometimes the smell can appear from the ventilation in the kitchen. This phenomenon may be several explanations, but the solution is simple: inspection, repair or cleaning of mine from possible contamination.

Online calculator for calculating ventilation

area, m2:
room height, m:
Number of air:
required capacity (m3/no):

Wall construction stretcher

wall, fireplace, Dome - the names of exhaust devices for their decorative design. These models have a very unusual design, at which you want to install as much as possible to pay attention to their combination with furniture kitchen interior.

Externally, the device resembles an umbrella wall. Installation is carried out on their wall, so pay attention to the right.

For better use of the dome recirculation. When installing the hood exhaust device above the cooking hob natural ventilation duct dissipatable air will naturally, maintaining circulation in the ventilation system at home.

During operation may appear smell from air in the kitchen. The causes of this problem can be several, but the fastest and most reliable solution to it - it is a check valve for venting the kitchen in the natural channel of the exhaust openings.

Setting this element will eliminate leakage of odors from the mine due to the original structure of the device. Special check valve capable of flowing air baffle into the shaft, preventing its passage in the reverse direction.

Besides, valve design:

  1. It prevents the penetration of harmful insects in premises shaft.
  2. When closed, the check valve helps to preserve heat inside the food.

Modern apartments with sealed windows and doors are losing a significant amount of incoming fresh air. Therefore installed in the kitchen forced ventilation in the duct in the form of a mechanical device - Fan. His appointment to provide ventilation in kitchens, create a favorable microclimate.

A good supplement is a lighting system with adjustable and change of light intensity.

Part of the forced air is forced ventilation in the kitchen. Fan - this is the main item for the air injection, which can be further purified, filtering, humidifying and heating.

The disadvantage of such extracts include considerable noise of the engine.

Suspended hood

Opted for a false version of the ventilation need to know, this kind of technique is based on the air purified by passing through a filter device, followed by its return to the kitchen space. Current models have a filter, made of aluminum, that allows you to clean it simple washing.

Outboard device named because of the way of fastening. Installation is to mount on his wall, parallel plate. Sometimes used for placing hoods hanging lockers, that allows you to create a harmonious look and saving kitchen space. Currently available models pendant, equipped with one or two motors.

Island ventilation design

The ventilation zone located island plate, sink and countertop. This kind of air purifying apparatus uses vertical duct, mounted on the ceiling.

Current models of island ventilation systems are supplemented by electronic devices:

  • control;
  • Dirty filter sensor.

Ceiling vent island type systems have a different design and can be operated in recirculation mode and the air outlet.

Recirculating airflow is applied in the case, If the kitchen ventilation system does not connect to a standard outlet pipes.

cleaning air in recirculation mode embodiment provides its passage through charcoal filters. These cells require periodic replacement of. Modern filters have a high development efficiency and long lifetime. Their replacement is provided no more than once in six months

More efficient operation of ventilation - air vent. In this case, the kitchen ventilation system provides for the withdrawal of contaminated air into the stationary ventilation shaft. Air treatment occurs almost instantaneously.

Corner construction ventilating

Ventilation device for cleaning the kitchen odors from currently presents different design configuration. Everything is determined by the modern design and cuisine in accordance with the desire of owners.

Placing the hob in the corner of the kitchen is now used by many homeowners. Industry, keeping up with the desires of consumers, launched a corner ventilation hoods.

Change undergone only external forms of devices. Their operating principle is the standard:

  • contaminated air intake;
  • cleaning and removal of odors and pollutants remaining in the air ducts.

By design, the angular hoods are suspended kinds of devices. They are carried out in the form of a dome or have the shape of letters "T". The devices operate in the discharge mode, the contaminated air in the ventilation shaft. Corner construction can operate in air recirculation mode.

Devices represented kind can work in three modes:

  1. circulating.
  2. flowing.
  3. Combined.

The most widespread use of extracts obtained from the flow and combined cleaning system. Air cleaning with tap polluted air in the ventilation shaft has higher efficiency in comparison with other methods.

Also see the video of the visual extracts:

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