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Selecting the right sealer: types and

When installing modern glazing is important to use not only high-quality materials for the production of window frames and fasteners, but also to apply special sealants. Wondering - what is the best sealant, it is worth considering not only the main types of material, but also deal in detail with the proposals from manufacturers. This will provide a much better solution and form the best technical achievements in a single sealed unit or variant glazing.

Consider the following specifics and operation of modern plastic and wooden windows, to be qualitatively withstand extremes of temperature conditions and forming the optimal solutions for the operating window at low and high temperatures. Using modern sealant, the use of which will greatly improve the performance of thermal conductivity and high humidity resistance.

The main types of sealants for modern PVC windows

Today can be divided sealants for windows, post weld location and coating material, namely:

  • for interior works;
  • for external works.

With this in mind formed and the temperature of use and operation features with significant moisture.

silicone sealant for windows

Also apply today 3 basic types of sealant, the composition of the material, namely:

  • silicone;
  • acrylic and polyacrylic;
  • polymer and epoxy.

This division allows to obtain the desired formula, for each type of glazing. In these categories of "a window sealant", have their technical features and with regard to their form the best technical parameters and indicators, in each case.

Silicone sealants

This embodiment is most prevalent when installing glazing. Because silicone sealants possess improved strength and with the use of special additives, able to withstand considerable temperature differences, during the day or the life of the PVC glazing.

Here you can select sanitary silicone sealant. It allows you to avoid the appearance of mold on the surface of the resulting joint and not to influence the design features, as the plastic profile, and wooden windows.

Silicone sealants views, allow to receive and glazing in particularly wet areas, forming a protection device inside a permanently positive temperature. They allow you not to miss the accumulated pairs and give an even distribution of temperature, all structures. For this they can be used in places of assembly seams, for additional sealing.

Perhaps the most widely used is transparent silicone sealant.

Acrylic and polyacrylic sealants

acrylic sealantThis type of sealant replaces putty for windows, which previously compacted glass. This option would be the solution, for finishing of window openings, which will require additional sealing of construction joints with subsequent painting. This kind of solution allows you to create a movable structure under thermal expansion. This will not penetrate the moisture in the internal structure and established profiles, around the perimeter of the window opening.

The main difference from the silicone acrylic sealant, the fact that it can be painted with paints.

The main disadvantage of acrylic sealant is, that they are not water resistant and constant contact with the water start to dissolve. In view of the specificity, for wet areas with finishing the sealant is not suitable and not recommended for use. Since moisture will act on the joints interior trim materials and can cause mildew and decay of other materials.

Polymer adhesives and sealants on the basis of PVC

Professional adhesive solution. Its basis is a structured liquid mtarial, PVC-based formula, during solidification forms similar properties, how and the implementation of plastic profiles. Its use will be replaced even the best silicone sealant, if it will go about bonding and combining individual elements into a single structure. It allows you to get perfect strong junction nodes. Also, this solution will allow to carry out the repairs and restoration of technical performance plastic glazing.

The use of this sealant, allows restoring damaged portions of the flat glass go further strengthen the structure, creating ribs. This is especially true, in forming a wide window spans, with significant sites of the type of glazing.

Calling good sealant for windows, should take into account the specifics of operating rooms and features plastic frame design. This will enable a more detailed suiting a variety of technical indicators and materials. It will be created a single working formula, for glass, and for plastic. Permissible total will feature, Impedance moisture penetration. This will improve imagines all the complex technical parameters for installing windows.


Advantages and disadvantages, Each of the types of sealants

Choosing for finishing the glazing and forming a reliable waterproofing layer, It should not simply pick up a good adhesive sealant, and optimal from the standpoint of further operation each type windows.

Acrylic and polyacrylic


  • material elasticity;
  • Excellent Adhesion, in contact with - the concrete and brick walls;
  • retains its technical properties, even with significant temperature differences, from -20 to +60;
  • no evaporation during prolonged exposure, in direct sunlight;
  • safe for use in confined or unventilated areas;
  • It has excellent characteristics in fire.

This sealant for window joints, It allows you to create a closed loop and is practical to put it, using appropriate tools. Full seam filling, It gives excellent performance on the aesthetic appearance of the glass.


This "special sealant", It should only be applied when the minimum humidity indoors. As well as the work will not be tolerated in the rain, exterior glazing. Because moisture does not fully molded protective structure and allow the adhesive to dry quickly a solution of.

Silicone sealants


  • minimum timeframe for hardening adhesive is;
  • optimally suited for interior works, with homogeneous matreialdami;
  • capable of firmly combine different surfaces, the presence of the difference of temperature conditions;
  • excellent performance on contraction and consolidation of dissimilar materials, creating a solid foundation from moisture;
  • ability to high temperature changes;
  • There is a wide variety of, both in color palette, and the chemical composition;
  • It has excellent durability performance, in particularly aggressive environments, the evacuation operation.

As of today - is "the best sealer for plastic windows", with the properly selected chemical formula and composition of the adhesive solution applied. While, it is available in many countries, and allows you to choose among a wide range of proposals


  • it is impossible to produce a weld surface stains;
  • unpleasant smell of vinegar;
  • taken separately subspecies sealants can cause oxidation of metal and concrete surfaces.

In view of the above noted characteristics is, that "the silicone sealant composition" that include various chemical elements, and it allows a substantial reduction. It is also important to note, that the use of this type of sealant desirable for a large area, as the material with the passage of time can not withstand the load of the various kinds of chemical attack. And in this case it is better to use finer sutures, between the glazing and the profile of the plastic frame. Therefore, modern types of silicone sealants, owl found application in direct association process glass surfaces and the plastic profile. Making it impossible to reduce the variety of materials performance, in docking areas.

Polymer adhesives and sealants on the basis of PVC

Benefits:Adhesive sealant for PVC windows

  • It has a high resistance to frost, at temperature ranges from -60 to +80;
  • elastic structure, in the final solidification;
  • extremely tear-proof, by combining individual materials;
  • it does not emit harmful fumes, Drying after the final mixture;
  • the possibility of staining, on the surface of the material obtained.


  • additional protection, using the composition of Cleves;
  • after opening, Sealant teryae6t their technical indicators;
  • evaporate the unpleasant smell of vinegar, in the process of drying the composition.

Given these criteria, dispersion adhesives and sealants based on them can create high-quality protection of plastic windows, from moisture and temperature extremes, and if used improperly completely destroy existing walling.

Taking into account not only the chemical composition of the acrylic sealant, but individual characteristics of silicone and PVC based compositions, You can perform a comparative table of the villa building material. Choosing among the world's major producers and the quality of the sealing means, for plastic windows. This allows you to select the appropriate composition and taking into account the technical characteristics, to create a more solid foundation, to remove moisture, both from the inside, and taking into account external precipitation or temperature extremes.



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