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As more practical to cut tiles at home

Tools for cutting tiles

The tool may be manually or electrically.

To hand tools are Tile, or their ancestors - glaziers.

Power tools may be versatile, intended for various operations (angle grinder, jigsaws, electric drill) or special. Special tools are machines for cutting tiles.

ways to cut ceramic tiles

What you need to consider when choosing tools

factors, that should be considered when selecting a tool, there may be technical, and a purely domestic.

For technical details can be attributed:

  • the need for cutouts, ceramic tiles;
  • the need for a facing tile angle;
  • the need for an internal cut-outs or curved lines;
  • uneven face of the tile and other.
  • the amount of work required.

For domestic factors include the following:

  • need to observe silence;
  • the need to cut the tiles free of dust;
  • availability of vacant space;
  • availability of funds and other.

How to use tool

After reviewing the options of cheap tools to more expensive.

grinder to cut tile
In skilled hands and grinder can cut a circular hole ;)

If there is no need for complex chopping, and the tile has a flat front surface, it is possible to dispense with hand tools. For not having in your arsenal no special tools, the cheapest option can serve steklorez. Cutting rates will be minimal, the same can be said about the quality of. However, if the workload is not large, and you are set to keep costs to a minimum, You can start with him and look at the results. If you are satisfied with the quality of, this can stop. If you do not have the basic knowledge and basic skills of using stekloreza, then the question remains, you cut ceramic tile?

Should think about purchasing tools, able to facilitate and accelerate the process of cutting tile. It is important to consider the possibility and the need to use this tool in the future. For example, the use of manual tile is limited only by the operation. In other areas, you can not use it. And if you do not plan to in the future to pursue the case on a regular basis, Purchase of this instrument is unlikely to be justified.

However, in the home needs may well come in handy angle grinder (Bulgarian). Depending on the cutting wheel, it can be cut and metal, and wood, and brick, and concrete, and ceramic tile. The purchase of this power will be fully justified.

Alternatively, it may be used jigsaws. It is also used for cutting various materials. Its advantage is the possibility of cutting curved lines. This need arises, when you need to bypass the tiles, plumbing connectors, sockets and other protruding elements. For drilling stoneware tiles You will need to purchase a diamond crown .

Bulgarian is also possible to cut curved lines, but with a relatively large bending radii. In this case, decide, better to cut tile, It can be experimentally determined, or the presence of élekroïnstrwmenta, capable of performing the necessary trimming.

The disadvantage of using angle grinders (Bulgarian) It will be increased noise and the presence of dust. Jigsaw will also create some noise, but dust will be much less.

for man, gliding professionally engaged in this kind of work, current is the acquisition and manual tile, and various power tools. It should take into account the version of the machine for cutting tiles, the price of which can range from several thousand to several tens of thousands of rubles.

Ways to cut tile

There are various ways of cutting tiles. First offer watch a video about, how to cut ceramic tiles and listen to the opinions of experts.

Tile the fastest and wait option of cutting tiles in a straight line. First on the tile marked cutting line (pencil or thin marker). Tile is inserted into the tile cutter and the edge, perpendicular to the cut, is pressed against the stop bar (in the far side from you). In this case, we get a smooth cut under 90⁰. Lever with a diamond cutter wheels pressed against the near verge tiles and uniform motion is carried to the opposite side. Then you need to press the lever (not too much). Tiles should break at the cut line. If it is not broke, you must once again go on the roller until it stops and then press down.

If necessary, on the brink, of the resulting cutting, cleaned irregularities. This can be done with a spatula or other metal objects sufficient hardness.


Now let's discuss, how to cut tile without Tile

steklorez. After that, you have passed the glass cutter at the cutting line, tile must be placed on a flat surface. Under one edge of the cut line is necessary to put a nail small diameter parallel to the cutting line. On the one hand we adhere to the tiles by hand, on the other hand to press down the level or the rule. This method allows a good master cut strips, width of 15 millimeters.


Bulgarian. This method has several advantages over a hand tool. When grinders can be used to cut a relief tile. After marking the line of cut tile it must be placed so, to a line cut was no support, because the cut-off wheel will fall below the tiles. It is also desirable, tiles to lay not on a solid surface, and on the rubber or solid foam. These materials will be put to vibrate.


How to cut tile around? there are special wheels for cutting ceramic tiles for cutting grinder. Their cutting edge has no incisions or waves, which is on for brick circles, concrete and other materials. Also diamond deposition consists of smaller particles. These two factors contribute to a much lower Reza chipped. It is important to not exceed the diameter of the circle, provided for your Bulgarian, and use a protective cover.


jigsaws. This tool is mainly used, if you need to cut the tiles inside the holes for the protruding elements. For this pre-line is marked, then drilled hole inside diameter, size exceeding nailfiles, and out of this hole is made with a smooth cutting approach to the planned line.


Automated tiles. How to cut a disk ceramic tiles on the machine? For the machine can approach the circle of Bulgarians. However, the advantage of the machine, that it can be cut without dust, if applied wet cut. In that case requires a circle for wet cutting, which has a corresponding designation.

Since the machine tool cutting edge is fixed to the frame, This method makes it possible to precisely cut relief tiles. More expensive machines, with adjustment of the cutting angle, allows to cut the tiles under 45 degrees to the surface, and some in the intermediate values ​​of angles.


Cutting tiles diagonally can and Tile, and Bulgarian, and machine. Tile will not work, if the cut is not to pass on the full-length.



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  1. My uncle is engaged in repair, he is a fan of. repairs he makes himself at home, The Parties may employ Assistant, in order to speed up the process. When we are talking about the kitchen and bath, we immediately decided, that there, and there will be tiles. Tile needed a want or do not want, even if the cause master, it is not always the right tool when it is present. Uncle of his pile of, it has everything and buys it is always best, not paying attention to the price. Of the year 3 ago, he bought jigsaws and they cut tiles. They just work, I like a man interested in everything, always helped him, and even in this. I tried to cut myself, it did not work the first time, but precisely from the third. But already we had an ordinary glass cutter, as for me to work with him for a long time and is not convenient. If for example, using the jigsaw we have no problems cut tile around socket, It is working with the glass cutter that was not really. I'm not special in repairs, but to try to work with jigsaw, Now only I advise him to work with tiles and not only. And in my new family, he is also present, because the thing is indispensable and demand.

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