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Video how to install interior doors independently and correctly

Видео как установить межкомнатную дверь самостоятельно и правильно

First we need to dismantle the old door, and the opening clear of debris is then going to a new doorframe. Vertical racks are measured by height and saw off using a miter box under the desired size, and the horizontal strip is supplied in the size of the door leaf. A file to be processed friction surfaces. For secure corner connection boxes are screwed screws. Place in the loop is marked at the place of hinges on the door leaf. Horizontal rack is applied to the door so, to between the door and a horizontal crossbar of the box was a gap 3 mm.

When you want to install interior doors input or heavy, the doors need to be hung on three hinges, and the interior into two. Checking if the vertical walls of the doorway and collected box set. Wooden wedges fixed box interior door shall be verified and the level of its vertical. The uprights are attached to the wall with screws with large dowels. The remaining hole is closed with special caps. Consider other options mounting box in a doorway.

On the door leaf is made by counting loop. The top and bottom of metered 200 mm, apply a loop and is outlined in pencil. Place in the loop vydalbyvaetsya with a chisel and hammer. All exposed surfaces (for hinges or lock) It must be treated with varnish. In places for screws are drilled holes, then screwed hinges. After that, do the layout at the installation site of the castle on the depth and breadth. The lock is usually set at a height of 800 mm 1100 mm from the bottom edge of the door. With cutter milled hole for locking. If the hole is drilled, it is better to do it with more than one, and on both sides alternately. After proper installation of the castle, Interior doors can be installed. Produce hanging the door leaf on the hinge. Details about the tricks and washed down Fitting door units

With foam to fill in the space between the frame and the wall. The foam tends to greatly expand and thus create pressure. Therefore, the door frame reinforcing struts. Dry foam from 4 hours to days, depending on the composition.

The final step is the installation of casings. They close the gap between the frame and the wall. Architraves cut away under the strict 45 degrees. For box nailed small nails with the flattened hats or no hats. The distance between nails should be 100 mm - 150 mm. Details about other ways fixing casings.
Specialists show the whole process, how to install interior doors with their hands and performing tapping lock. If you are still unsure, you may want to review tips for installation of different kinds of doors.

Now you can without any problems and extra costs to install interior doors yourself on video instructions.




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