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How to make a ceiling on the loggia

Как сделать потолок на лоджии фото. Какой потолок выбрать и поставитьResidents of urban homes are well aware, that the transformation of a standard apartment in comfortable housing related financial expenses. In this article site repair of the apartment with his hands consider, how you can make a ceiling on the loggia in different ways, what to choose and put. Solving this issue, see photo construction companies, design studios engaged in repair and design of apartments and residential premises. This will help you choose the best repair option, and maybe come across an interesting idea.

How fast do the ceiling on a balcony

At first glance this does not seem too laborious work. But this is only on the part of, until you have embarked on the task. Before, how to start the repair on the balcony, you first need to take care of the grouting around the perimeter. After the sutures are embedded and glazing produced desirable, and in most cases, and it is necessary, to make heat and sound insulation ... Do I need to do this everyone decides for himself. If the apartment is located on the bottom or the middle floors of the house, the ceiling is the floor on the balcony of neighbors living on top. supposing, that their neighbors already insulated and glazed loggia, then the question is no longer warming.

Check out the ceiling in the loggia or balcony can be a variety of ways. It depends on the requirements, that apply to this premise. If you do not plan to turn a loggia in a heated room, then enough to paste over the special ceiling tiles in light colors. This is the easiest way to finish and allow hide irregularities existing bare concrete slab, as well as give a new surface aesthetic appearance, and bright colors visibly increase the space of the room.


On this issue (more sophisticated finishing options), should find out in advance, what materials are best to use and which are suitable for thermal insulation. On the concrete surface can be sprayed polyurethane foam. This is a fairly new technology, finishing of such a surface will be more difficult, than work with blocks of polystyrene. But in this case you will get a warm and, and soundproof rooms. At higher foam fire resistant properties, than the simple foam sheet. Work with the help of spraying and further finishing specialists should conduct.

To date, most budget embodiment are polyurethane slab (excellent thermal insulation material) Headlining for the balcony or loggia.

This method is simple enough: the cut slabs are fixed with plastic plugs to the concrete surface. To give a more reliable mounting, should apply the adhesive to the surface of an insulating panel. Also glue, thus desirable to use a liquid nails, fastened ceiling and a finishing coating layer. You can use a variety of materials. for example: carefully primed drywall, special polyurethane tiles or other material. See also how the installation of suspended ceiling of plasterboard with their hands + video, perhaps this method you like best.

You can also make finishing the loggia MDF or plastic panels. On the concrete surface of the ceiling fixed metal profiles or wooden slats (the distance between the rows should not exceed 30 cm). Stronger electric lighting devices. everything is going to, if necessary, on the floor, where the prepared hole fixtures. Finished construction of panels attached to rails with screws. In the same manner it produced a suspended ceiling on a balcony in the finishing of wooden paneling. A formed in between the concrete slab and finishing voids filled sheet material for sound insulation and heat insulation. It is necessary to take into account the thickness of the heat insulating layer, to windows and doors on the balcony opened without problems.

finally, to make a perfectly smooth ceiling, without rough edges and visible seams - the best option, this installation stretch ceiling. They have long proven the possibility of realization of design ideas, and fast installation. Installation is fairly simple and easy, It takes a little time.

It is necessary to consolidate the hard frame at the perimeter of balconies. Then this frame are mounted tension Membrane panel. After this film is heated and pulled up to a certain limit. Everything, while cooling the film is stretched. When choosing fixtures for this ceiling, should be considered, that they are not heated. This can lead to deterioration of the tension coating.

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  1. We have made a long-awaited autumn repair in the bedroom and at the same time have warmed and carried glazed loggias. Insulate as recommended in the article by means of polyurethane foam plates. Results even exceeded expectations. And the updated loggia can normally come out in the winter without fear of freezing in the room and in the bedroom slippers was much warmer. Before this winter balcony was almost always tightly closed. Only after we glazing loggia ceiling did not tension, and plastic. For warming and purchase for multi-glazing in total spent to 500 dollars. Really at the current rising prices of utility rates insulation and glazing balconies ceases binding activity especially in homes built decades ago.

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