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To adjust the water pressure reducer in apartment

Water pressure reducer is an important element of the heating system and plumbing. In some cases, you may need for its regulation. Before performing any work, We need to determine the model of the device. So, Some gearboxes are configured directly during production. To adjust the other may need a screwdriver or a wrench. Yes, and the setup process has some nuances.

pressure controller: what is it?

The pressure regulator is a small device, is used to deal with excess pressure. Also it can be used to monitor and if necessary adjust the water pressure in a particular system. Use of this device allows you to optimize the performance and increase the service life of engineering communications. Often the pressure reducer is used on such objects:

  • High-rise buildings ;
  • work shop;
  • technological facilities;
  • houses.

devices, used to adjust the pressure in the system, divided into dynamic and statistical products. The first type is used in the main pipelines in industrial plants. They allow you to regulate the flow of fluid systems. As for the statistical products, they are installed in pipelines with unstable water supply. That is why statistics reducers used in high-rise and country houses.


The scope of use of the device

Pressure reducer simultaneously performs several functions. First of all, it is used to protect plumbing fixtures from a high pressure. So, Most plumbing and appliances designed to operate, when the water pressure in the pipe does not exceed 3 atm. If this number is higher, the water supply system is under severe pressure. Subsequently suffer valves, compounds and other system elements and plumbing fixtures

Valtec pressure reducer VT.087

Also the gearbox is used to combat water hammer, which may occur as in industrial plants, and in homes. As a result of a sharp rise in water pressure in the water there is water hammering, which is capable of damaging the constructive elements of the system. There are cases, when such a sharp jump led to the rupture of the boiler. Therefore, experts recommend installing gearbox, as it will prevent the occurrence of such problems. It is important to consider the installation of the system water supply of apartments.

Pressure reducer is widely used in homes, wherein the pressure of hot and cold water constantly jumping. Adjust the water pressure regulator in the apartment would solve this issue once and for all. Also lowering of water pressure in the apartment would reduce its expenditure on 25% and more. detail, as choose a water pressure reducer.

Adjusting device

Many owners are wondering, how to adjust the water pressure regulator in apartment. This problem can be easily performed with his own hands. Most of the devices are available with pre-setting. Under this pressure therein is 3 have. But, can be reduced or, if necessary, increase this setting yourself.

 Water pressure regulator
Water pressure reducer unassembled

To setup, you may need a wrench or screwdriver wide. The choice of instrument depends on the gearbox model. Of course, modern, the setting is performed manually without the use of any additional tools.

First of all, We need to make sure, that the water pressure in the water reducer is securely attached. After the installation of the device opens the water supply. At this stage, you need to check the system for leaks. To prevent such problems, when installing the gear necessary to use a sealing material.

Adjust the water pressure reducer is carried out in a flat closed valves. At the bottom of the mounting device has a head, which is responsible for regulation of the fluid pressure in the pipeline. If the pressure needs to be increased, the head is rotated clockwise. Otherwise, the rotating movement is performed counterclockwise.

One full rotation of the head allows you to change the pressure on 0,5 have. This is shown by the arrows movement. In this way, adjusts the water pressure regulator in the apartment. The work can be easily performed with his own hands.

Valtek pressure reducer adjustment

The adjusting screw is under the cover 9 . Turning the screw 8 add pressure to the reducer

The reducer works as follows: working environment, getting into the entrance chamber, acts with equal force on the spool and on the lower surface of the piston. Spring force maintains the gearbox in the open position until, while the pressure of the medium in the outlet chamber, acting on the upper "plate" of the piston will not be equal to the tuning. At this moment, the spool begins to close the hole between the chambers., increasing local resistance and decreasing the outlet pressure to a predetermined level. With brass adjusting nut (8) the reducer can be adjusted to the required outlet pressure, different from factory setting (2 requires).

Note: often the cause of low pressure can be a clogged mechanism.

some nuances

But, how to adjust the water pressure in the apartment, if there is a budget reducer, that does not have a pressure gauge. To solve the problem in several ways:

  • A first embodiment involves a temporary pressure gauge installation in, that will accurately determine the pressure value. After adjustment of the water reducer in the apartment will be carried out, Meter dismantled, and in its place put the plug.
  • The second option is more simple in execution of. There is no need to carry out the installation and dismantling of the measuring device. Setting is carried out solely on the eyes. After a few rotations of the head is necessary to open the mixer and visually appreciate the force of pressure.

A disadvantage of the second method is that, it is not possible to establish the precise pressure value. In the future, this may cause a malfunction of household appliances and plumbing. The fact, that the cold water pressure exists in the flat rate, where sanitary appliances are working properly. But, if the pressure is too high or low, it would violate the rules of their operation

water pressure regulator
Scheme water pressure regulator

Often there are cases that the pressure drops in the water, the reason the fine filter is clogged or the water pressure regulator at the entrance to the apartment is oxidized. The solution is to tap on the case or take the socket wrench and twist the adjusting screw. Very often, the cause of low pressure is simply a blockage of the aerator mesh on the tap itself.. Unscrew the tip and clean or replace.

but, if the controller can not be it should simply replace the adjustment.

In connection with such features, experts recommend to take seriously the device selection. It is best to pay attention to the current models, which are composed of instrumentation and easy to adjust without the use of additional tools. Better flow capacity of diaphragm pressure reducers for water. Among the popular brands is to provide «Honeywell», «Watts», "Riqamonti Workshops". No harm will and installation of filter, which protects the gearbox from clogging and thus prolong its life







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