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The easiest way to replace the cracked tiles

Ceramic tiles are widely used as fabric.
How would you not carefully treated her, with time on the ceramic tile cracks.

Cracks not only degrade the appearance of the premises, but also cause dirt, Moisture on the walls. And it can lead to mold, fungi. How to remove the tiles, without damaging it?

There are many ways to remove damaged tiles.
We are interested in those, which can be easily made at home with their own hands the novice master. For, to perform the repair of the damaged tiles, it is necessary to carefully remove the damaged section.

Preparatory stage

On the floor lay a piece of polyethylene film. Prepare protective equipment:

  • spectacles;
  • gloves;
  • respirator or gauze mask.

plots, adjacent to the removed tiles, It recommended to protect. To this end, the tile is glued insulation, masking tape or adhesive tape.
true, by adhesive tape on the tile are traces, which must be removed at the end of work.

The procedure to remove damaged tiles

Removal zatirki vibromašinkoj
Grout removal tool

Repair begins with the tiles cracked survey removed portion.

First of all, you should make sure in the absence of a tile electrical wires or water pipes or heating.

dismantling work starts with the removal of grout from all edges of the cracked tiles. Grout can manually delete, but you can use a power tool. for example, ugloshlifomalnoy machine, equipped with a sanding disc and vacuum cleaner. But just to warn, that the use of grinders is accompanied by formation of a large amount of dust.

In manual mode remove grout is best to use:

  • putty knife;
  • screwdriver;
  • stamesku;
  • sharp boot knife.

Yes and no you can not do Needle.
Before, how to replace the spoiled tile, observe punctuality.

remove the grout

grout removal
Vytsarapovanie seams

With a sharp knife an incision slide along weld line. Spatula or chisel to remove old grout from the edges to the cutting line. The remaining pieces of grouting smooth out needle files.
by the way, grout may be removed and chemically. But for this you need to know, what material was made grout.

removing grout, you can begin to dismantle the cracked tiles.
The damaged parts have to drill dozens of holes, distributing them evenly over the entire surface. This allows you to remove stress and prevent damage to adjoining tiles.

tile removal 02
Removing glue

Using a hammer and chisel carefully removed all the pieces of the cracked tiles. it is recommended to use the weight of the hammer to remove the pieces to 200 d and acute zatochennoe Zubin. A chisel edge angle should not exceed 60 °.
Hammer blows should be soft, unaccented.
Try to remove small pieces of tile, preventing cracking adjacent tiles.

Removing old tile pieces, proceed to the purification of trace tile adhesive or mortar.

To answer the question, how to replace cracked tiles, should not only be armed with information, but also to prepare the necessary tools and support materials. The tools we mentioned above.

Replacing cracked tiles

Take the new tile, attach it to the appropriate place, check using a spirit level or range. If a tile falls unevenly, eliminate space or elevation, preventing tiles from fitting to the wall.

laying new tiles
Laying tiles

Before laying the new tiles on the floor surface, should be vacuumed and process the acrylic primer.

Fit a new tile in place, proceed to the adhesive agent. It is recommended to use the dry compositions of tile adhesive, that should be applied to a notched trowel. In details how to make tiling work.

Ceramic tiles coated with a glue is applied to the wall and is easily pressed down. In mezhstykovoe space embedded plastic crosses. Alignment of tile is best done with the help of pressing or rubber mallet, the main thing is not to overdo it.

Replacing the cracked tiles and ends with application of grout removing traces of adhesive and grout.

Self Repair improvised materials tiles

At home, a broken-stick tiles can be virtually any kind of sealant. It is important to remember that only, acrylic sealant that can not be used, when the tile is in contact with water. But silicone sealants excellent hold it, and even an inexperienced master can easily glue the tiles have disappeared into place. By this method, often used when a local repair breakaway tiles A good option - is liquid nails. In this case, you need to read the manual and pay attention to the method of applying the adhesive and fixing time.

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