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How to choose the wall lights correctly

In addition to the main light in the room, often used additional, to provide better illumination of certain areas. To do this, use a bra. But the choice of such a lamp is an important issue, you can not just take any, there are a lot of nuances, which should take into account. After reviewing the pictures, you will learn, how to choose a wall sconce.

What is the bra

Considering the evolution of the wall light sconces, it is worth noting, that hundreds of years of its existence,, its purpose has not changed, but that's kind of changed significantly.

In ancient times, a lighting device was a Torch, visyashtiy stent, today, it is presented in thousands of varieties of wall lamps.the right choice of wall lights

types of lamps

To date, market is the thousandth range of these lighting devices, with different designs, color scheme. But all these types can be combined into a single classification, depending on the form and fabrication svetoraspredileniya.

The fashion now more and more are included LED bulbs forms which give flavor to the design.

Another option is to transform the room track lighting.

Size and shape

Total share of these three forms:

  1. closed.
  2. half.
  3. Decorative or open.

Grief of closed variations, here it is clear from the title, that the lamp is a lamp, fully enclosed canopy, which can be made in any shape or form and of different materials.

Half run on the same principle, as well as closed, Only they do not have half the ceiling, usually the upper part.

But quite a variety of decorative. They play a role in the main room decoration. They can be made in any form, in the form of lanterns, candles, colors, and more. For them, the variations are limited only by imagination of the designer. Such lamps are produced as a mass in the most popular variations, and to order.

Also, in another small appearance can distinguish directional lamps. These represent a unique structure, acting on the basis of a lantern. they are fixed on the wall, but they have a flexible basis, that allows you to direct light in the desired direction.types of lamps

By way of light distribution

Speaking of light distribution method, you can select 4 class:

  1. With direct light. This type directly directs light to a specific area (at one point).
  2. Partly direct light. It is a structure, directs the flow to one point, but along with it, allowing part of the light is scattered).
  3. uniform illumination. Such devices are fully illuminate the entire area, to which light gets (Zone size depends on the brightness, ie. power Lamps)
  4. diffused illumination. The last option becomes devices, which distribute the light throughout the room, rays fall on the walls and ceiling, bouncing off them.

types of lighting

Lighting is very important for the spiritual harmony of man. Soft light lamp and an interesting book in the hands of a much more pleasant, than relaxing under the "rays" ordinary chandelier.

To create the right lighting, the room must be several fixtures, covering the space from different angles. The lighting in the interior of each room must be selected from the three types of light: soft, operating and lighting specific elements.

  1. Soft light - the main room lighting. It is best suited for this purpose scattered light, which prevents blinding shine and visually enhances the space. With this role perfectly cope floor and table lamps.
  2. Work light must meet their purpose, must not "hit in the eye" and create shadow. Very easy to use fixtures, with construction, which allows you to regulate their height - choose the best such.
  3. The third type - it's coverage of certain interior parts (aquariums, paintings), aimed at their isolation. Such lighting can not be used in rooms with walls painted or polished. All light sources must emit different brightness of the light and are at different levels.

As can be understood, lamps can be used for all types of lighting. And in order, to better understand the full range of possibilities of the instruments, it is worth considering all the features, they can perform.

Functional wall sconce

Directly from, why there is a lamp, It will depend on his choice. In total, wall lighting devices can perform five functions, namely:

  1. local lightning. This is directly the direct appointment of such lamps. ie. lighting small areas, small spaces, or decorative elements (mirrors, paintings). Longitudinally extended the application of the local lighting near the bed in the bedroom.local lighting wall sconces
  2. atmospheric lighting. Here refers to the beautiful lights, imparting certain atmosphere room, for example, solemn or romantic setting. Necessarily combined with chandeliers.
  3. The main lighting. In some situations it may be lamps use as the main lighting unit. This can be found in the corridors, small spaces, where it makes no sense to equip chandelier.
  4. zoning. lamps are also used for zoning room. Thus it is possible to arrange a number of zones with different lighting.
  5. Decoration. And the last option becomes the room decoration. In this case, the lamp is almost never used for its intended purpose, and it serves only decoration element.

And now it is worth considering, How to choose a lamp, for each of the lighting options.

Choice of lamps depending on the destination

The right choice of lighting - quite an important task, which does not tolerate mistakes and has its own tricks. And let us consider the peculiarities of choice:

  1. When you purchase a bra to cover the individual elements of the decor, you must choose bright lights on both sides. At the same time to adapt to the style of the object itself.
  2. For the lighting patterns required elements with opaque shades, thus eliminating the possibility of creating light reflections.
  3. If the lamp is used for reading or working, also recommended lamps with frosted bubble. Besides, desirable to have the possibility of dimming, because the light needs to be done as close as possible to the natural, and besides comfortable.
  4. In combination chandeliers and lamps, you need to select devices of the same style. It is recommended to immediately buy a set of several to choose the wall light

Selection of a wall lamp style room

Also important, to light in harmony with the design of the room, because you must take into account the peculiarities of the interior. Let's look at what devices are suitable for different design options:

  • for striped interior or in the classic-style design, suitable chandeliers and lamps made of bronze, onyx, crystal, marble, wood or gilded metal. Accordingly, the lamps must be made in a classic style, with imitation products from noble materials.
  • Art Nouveau style will blend well with clear geometric lamps unusual shape, color or volume. Here the choice of the lamp rests on a fantasy, a good option would be dark instruments with matte shades in the form of droplets.
  • To create an interior in the folk style, You can find wicker lampshades and colorful ceiling, fixtures, decorated with national ornaments, wooden and wrought-iron details.
  • for a room in a country style is characterized by simple materials: ceramics, tree, vine, a rock. This style should not be present bright colors and an ornament.
  • Minimalism - is the lack of decor, natural colors, simple geometric shapes, purity, rigor and accuracy of lines.
  • for roomin techno style is best to choose raster fixtures and modular lighting systems. This style is created by underlining the structural elements and the use of chromium-plated metal.

If the room is large and spacious, you can buy a chandelier made of crystal, which will make the situation more "rich". But in this case you need to make sure, to the rest of the contents of the room is also consistent with the impression of luxury and wealth. Otherwise elegant chandelier just overshadow all the other details of the interior and make the situation miserable and ridiculous. To avoid this, you can pick up showy bras, and to focus on some areas compotes.wall sconce in the interior

A few tips

Consider some of the features, before buying, and before installation, namely:

  1. If you have a low ceiling in the room, well fit bra with half shades upward, they will make it visually above.
  2. In the case of a high ceiling, Devices sent down, making it less.
  3. At arrangement of the lamp by the bed, mounting height should be no more 160 centimeters, make it convenient to switch on and off the lamp.
  4. And most importantly, lighting arrangement, It requires additional wiring arrangement, respectively, plan her device before the start of repair.

We recommend to get acquainted with the novelties of this year, this LED Downlight.


Now, thanks to our tips and tricks you know, how to choose the right wall sconce, what to consider when choosing a. Finally for you, View offer design options for space with the arrangement of lighting wall lights and learn about interior design LED Strip.




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