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Forms and floor waterproofing technology in apartment

Each artist will confirm, that the construction of a new home or major repairs need to be sure to lay the waterproofing. It securely retain the basic blocking and protection against the ingress of water to the neighbors when the floor screed wet. If it happens flood, then in the presence of high-quality security, you can not be afraid to pour from the bottom neighbors. Therefore, the design and maintenance is necessary to know, how to make waterproofing the floor in the apartment.

Species and Methods of insulating material

Before you decide on the exact method of waterproofing, must take into account factors:

  • type working base;
  • room assignment;
  • Operating conditions

Currently, the building materials manufacturers offer consumers a sufficiently wide range of materials. Select material for waterproofing floor it should be based on the fact, It will be used as a room, its location.

Apply material on the work surface can also be a number of ways:

  1. Obmazochnaya, Okleechnaya, Paint.
  2. Penetrating.
  3. membranous, roll, membranous.
  4. powder.
  5. Plaster.

The best known and easiest to use is a roll waterproofing floor. All construction materials for her made of cloth or cardboard, which are pre-treated with a mixture of bitumen. Top layer - basaltic aggregates.

  1. Round membrane material performs two important functions at once: hydro and thermal insulation. The most commonly used pressure-sensitive material, This greatly simplifies and speeds up the work process.

    Roll floor waterproofing
    Hydrogenated molestation rolls on the floor

  2. waterproofing Membrane. This is all kinds of films, which is composed of polyethylene, polypropylene. Often used as a basis for a floor of wood.
  3. mastic. The composition of materials include asphalt, glass, liquid rubber, resin, polymers. They protect the floor from any moisture. This is especially important, when the work is planned on the floor bathrooms. Peculiarities of composition of mastic - plasticizer, because of it the film slowly spreads across the floor, penetrating and filling all holes.

Floor wax waterproofing is of several types:

  1. bitumen.
  2. polymer.
  3. Bitumen-Polymer.
  4. mineral.
Floor covered with waterproofing mastic
It looks like mastic, used for waterproofing the floor.
  1. liquid waterproofing. This paint, varnish, viscous formulations. Their peculiarity is, that they form the entire working surface of the water-repellent film. Actively used when working with concrete and wooden floors.

    Liquid floor waterproofing
    It looks like printed on the flooring composition of the liquid waterproofing

  2. powder. It consists of cement, plasticizers, glue. Very relevant for waterproofing under floor heating.

Techniques applying waterproofing layer

Before you start with the floor is necessary to clear the work surface: remove all unnecessary, garbage, if you want to dry.

The liquid waterproofing floor is only valid for the solid base. To carry out its cast version, must:

  • Pour the heated part of the waterproofing on the floor.
  • dropping it, using a spatula.

If the composition does not require heating, the composition just spilled on the floor. In any case it is necessary to make a few layers.

Liquid waterproofing layer can reach up to 15 cm in height because of its multiple layers. Therefore, it should be taken into consideration when designing work.

There is also a method of applying a liquid impregnating waterproofing via. Then the composition is sprayed or applied with a brush.


The essence of coating and spray insulation in creating a waterproof film, wherein the thickness should be not more than three millimeters. For its application use brushes or rollers.

In such compositions are often added waterproofing admixture, which protect the floor from mold formation, and also have anti-corrosive properties. However, they need to be updated every 4-5 years.


We should also be said about lining hydraulic seals. It is produced by three methods:

  1. spreading.
  2. stamping.
  3. fusing.

Working material spread on the cleared space under the floor foundation. It can be any way to fix, stick or just leave the lie.

fusing procedure passes using burners, gas-fired. Thus it is necessary to observe fire safety measures. Bonding material is performed using a special glue and mastic. Also, there are materials, wherein the adhesive layer is already present.


Izalitsionnye materials in wet screed

when it made Wet floor screed care must be taken waterproofing layer. It performs two functions:

  1. Protects from moisture the operation sexes.
  2. Save neighbors from the bottom of the flood.

Concrete plates, forming ceilings, no matter how massive and strong, they may look, moisture is passed through the microcracks and the seams. therefore, if you do not create a protection against moisture, all the water in the screed, followed by the "wet" work, go down and ruin the look of the ceiling neighbor.

To produce waterproofing before the wet screed, must:

  • Clean the floor of debris dust, all carefully sweep.
  • Prime the floor, wait, while the primer is dry.
  • Detect cracks and seams, and patch up their sand-cement mortar rigid density, it should not be too hard to spread. For, to the solution well grappled, all cracks should be expanded to 1-1.5 cm.
  • When slits are embedded and dried up solution should be used waterproofing cement. It should be applied evenly on the floor, you can use the trowel.
  • Then you need to apply the mastic. It is recommended to do 2-4 layers. Mastic dries 6 hours. If the next layer is applied after this time, it engages. Therefore, repeating layers need 3-4 hours.
  • When the layers of mastic can begin to dry wet floor screed.

This method is suitable for "dry" rooms - living room, bedroom. In the bathroom, it is recommended to supplement the method of roll fusion bituminous layers, which is mounted by means of burners. For more information on the preparation of materials for sex bathroom.


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