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Simple option to install a bidet or shower hygienic

If the bathroom dimensions are not allowed to install a bidet, then you can find an excellent alternative - hygienic shower. This compact, conveniently, sterilno.Kakoy choose shower toilet? Manufacturers produce products indoor and outdoor installation method, of course, hidden will look more aesthetically pleasing, but also require much hassle with installation. All elements of this unit will be hidden in the wall, and therefore to carry out a connection hygienic shower desirable during, when a full overhaul is planned in the toilet.

The equipment consists of:

  • watering small diameter;
  • hose up to two meters in length.

Installing a hygienic shower in the bathroom is often done directly on the toilet, under cover or near the sink, if it stands next. Through the installation of the device, Considering the location and height of attachment, to all tenants of the house was comfortable to use. Experts advise to buy Finnish or German models, are allocated compact, attractive and aesthetic.

Installation flush-hygienic shower

All eyeliner comes in wall, there are models with pulling cord, and there is an implement. The holder can be mounted next to the sink or toilet. Sometimes a wire mounting hygienic shower in the bathroom with a thermostat. Flush mounting of this unit will need wiring diagram shower. This installation is very demanding and responsible, more accurately all the rules of the product installation will be respected, the longer it will serve as a model for their owners. Necessarily need to draft, according to which the product will be installed.

Wall mounted shower

shower instead of a

More undemanding installation, for securing it does not require special tools, an extensive set of unit, consists of:

  • hose;
  • watering can;
  • coupling plate;
  • shower holder;
  • installation scheme hygienic shower with their own hands.

mounting principle

One end of the hose is screwed to the mixer, and the other is attached to the gun and is inserted into the wall holder.

Attention: to shower spoiled, necessary after using it to block the water, by pressing a special button, which is available on the product, or mounted separately.

Shower itself is made of stainless steel, watering plastic, coated with chrome-plated, bight to be with metal inserts, so that over time it is not bent and does not cause water leakage. Proceedings mounting operation will depend on the characteristics of the acquired selling, to set the soul need the same tools, as for other plumbing work.

Installation of a bidet without plumbing skills

Installing a bidet with his hands does not require special skills and professional knowledge. Before starting the installation, you need to choose a high-quality equipment, Small room suitable pendant type, and for parking - floor. Tools for the job:

  • perforator with drill bits;
  • adjustable pipe wrench;
  • mounting tape for insulation;
  • silicone sealant;
  • screwdriver, spanners.

Connecting bidet begins to get acquainted with the product installation instructions. Further collected aqueous mixer, a rubber tube attached thereto. After attaching the hose pass to connect your mixer to the bidet. Use sealing gaskets and rubber bands, after a full centering device clamped wrench. All connections are treated with a sealant, for greater reliability. Installation of siphon bidet is performed on the basis of its installation in the sink. Mounted in the opening funnel bidet, laying a special ring secured to the bottom side of the unit. The lower part of the siphon is connected with the corrugated pipe to the drain bowl.

Attention: hose size should be exactly the, the size of the drain hole

Further assembling bidet independently proceeds to final step. The product is installed on the selected location, in order to have enough hose length. Use the drill to make small holes, so as not to damage the tile, required to include punch at low revs. Remove dust vacuum cleaner and insert the plastic plug into the hole. Bolted bidet, be sure to fasten the rubber gasket between the hole and fasteners, in order to avoid the slightest of cracks. When the equipment is permanently installed, check the connection to all communications. Corrugation siphon is attached to the discharge pipe, a hose connected to the water supply system,.

The last step of installation bidet

Check the operation of the unit, tightness of all connections. If water should leak immediately eliminate all fault. This is how the installation of a bidet and a toilet. Let these compact and easy hygiene will serve you for a long time, and please their functionality.

There are other interesting ways to install compact toilet and bidet washing machine above the toilet.

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One comment on the record "Simple option to install a bidet or shower hygienic

  1. As for me better than any bidet, it is hygienic shower! It takes place at a minimum, costs too, and in all installation a snap. Why take the place of a bidet, even if a large bath, if you can make a hygienic shower, because it is more hygienic, convenient. thanks to the hose, which may be up 2 m, it can be installed in any place convenient for you. My mother stood in the regiment meters from the toilet hose is not more than 1.5 meters, and you know very handy thing! If the choice between the bidet and a hygienic shower, then of course shower, I say, As a person, and who enjoyed the, and other!

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