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Tips for repairing laminate

Use of the laminate as a floor covering and ensure reliable home beautiful floor , wear resistant, may make temperature differentials, exposure to the sun. During the operation on the surface can be formed scratch defects . Eliminate scratches or abrasions on the laminate, It can be corrected without replacement.

All repairs are carried out with or without dismantling. If the coating is laid glueless manner, then disassemble to replace the damaged item will be easy. There are other methods, to help restore the laminate without disassembling.

repair method laminate without disassembling

Repair laminate without complete disassembly
Repair laminate without complete disassembly

When detecting a critical state of one of the panels can be performed without disassembling the repair laminate:

  • Find item, the right size and leave the room, in which it will be laid. it should be, that the board has absorbed moisture and took the right size.
  • To remove the damaged panel on the applied markings in the corners, retreated to 4 mm from the edge. From labels to hold the line at an angle of 45 degrees to the longitudinal axis. As a result, a triangle - places cuts.
  • With the help of the manual disk saws to make cuts of painted triangles, gently without causing damage to the entire structure. Then a chisel to remove them. Clean the grooves and ridges chisel.
  • Prepared lamella can be set, to facilitate the work can be polished to a wedge 5 see spike, located at the mechanical groove. When you install, you can use glue, remove the excess with a damp cloth. Then try not to touch the repaired area 12 no.

Removal of coating defects

Removing scratches on the laminate:

  • You can make your own hands by purchasing a set for repair. It is composed of wax crayons several colors. This makes it possible to find the perfect shade of floor covering. They can be used to eliminate minor scratches. Before you use a wax crayon to the laminate surface should be cleaned, then put pencil to scratch and polish flannel flap.
  • special putty is used to remove deep scratches from the same set. Clean the scratch, trowel applied putty. Remove the excess with a damp cloth, and the base is wiped dry. And leave 3-4 o'clock.

Chipped eliminated using special putty, it can help to repair the joints and slats. The surface to be cleaned, degrease and along the edge of the damaged portion of the masking tape applied. Repair paste squeeze into the container, then it is possible to add pigments and mix evenly, to get a complete resemblance to the laid laminate. To avoid errors you should use the instructions supplied to the palette. Spatula to fill in damage, remove the tape and excess. Leave room for an hour repair.

When operating on the floor may appear different spots. Before the start of their removal is necessary to clarify the nature of their:

  • Fruit and berry, coffee, wine, of tea, blood. If the stain is fresh, then the surface should be wiped with a damp cloth. Dry help to remove special tool for cleaning laminate flooring.
  • Any repairs accompanied by the appearance of stains and paints a question: than clean up after repair laminate. The answer is simple: such stains can be removed with acetone, means for removal of lacquer or universal solvent. So you can remove and crayons and paint. Thus it is necessary to use a small amount and do not expose them uncontaminated surface of the floor. Nail polish can be removed using a washing powder, a small amount of water and a brush of medium hardness.
  • rubber, mud, makeup, colored pencils are removed with a dry cloth made of nylon. Marks from rubber naboek can be removed by a simple eraser.
  • Stains from oil must be cooled, gently scrape and wipe out the remnants of a sponge with detergent.
  • Acid stains can not be removed. In this case you need to replace hardened lamellae.

It is better to remove stains while they are fresh, after a while there is a risk of absorption into the board. Which will lead to the replacement needs of the contaminated slats.

repair method laminate Collated

This method is only if:

  • The panels covering the laid up, this may result in water bay floor or non-compliance by the behavior of the process of laying the slats.
  • The emergence of a squeak, talks about the displacement of some sections of the floor covering. To eliminate it you need to, disassemble the floor and replace the substrate and align the foundation if necessary.
  • Bullies edge indicate a leak or small puddles. To prevent further destruction of the floor covering must be replaced warped lamellas.

And to prevent the restoration of a laminate with their hands need to follow the rules of the care of this type of floor covering.

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