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Why do we need water pressure regulator in the apartment

Many owners of new buildings are wondering, Is the water pressure regulator is needed in the apartment. Here the answer is obvious: Yes. The fact, that such a device allows to protect sanitary devices from surges and pressure hydraulic shocks. To achieve the maximum effect, you need to choose the place of installation of water pressure reducer. But, first of all, should become familiar with the device and the features of its installation.

What is the device

Water pressure reducer - a device, through which the adjustment rate of passage of water. In other words, via gear can raise or lower the liquid pressure in the water. The device has a high functionality, which explains its popularity.

Water pressure regulators
There are different types of water pressure reducers in the apartment

The regulator is based on a mechanical pressure sensor, by which the control mechanism is made, limiting the supply of water. For apartments and country houses using piston and valve gearboxes. As for bandwidth, here the device are divided into such products:

  • household;
  • commercial;
  • industry.

Besides, Water pressure regulators are classified by other parameters, such as:

  • housing material. For manufacturing devices use brass, nickel-plated or chrome-plated steel.
  • Working temperature. So, model, that work to 40 degrees, establish a system of cold water supply. For hot water reducers used with operating temperatures between 65 to 90 degrees. Use the "cold" knobs on the hot water pipe, as it will lead to their rapid wear.
  • mounting method. Pressure reducers can be mounted by a threaded connection or via fittings.
  • Diameter and thread.

All these features should be considered when selecting Water pressure reducer in the water. This will allow to acquire a suitable option for a particular circuit.

Principle of operation

In operation, pressing on a spring-loaded membrane, which is placed in the pressure sensor. This takes into account the sensor settings. So, water can overcome the spring force or not. When the membrane is insufficient pressure remains in the rest position and the gear does not affect the fluid flow rate. But, if water pressure greatly exceeds the resistance of the spring, the membrane begins to move. As a result, the work enters the piston or valve.

Scheme Fitting water pressure regulator
The importance of water pressure regulator in the apartment

During hydraulic impact water pressure increases significantly, and may reach several tens of atmospheres. Such instantaneous jump can lead to the destruction or damage plumbing system devices. Therefore, experts recommend installing the gearbox, even in those systems, where the risk of water hammer is low.

Piston and pressure sensor to form a closed system, which is driven by the slightest change in water pressure. The sensor, in turn, is located downstream of the valve or piston. This makes it possible to control and regulate the water pressure to a complete cessation of water hammer.

Important: Unfortunately, the water in the lines can be composed of small particles of foreign matter. When dirt gets between the housing and the valve piston or, it increases the wear of structural components of the device. As a result, its service life is significantly reduced. Therefore, experts recommend installing filters in fine and coarse. This will not only protect the gearbox from pollution, but will also increase its service life and efficiency. There are models of water reducers with integrated pre-filter, the truth and the value of their immediately increase. In any case, to install the filter before the reducer and the water meter must be.

To protect against water hammer recommend the additional use of water hammer absorber.


Installing the gear unit

According to the rules on water supply and sanitation, assembling the water pressure reducer must be carried out immediately after the shut-off valve. The device is adjusted to account devices, that will protect them from water hammer, as well as ensure accuracy of readings. Therefore, this installation location is the most appropriate and reasonable. But, sometimes there are situations, when there is no possibility to carry out the installation on this segment of the pipeline.

Install water pressure regulator is held in accordance some rules. Before the unit of accounting should not be able to water intake. This means, that cork, are used to wash the filter, They are sealed. This will eliminate the possibility of gearbox service. Solve the problem in several ways.

Water pressure regulator setting
Scheme Fitting water pressure regulator in apartment

The first method involves extra manometers, which will enable a more accurate adjustment device. In the second case, a pressure reducer is made directly to the collector. This option is most often used by experienced plumbers.

Sometimes it is not possible to install the controller on the input system. As a result, some components remain without protection to water hammer and pressure drop in the pipeline. To solve the problem using primitive models of gearboxes. They are not regulated, but it will go to protect the system components from water hammer.



gear fault

Unfortunately, reducers may sooner or later fail. A faulty unit watertight and able to regulate its pressure. To solve the problem, must initially perform a built-in filter and washing of the mechanism. If flushing does not give the desired result, the reason lies in the mechanical malfunction. This may be a consequence of factory defects, improper or prolonged operation of the gear. A possible problem is the solution Water pressure reducer adjustment.

Also, the gear failure can be caused by a broken spring, and deterioration of the membrane or piston. Some of the details are on sale, which will produce a partial repair of the regulator. In other cases, the only option - a complete replacement of the gearbox. Further operation of the faulty unit will permanently damage. As a result, it will cease to perform its functions.


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