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Glass entrance groups - the benefits and installation

Glass entrances are used not only for shops and commercial organizations, but also for residential buildings. They make entry more interesting, more original, capable of passing a large amount of light, because in the corridors do not need to use artificial lighting. Thanks to this input group facade private cottage you can make an original, catchy.

What is the entrance?

Entrance groups of glass - is a complex structure, It is the central element of the facade. It not only serves as the entrance to the premises, but also a significant influence on the style of architecture. Entrance group must meet the following requirements:

  • The convenience of use. The width and height must be suitable for the removal of furniture, household appliances, other items, with large dimensions.
  • Weather protection. One object of the input group is draughtproof, sediments, cold.
  • The ability to isolate heat.
  • Buffer between the street and the room. Because of this most of the mud must remain on the street
  • Protection is not application reviews.

Input group of glass

Input groups contain the following elements:

  • a door: it may have one or more wings, equipped with additional lenses.
  • Playground in front of. Most often it is a miniature track of various designs.
  • The porch or rung. Acceptable application fence or railing.
  • Above the porch should be shed, often hang a lantern to illuminate the area in front of the entrance.
  • Some groups have special input protection against dirt.

Entry group of glass units may be decorated as follows:

  • Equipped with balustrades and railings.
  • As decorations can be used column.
  • Ladders of varying difficulty and height.
  • part, Forged components comprising.
  • A variety of decorative elements and devices, including suspension.

Glass entrance groups

What materials are used to create an input group?

The materials can be used quite diverse. Their choice depends on the customer's budget, climatic conditions, style buildings in general. To entrance looked harmoniously, must comply with certain rules:

  • entrance groups of wood are well suited to a brick building.
  • If a style or a modern joint, will look good plastic products.

Council: if you want to stylize the front group under the tree, but a natural material does not suit you, you can purchase the design of plastic, laminated wood.

  • For visor should choose the same color and material, from which made the whole roof structure.
  • Selection of stairs requires special attention, since this element must match the style of not only the input group as a whole, but the front door, wall of the house and the style of architecture in general.
  • Railing must comply with the material itself of entrance. for example, if it is a wooden, Metal will be out of place.

Entrance group of double-glazed windows

What glass is used?

Glazed entrance lobby is done using special glass. There are several types of materials, among which the following are popular:

  • Triplex - drained away, consisting of an adhesive film and a few glasses. Characterized by high durability and lack of fragments when broken.
  • Tempered glass: characterized by high strength in comparison with conventional.
  • Optyvayt: glass, capable of transmitting a maximum of light, without distorting the space and color.
  • glazed: It is applied about the same, for plastic windows.
  • Armored - extra strong kind of thick glass, which are glued to each other. Are heavy, different thickness. The strongest model can withstand a shot from a firearm.
  • Besides, distinguish glass, with special kinds of blackout, which helps protect the structure from unnecessary ultraviolet rays, this is true, If you do not want, to a south-facing corridor overheated or the neighbors I had a chance to look at your home through the transparent glass.

Glazed entrance lobby

What types of input groups?

Most often transparent entrance groups, but, their construction may differ substantially from each other. Often used arched doors, configuration may vary, as well as the dimensions of the group as a whole.

Constructive input groups are divided into two categories: with tambour and without. New windows for both types can be used single, Two-cell, applicable as a regular, and tempered glass. Many buyers prefer triplex.

Council: If your doors are exposed to high load, in a house inhabited by children or pets, better not to save, and set the triplex. He will be able to withstand the physical impact, and if the glass will still break, nobody get hurt small fragments, since they will remain on the film.

Decorative and protective entrances are also separate subspecies designs. Decorative applied in those places, where low probability of cracking. If you want to protect your home against thieves, You can use the protective or decorative and protective structures. the latter feature is, they successfully combine the ability to protect the house against burglary, thus have an attractive appearance.

Glass entrance groups

What input groups increasingly used in all?

Despite the abundance of choice, the most popular are the following structures:

  • Cheapest option with a visor, fixed to the wall of the house and the door of PVC. Porch and steps are missing, often it does not need a ladder.
  • Aluminum design can have any additional features and different levels of complexity, which determines the price.
  • plastic. It costs less than the aluminum analogue, may include various elements, instead of glass polycarbonate applicable.
  • glass. Different visual appeal. Glass typically has a large size, but inferior in strength triplex.
  • wood. Well suited stone and brick buildings, It has an attractive appearance, It requires protection from moisture and pests.

Conclusion: glass entrance groups thanks to its diversity will help to create an individual style, highlight your structure among similar, to protect it from the cold and dirt.



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