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Decorative plaster video lessons

Декоративная штукатурка фото, как сделать декоративную штукатурку своими руками, способы нанесения декоративной штукатурки
Equipment, video lessons technology application of decorative plaster.

Before applying the plaster with your hands, thoroughly clean the surface of the wall. Remove old wallpaper or paint, Clean the surface from dust. If there are irregularities, they need to be removed, aligning wall. gloss over the cracks, glue-mesh serpyanku. The prepared surface should be smooth, clean and dry. Masking tape are stuck boundary surfaces, which is not supposed to apply plaster. The surface is then primed with a primer deep penetration. It's best to use a spray gun, but the surface may be primed by brush or roller.

Decorative plaster is sold either dry mix, ever ready to make. Dry mixture for the preparation to be poured into the stainless, best plastic, capacity, shut the water and mix thoroughly with a mixer. Ready plaster, simply mix for 2 minutes. If the plaster white, the Color can be added during cooking (mixing) composition. You can do without it, and after application and complete drying of paint to paint the walls.

Technology and engineering application of decorative plaster on the wall shown in more detail in the following video lessons. Apply the starting material after the primer is completely dry, look types of primers, specifications. Apply be plastic or stainless steel tool. The layer thickness ranges from 2 mm 5 mm. If you work with textured plaster, the pattern is created immediately during application. Plaster It comprises mineral filler. Filler, clinging to the instrument, creates furrows. Figure dependent on the direction of movement of the tool: vertically or horizontally, get the usual "pitted", if a circular motion - "lamb", you can do undulations, or those, to your liking.

Using the structural fine-grained plaster, you can create a unique relief on the wall. You can use a variety of tools. The technology of application of decorative plaster in such a pattern is not too difficult. Decorative cushion can create a relief, like grass. You can apply paralonovym roller or a sponge, various brush or crumpled piece of polyethylenes. A spatula can be smooth or rough deep drawing, or create a new. Flight of fancy - assistant in the creation of a unique pattern. Efforts should be continuously, otherwise the picture will be very visible border.

After finishing work, We need to give the plaster to dry for several days. Then it is possible to start painting. The painted surface is convenient to use a broad brush or roller. Instead of paint can be applied paint or colored pearlescent. To impart additional gloss top wall paints (varnish) applied wax.

Decorative plaster video lessons

In this video shows the technology application of decorative plaster "Henditeks" with his own hands, very plastic material, which opens up all possibilities for the imagination.

Superstroy wizard gives tips, explain how to prepare the walls prior to application of the plaster, used tools, application technique

And then see what technology is the application of Venetian plaster with your hands, Specialist gives good advice

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