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The ceiling in the children - a place for creativity and imagination

Gisokartona ceiling in the nursery can be a conventional smooth surface. Such a surface can be painted in white, It can be painted in a different color or pattern applied. Suitable for a ceiling and wallpapering. It is made in those areas, which does not exceed the height 2,6 m. But this, ordinary at first glance,, surface can be turned into something special. Suspension design gives this possibility.

What are plasterboard ceilings

Many more opportunities to do from the usual horizontal artwork provide options tiered ceiling. This wide range of activities, for your fantasies, and for notions designers. Great choice of lighting devices for the suspended structures to create a truly unique design of your apartment. The most popular is a two-tier suspended plasterboard for baby with light. With some skills in dealing with power tools, a ceiling really construct itself. The only condition - the old ceiling height should be from 2,8 m and above. Beauty is always better seen from a distance.

But first things first…

Sibling ceiling as a work of art

Turn your small apartment or an old house with low ceilings in modern home help sibling ceiling plasterboard with backlight. In broad access are now a lot of lighting equipment is for suspended ceilings. In addition to traditional chandeliers such a surface can be decorated with the point light sources.

Highlighting spotlights commonly used in large rooms, to focus on a certain interior. One-level ceilings with lighting, "steals" all 6-8 cm from the height of the room. But will make the room more comfortable and unusual.

Positioning spotlights on the ceiling desirably symmetrically! Randomly placed light sources may cause negative emotions.

Not so long ago we came into fashion with plasterboard ceilings diode illumination the perimeter. This type of additional lighting is good for bedrooms, children's rooms and hallways. Good lighting around the perimeter of the hall and looks, if you want to create a romantic atmosphere. For such backlight LED typically use tape or duralight.

Make a plasterboard to a children's possible with your hands. It should definitely make a sketch, dimensioning. On separate sheets raschertit skeleton diagram of the metal profile, as well as the location of the light sources. For detailed instructions on this easy to find on the Internet.

The ceiling in the children of gisokartona

Trey ceilings. Design features rooms for different purposes

A two-level ceiling of plasterboardand for the children with backlight does not require advertising. It can be inexpensive or cost a decent amount. But it is always very nice and unusual. Simple versions can consider and implement the most, more sublime and sophisticated best left to the professionals. the main thing, the result will bring joy and a sense of pride for decades. What would you design the ceiling did not apply, the main thing - to observe a sense of proportion and common attributes of the selected style.

Withstanding the total for the whole apartment concept design of the ceiling plasterboard in the nursery it is important to. Yet the design of each room is different - from the color and finishing Illuminated. Let's try to sort out the details.

  1. Hall, he is living. Space, which revolves around a small universe of your lifestyle. great space, not cluttered furniture, It provides ample opportunities for the realization of fantasy. Traditional chandelier may be present together with a LED between levels and spotlights, allocating a specific area in the room. Character level figure largely determines the overall style of the house.
  2. Bedroom. This is a place for rest and relaxation. White space ceiling, Dimmer on the perimeter of the room. simple, not eye-catching line of transition between the ceiling. Luxury in simplicity.
  3. kitchen. This room is characterized by high temperature and humidity. Because it is better to buy a water-resistant GFC. And finishing is also taken into account these factors. Trey ceilings plasterboard with diode illumination will be the best solution for the kitchen. The best allocation for this clearance becomes a dining area, and food preparation areas.
  4. hallway. Neon lights may well go for the ceiling in the hallway. Night lighting is particularly relevant, if a family has young children. Plasterboard ceilings with lighting on the perimeter - the right solution for a small space of the hall.
  5. nursery. Making the ceiling of this room will largely depend on the sex and age of children. Bright colors, unusual shapes or trim levels of the ceiling of plasterboard in the children's photo wallpapers - all of this is appropriate for the repair. Perhaps the selection spotlights activity zone. Diode ceiling lights may well be used for night lighting. Plasterboard for a child's room should be not only beautiful.

Children's room - a special world your home

The inner world of a child - it's a whole universe. These are the books page, which has yet to spell. And parents depends, What is this book. After all, the character of forms not only kindergarten, a school or a child's friends. The mite introduced and that the situation, that surrounds a child. We must find out, that he is interested in a particular age. And to make out the design of child in accordance with his views and preferences.

Bright and rich colors have always attracted the interest of children. Scientists have conducted various studies, showing, the child during adulthood often changes its interest in colors. The greatest traction kids up to ten years of experience to the red, pink or yellow. He became senior, children may love the color blue shades.

Link to your favorite color also depends on the, what sex the baby. As studies have shown, pink, lavender, purple colors like almost all girls. The boys also prefer the color blue. It turned, that the love of children to certain colors can also depend on the preferences acquired. And some of the scholars still believe, that love to the different colors of the children inherited.

The ceiling in the children plasterboard - it is a great space, a kind of window into another dimension. And if the kid, falling asleep, see it painted on the blue sky and white clouds, his dream is bright and happy.

Children's room of plasterboard

The ceiling in the children may be different

As I mentioned above, style room design for children must meet several criteria. This is especially true of the ceiling - more space, which is hard to miss. If the parents are seriously concerned about the future of their children, the need to take this problem very seriously.

Ceilings for the children of plasterboard can be issued, taking into account some basic factors:

  1. Age. Desires and interests kid kindergarten age can not be compared with the vision of the world 12-year-old.
  2. sex of the child. It is unlikely that the boy will like pink flowers and butterflies, painted on the walls and ceiling. The girls rarely interested in racing cars, even if it is cartoon characters.
  3. Color spectrum. It turns out, This factor is extremely strong influence on the formation of human character. We just need to take a closer look, some colored pencils, paints, colored paper uses baby during games, to have an idea about his character. But do not forget, that color preferences change with age.
  4. Amount of children, living room. Usually it is a different age, and different interests.
  5. Sometimes a child and a boy, and a girl. It's a different world, different toys, different preferences.

The height and area of ​​the room itself also affect the style and decoration of the ceiling.

All of these factors can be taken into account and implement, making in the nursery plasterboard ceilings in one or more levels. They are perfect, primarily because, that plaster does not cause allergies. Child health - above all, because plasterboard ceilings flatten as demand for finishing children's bedrooms. Another good feature of them - an opportunity in a short time to slightly change the design of the ceiling. On a smooth surface is where the show imagination. Paint color inks; apply wallpaper with flowers, pleasing the eyes of a child; apply wallpapers; decorate spotlights with light diffusers - this is not a complete list of features of the ceiling.

Plasterboard for the children's room

And if the kid likes to see on the ceiling of the heroes of their favorite cartoons, then in five or six years of his interest, eg, starry sky or a modern military aviation.

Plasterboard ceilings for baby to boy

And in the, In either case it is convenient to use wallpapers. A perfectly smooth surface of the ceiling plasterboard for boys add realistic images on it.

An important component of the ceiling of plasterboard for the children colors will be, prevailing in the room.

And here is good to know, what colors are popular with the children and bring them favor. And what would be superfluous if the design space, which will take a considerable part of the child's life. This is what is advised in this regard, psychologists.

Yellow - the most commonly used color for the design of the ceiling plasterboard in the nursery. This sunlight will not only improve mood, but also improve the baby's attention, and even develop his intuitive knowledge of the world. Interior Design with yellow color will help in study and cheerful perception of the. Rising sun with rays in the entire ceiling would encourage him to activity and observation.

Design children's Drywall

Especially will look good is the sun with rays diode illumination.

With a dark blue coloring ceiling the child is removed tension and improved sleep. However the beauty of this color is deceptive, and it should be applied in the nursery in a mixture with other colors. Rich dark blue color can push a child in sadness, and it will be uncomfortable.

Design ceiling plasterboard in the nursery

The best way out of this situation may be a combination of blue and other colors. for example, sky with clouds floating by.

Using green color in the interior evokes associations with nature, its peace and tranquility. This color is in the nursery and the truth will help your child to feel securely, which positively affects the well-being, improves health indicators. A further decoration - for example, Butterfly - will give the ceiling in the children's unique appeal.

Trey ceilings of plasterboard for the children

But when your child from birth has a calm nature, plasterboard ceilings in the children is not advisable to register with a predominance of green.

Use pink color in the interior of the ceiling it makes sense, if the room is going to live girl. It is the color of tranquility, lack of stress and improving your mood. Its calming effect it will bring success in studies, improve self-esteem and allow the girl to become a princess for a while.

Plasterboard ceilings in the nursery

Plasterboard in the nursery for girls are not hard to do in a few levels and diversify the spotlights. It is easy to understand, that boys pink contraindicated, because it is not conducive to the emergence of masculinity in them.

Whatever plasterboard to the nursery you do not have to create - single-level or multi-level, This will make your child's life more interesting and informative. After all, children - the flowers of life.



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