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simple ventilation

Простая вентиляция фото вентилятора черного
We do not difficult ventilation in the room, main ways.

In addressing these issues can help airing, but this would violate soundproofing and dust gets into the apartment. In European countries, the problem of sealing of plastic windows solved 20 years ago. There are special ventilated windows, which provide a supply of fresh air and thus is not broken and soundproof apartments misses in the dust. Ventilation in this case is a continuous process-controlled internal replacement of contaminated air for fresh outdoor air. The simple task of ventilation includes not only the removal of odors and carbon dioxide, but also the establishment of the normal mode the room humidity, removing excess moisture, such as Ventilation in the bathroom.

natural, Easy ventilation in our homes provide a flow of fresh air through cracks in the window openings. However, the tightness of plastic windows is very high, when they are closed, the air flow is limited to a minimum. High tightness is certainly a positive quality, but no ventilation not finding the output moisture deposited on the surface of the slope and glass. The apartments with a large number of residents, or during the finishing moisture settles most intensively.

Solutions to this problem may be the following::

1) Airing the apartment with the help of opening transoms and vents windows.

2) slotted ventilation, which occurs through the sash windows, opening to form a small gap (5-6 mm).

3) Aeration by means of different air supply devices, aligning and binding between glazing or embedded directly into the structure of window profiles.

4) Aeration by means of adjustable air supply valve, installed outside of the window opening, in exterior walls.

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  1. article, of course, interesting, but in addition to airing window and valves there are breathers or vents. They are great to make life easier for the, who does not like drafts,dust and stuffiness.

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