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Water supply in a country house with their hands

The greatest need is for a country house water. Against this may object only man, who likes to be dragged to the nearest well or column, fill buckets and is doing this way back several times a day. It may happen, that the centralized water supply in this area is not, then remain one option - to make the water supply of private houses with their own hands.

There are various schemes of water supply in the private house, but we are interested only that, which includes the most necessary items, such as:

  • the nearest well or borehole;
  • pumping station, serves to discharge water in the supply system;
  • exterior and interior water tubes;
  • hydraulic accumulator;
  • plumbing appliances.

Hot water supply of private homes

Hot water supply of private homes, circuit is quite simple and is a double-boiler with separate heating and heating functions or instead can set a storage water heater powered from the mains.

Before you implement an autonomous water supply of private homes scheme is necessary to understand which of the three options is most convenient to use in your case. The first option is the easiest - it's a well. The next option, as the least expensive - a hole "in the sand". The aquifer is typically located at depths of 10-30 meters, this requires a submersible pump. Water from a well is quite clear, but to ensure the need to put an additional filter.

Scheme of water from the well house (well)
Scheme of water from the well house (well)

For the most pure of private homes water supply scheme must provide for the use of time-consuming and costly method - artesian well. Despite, it's pretty deep source, pump you do not need, artesian well water can provide a settlement.

If the well is used as the source, pumping station is preferably located in the annexe or the house. In such a case, paving the water supply to the house, to do the trench from the well below the level of the ground freezing and then bury it in the pipe.

Plastic pipe bend well, so bent, omit it to the water level, not forgetting to insert the mesh filter. Omit the pipe on, the distance to the bottom was about 40 cm. Pumping water from a well, anchoring pin at the bottom and fastened thereto the tube.

Installation of water supply in the private house involves the installation of in-house or directly above the well (in the caisson) pumping station or a submersible pump. First, water is supplied to the accumulator and from there is guided through pipes to the consumers. expending water, consumers thereby reduce

Metal-plastic pipe in the hole (well)
Metal-plastic pipe in the hole (well)

pressure in the system, tripping occurs the relay and pump station is switched, which supplies water in accumulator, raising the pressure up 3 have. Again, the relay, and pump station stops working, until the pressure drop.

it seems, most recently for the water pipe insulation in a private house, the best material was a quilt. Those days are long gone, currently on the market there are heaters, as expanded polystyrene, fiberglass and basalt seal. There is no doubt, that laying pipes below the frost - the best way to protect them, but it does not help, when the depth of frost penetration below two meters. And then it is necessary to use the above-mentioned heaters.

The video below explains the principle of the work is already finished system of private homes water from the well, and how it's done.

Water supply wiring in a private home in two ways - external or internal wiring. To this polypropylene tubes in buildings made of stone in the walls of hiding, in specially made recesses, and they are placed in wooden buildings under panel.

Perform installation of water supply of private homes recommended polypropylene pipes.

These pipes are welded in place compound, thereby providing complete sealing system and making it impossible for any leaks in your home.

Small water supply plan in a private house
Small water supply plan in a private house

Before you carry water to the house, you must create a literate wiring plan and desirable, to be performed pro. Wiring diagram of the water supply in a private home starts from the water supply point in the house, It extends to the entrance of the heating boiler. Further, following the plan of running water in the house wiring, water goes to the main points of analysis, such as bathroom and kitchen.

In the picture shown conditionally diagram aqueduct, in real terms under the plan is individually designed house specialist.

After that, how to connect water supply to a private home completed, must be connected to the mains all the elements of the system, check their work, ensure reliability and absence of leaks, to achieve elimination of detected defects.

Making water a country house with their hands, You can be proud of it, as the quality and diligence, with which you carry it out, can show the characteristics of much better, than in urban centralized systems.

Water supply in the country with their own hands

practice shows, that the lack of running water in the country, it makes life uncomfortable, and sometimes impossible. If properly understand and correctly implement this project, build a water supply in the country with their own hands is not so difficult. And you can do so, that the system will work at any time of the year.

summer water

summer water
Scheme terminal aqueduct with water outside for summer water

This cottage water with his hands settling down very simply for making it necessary to have only hoses and couplings. It is used for watering plants in the city. Domestic manufacturers to connect hoses release latches, one end of the device located "ruff", and with another - a spring-loaded connector, ensuring tightness at the junction.

With a constant water supply summer garden with his own hands the case to be a bit more complicated.

Pipes for it are put into the soil, on a surface of the cranes remain. Bury this water do not just sprinkle on top of the ground, so as not to give rise to theft.

summer water
summer water

The only drawback is still there, so it is necessary to lay, to have a permanent bias to the main line, and at a low point drain valve set. Before the onset of winter do not forget to empty the pipes, that they did not break with the onset of cold weather.

This scheme water garden can be operated at any time of the year. Taking as a source of a well, such water you produce, without great skills, and then your cottage will never be left without water.

To supply water to the system need a submersible pump, depending on the depth, on which he will work, selected its power. When installing the water supply in the country is necessary to do the trench depth of more than half a meter, to place the conduit below the freezing level. Then it is recommended to fill crumbs of the foam layer of expanded clay or 30 cm. This is not the only way of heating water pipes in the country. In currently widely used an electrically conductive, it entwine around the pipe, put on top of the polyethylene foam insulation and laid into the trench.

It looks like a submersible pump
It looks like a submersible pump

First how to do plumbing in the country should be in the vicinity of the well to build a pit 70 × 70 cm depth about the one-. The bottom cover concrete, a wall made of bricks are laid out, there should be water pipe and electrical wire tube. This structure is necessary for timely disconnection of a submersible pump.

Also, watch the video below, which tells in detail about the tools, which are necessary for the construction of water supply, the materials and the process of laying.

tubes, Water-folding cranes and devices for water supply in the country

experienced plumbers, before you spend running water in the country, advised to first choose any tube you want to use. enough options, but it is best suited for the circuit water cottages or polypropylene plastic tubes. These tubes are easily soldered special soldering, bend in all directions, very durable. Summer water from plastic pipes will serve you and your great-grandchildren. In the video very clearly talks about all kinds of pipes, are used.

cranes, used to be on the street, fit as normal, and from the lower part. It is desirable to mount the valve metal, who are not afraid of corrosion, usually cast iron or bronze. For draw-node best suited standpipes, They are proven to work at low temperatures.

Of course, professionals will make installation of water supply systems in the country faster and more reliable, but if you want to do it with their own hands without fail try to fulfill all the requirements.

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