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How to connect the boiler to the water

Learn more about how to choose the electric heater Boiler, what are the differences and especially when connecting the boiler to the water. plant layout, site selection and installation products. types of pipelines, their characteristics and the resulting difficulty in connecting them heater. What you should pay attention when you connect to a network device 220 AT. Learn in detail how to maintain and repair the boiler.

The absence or frequent shutdown of hot water make you think about buying heating tank. This device serves to heat the water, which is under superatmospheric. The equipment is very valuable and irreplaceable in high-rise buildings, and in the private sector.

When the decision is made - it is necessary to carry out the connection to the boiler water supply. At the initial stage it is necessary to implement:

  1. Selecting device according to volume, level of automation, configuration and appearance.
  2. boiler installation.
  3. Connecting to the water heater.

Common types of heating tank

Allocate flow boilers, in which the water jet moves through a heater, and storage, when the container is heated and the water is used as consumption. So you need to think rationally - with family 3 People will be enough 30-liter tank, but on 5-6 people would be wise to buy 50 or 80 liter boiler.

We pay attention to design registration equipment, choose the color, style, dimensions according to an interior bathroom. An important element is the way of fastening the unit, horizontal or vertical, so that the tank does not occupy much space and ergonomically fit into the common space bathrooms.



Before hang device, it is important to read the manufacturer's instructions. And also to make special hooks on the wall and hang the body firmly and evenly on the prepared surface.

Connecting the machine to the water supply

Wiring diagram of the boiler to the water supply is very simple, parallel unit is connected to the water system. Now you need to allocate the required amount of pipes for water supply. Plastic bonded soldering irons, and the steel construction tools need to cook.

Attention: to extend the life of the heating element, advised to install a filter for purifying water, coming from the scale. In this way, It will be less limescale build up, but because - the boiler will be a long and uninterrupted!

How to connect to the water heater with polypropylene? If the pipe is not hidden in the wall, then make a connection to the water supply tank is very easy, We need to hold the cut tube of cold and hot water in a designated location, solder in the hole tees, from which the pipe line to carry the boiler, connect with cranes at the clutch.

Closed-in wall heater pipe connection a little harder. It is necessary to open the tube, perform sidebar, output connections and close everything back. Together with the tees is important to apply the split sleeves, because the solder does not Spreading pipe Neuve

Схема подключения бойлера
Connection to the water mains

POSSIBILITY. When welded joints zastynut, connect the connectors and connect the heater to the water supply is carried out under the previous scheme.

How to connect the boiler to the water mains with plastic pipes? Luckily, it is not carried by the hidden, but because summing circuit to the water tank does not cause much trouble. Tubes are cut and inserted tees, after which they are supplied to the heating device. It is done!

But make electric water connection to the water supply of steel pipes - the most complicated procedure, providing summing mixer boiler through pipes for cleaning the kitchen. On each of them put on a tee, allowing without tapping sum to one tube and kitchen mixer, and boiler.

Attention! When installing the water heater to the water is prohibited:

  • Open the protective window, when the device is turned on.
  • Check the efficiency of the unit without water.
  • Drained when the power.
  • Assemble the parts from other machines and devices.

professional advice

Boiler hot water system except the shut-off valve, which is located on the nozzle of the tank, supplying hot water, It does not require additional elements. But when summing pipe with cold water, you must first put the tee, at the side offtake which mount valve to drain water from the tank. Then on a tee to install a check valve, after another mount shut-off valve, connecting with a hole with water supply.


The importance of the safety valve

klapan boilera
Safety valve

This unit does not allow the reverse flow of water movement in the water system, normalizes pressure surges and resets the excess water under heating.

Installation of a check valve instead of a safety - inadmissible!

This may entail an explosion in a room at failure of the heater thermostat.

The valve is located at the entrance of cold water into the heater. Between the valve and the entrance to the boiler is forbidden to place the shut-off products. Efficient operation of the heating tank depends on this brass device.

If the valve is occasionally digs this is considered normal and means that it is working properly and protects the tank from the gap. However, if the line pressure rises above 4 atmospheres is possible continuous operation, we recommend to install a pressure reducing gearbox.

When the valve is a long time dry, it means, that it should be possible to check he has worn and needs to be changed.


Boiler connection to the network

To summarize the power to the heating tank is necessary to carry on the electrical panel apartments a separate cable cross-section of copper conductor of at least 2,5 mm, and he necessarily shield tripping device equipped RCD. It will help to protect the inhabitants of the room from the electric shock, leakage of electricity in the boiler body.

The water heater must be grounded, and the outlet need to choose water-resistant, especially if it is installed in the bathroom.

For better perception of the information we offer you to view the topic: heater connection to water supply video, how to make the installation of the boiler with his hands.


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