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French glazing - elegance combined with comfort

Quite popular solution in the regeneration of the modern balconies and loggias in the apartments is a French glazing. This option implies the panoramic location of windows, which occupy the space from floor to ceiling, and especially beautiful this design looks on the balconies of the upper floors, where is a beautiful view.

Varieties French balcony

The main feature of this design is the lack of mullion, since the open French windows must be completely devoid of elements, cluttering opening. The flaps are fixed using leaved system or have abutment on the frame with the guides, therefore, they are rolled back when opening, completely releasing the opening.

Structurally, the French glazed loggias and balconies can be of two types:

  • cold. Such structures are aluminum frame, glazing will protect the balcony from precipitation, trash, foreign objects. Aluminum frame is lightweight, stylish design, They are relatively inexpensive. Minus cold temperature mode structure considered: If you plan to use the balcony as the living room, Such a system is not suitable for installation. The temperature on this balcony will be a maximum of 2-3 degrees above, than on the street.
  • warm. This is a popular balcony glazing: French balcony equipped with plastic double-glazed windows, whereby the design gets improved performance noise-- and thermal insulation.

Council: with heat insulation glazing must perform sex, the side and front walls, as well as to calculate the load on the plate, to avoid collapse under excessive weight glazing.

Most often, the French window is designed as a portal with moving wings, which are used as sliding doors. Portals harmonious look on balconies a large area, terraces and verandas, increased glass area, whereby it is possible to arrange a panoramic view. Structurally, the portal can be configured as a lifting-sliding doors or sliding parallel planes.

French balcony glazing
warm glazing

Another popular system - door-book. French glazed balcony doors with such a wall, which can be moved, accordion folded sections, and in the presence of a wide aperture, this kind of fits optimally. Also similar glazing systems can be equipped with flaps, if the balcony slab is not designed for heavy loads. Lifting-sliding doors installed on balconies and loggias, where the need to increase the canvas. When you click on the handle rollers, located at the bottom end, shift the blade and cause it to move along the guide rail in the right direction.

French glazing
panoramic windows

Pros and cons of the French balconies

The French windows of balconies and loggias has many advantages compared with other systems:

  • excellent review: balcony with panoramic view looks especially harmoniously in a building on the upper sectors. In large cities, French windows installed in many residential complexes.
  • Increased glass area for maximum penetration of ultraviolet radiation into the room. This makes it possible to improve the comfort of the apartment and save on lighting, especially if the housing is located on the shady side.
  • French windows of balconies and loggia can be performed with the removal, therefore, useful floor space significantly expands.
  • Since most of the area is glazed, insulation should be carried out only in the floor area and facade parts, saving power, time and reduces the cost of materials.
  • Inner trim balcony will be minimal, for repair, you can choose classic, and advanced materials.
  • No need to decorate the room from outside, if you choose a glazing of balconies: French balcony looks stylish and neat without further action.
  • Attractive design design makes it suitable for any facade irrespective of colors and architectural solutions. Self glazing can be performed by conventional IG, and products with frosted, stained glass, applying tinting to protect the inner space.
  • Installation design requires less time.

glazing of balconies: French balcony

On what is unacceptable French balconies glazing?

Despite the many advantages, such design has some limitations. for example, if the balcony is a room, leading to the bedroom, Panoramic windows not very relevant, because the inside will get too much sunlight in the morning, and privacy is questionable. One solution is to install design with tinted windows: the most interesting is the system with mirror tint. This model protects against excessive ultraviolet radiation and simultaneously hiding what is happening in the room, but its cost is higher, than in the standard case.

It is not recommended to choose a French balcony glazing, if it comes out on the south side. This contributes to overheating of the room, in addition, if the balcony is used for flower bed, We have to protect plants from excess ultraviolet. Also, the design is not suitable, if the balcony is on the leeward side, as reinforced load contribute to reduce the security in the subsequent operation.

Special features

Before installation, design is important to determine the type of doors, of the glass and select accessories. The procedure includes the following steps:

  • Dismantling of old structures, Preparation balcony and cleaning of debris.
  • Strengthening using special poles, heat- and waterproofing of the facade and floor.
  • Installation of the frame in the opening, alignment, installation of door element.
  • Sealing joints and connections.
  • Installing double-glazed windows, accessories, System integrity verification.

on average, the procedure takes from 2 to 6 hours depending on the size and type of glazing and does not cause difficulties, but with a lack of experience or lack of tools work best left to professionals.

French glazed loggias
Installing a French balcony

Conclusion: French loggia glazing balconies and is a popular option finishing, which is different aesthetic appearance, convenience and a variety of design solutions.



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