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What tile to choose: matt or glossy

One of the most popular flooring has long been a ceramic material. But at the same time it should be noted, that there are many varieties of ceramic materials, and before the purchase is necessary to clearly define, What kind of right for you. To this end, our experts have conducted studies, We learned, which uses different kinds of pottery, and are now ready to answer the question what is best tile, matte or glossy.

Next, we consider the use of types of tiles in different conditions, and why in each case it is necessary to use this material.

glossy tiles

The first, in considering, What tile is best matte or glossy, ceramics becomes analysis with a glossy finish. note, it's bright and shiny material, which is able to give the room extravagance and become the most efficient decoration.

glossy tiles

The choice of this kind is most common among fans of all elegant and easy, and with the back side of the glamor adherents. Let's look at where, and when used this kind of.

Using glossy tiles

As mentioned, ceramics with high gloss can become a good decoration for nearly any room. Often the place the material is in the bathtub, kitchen and hallway, where it is very well complements the interior.

It should be noted, however, that perfectly suits such a lining for low-light rooms, as a unique coating helps to create an original play of light, which in turn significantly improves the illumination and the attractiveness of the room.

Today, such a material can be used for cladding any surface. But with him, you must be extremely careful. In the case of walls, no complaints can not be, and restrictions, respectively, also no. But here's the finish floor so views ceramics should be done carefully, since the gloss is quite slippery, which may cause falls and injuries.

Glossy tiles in the bathroom

The choice of glossy tiles lining the bathroom is usually inherent in the, who pays more attention to it is the appearance of the premises. Because of its technical and operational characteristics of such coverage is inferior matte.

It should be noted, that the glossy coating will significantly improve the interior, It will make it more spectacular, and at the same time visually expand the room number. Considering, the room itself is poorly lit., such variant the most optimal.

glazed tiles in the bathroom

Also in this case it is important to, what size tile for bathroom selected. It is they who will determine the appearance of the, and in addition, and the total cost of coverage, consumption of materials and other nuances.

That is why, before, how to solve, choose what size tile, Think over the design, make a sketch drawings, calculate material consumption, and only then go shopping.

Gloss in the kitchen

Quite often this embodiment the coating occurs in the kitchen, especially in the finishing apron. Such popularity is due not only aesthetic qualities, but also performance, among which, main becomes easy care.

glazed tiles in the kitchen

From the glossy tile can be removed without great difficulty almost any contamination, can not be said about other types of. Since the kitchen is the place of the high risk of pollution, at the same time quite often, the choice of this type of tile is practically the best option.

Floor tiles

Considering this type of material, when it comes to choosing a, some tiles lay on the bathroom floor, the use of gloss is practically unacceptable. At least this is due to safety reasons. Even after minimally wet cleaning such a surface becomes incredibly slippery, which can lead to falls and injuries.

glazed tiles on the floor

Also note the fact, the coating is too bright. Of course, it will help create a spectacular texture and appearance. But at the same time, due to a strong light and light reflection surface promotes rapid eye fatigue, which has a detrimental effect on their health.

But if and talk about its use, it is only in dry areas. Additionally, you must correctly select the tone coat. In particular, to know some nuances, among which, for example:

  1. The use of light tiles can expand the space, but on the contrary dark visually reduce its.
  2. Using a combination of several colors or patterns you can focus on the specific details of the interior.
  3. Also important is the correct choice of size. considering, What tile is best big or small, should take into account the size of the premises, because of them, and the choice depends.

matt tiles

And the second type, which we will pay attention to, becomes matte tile. note, answer the question what kind of tile to choose matte or glossy quite confusing. Matt tiles is quite light and elegant, that helps to create a comfortable interior. In this case, even the most simple solution would look quite solid.matt tiles

Wherein, fully respecting the laying technology can achieve almost ideal finishing layer.

Matt tiles in the bathroom

choosing, put some tiles in the bathroom, especially, when it comes to laying on the floor, mostly used is matte surface. This is due to the following benefits coverage:

  1. First of all it is noted, that the tile surface is not slippery. This factor is especially important in areas, where there is an increased level of humidity.
  2. Besides, is noted and chemical resistance, which allows for decontamination using any household chemicals.
  3. And also deserve special attention strength characteristics, that allow the tiles withstand a mechanical impact on it, which significantly increases the operational period.

matt tiles for the bathroom

There is also an important factor in getting the, what size of tile to choose for a bath. This choice depends on the area of ​​premises.

Large tile will visually reduce the size of the room, while a small increase on the contrary.

However, when the tile is selected for the bathroom, what size, only an expert can tell more, but also to pick it up, you can follow the tips on our website.

And it also becomes important, what color to put the tiles in the bathroom, as the shade of the floor and walls also greatly affects the overall look of the room. This little mentioned earlier.

Matt tiles in the kitchen

Besides, put some tiles in the bathroom, It should solve the issue choice of material for the kitchen. here, Use of matte coating is more popular, Unlike analog glossy.

At the same time, we note, that the material itself allows you to perform a unique coating, which will look as elegant and noble, that will help to emphasize the excellent palatability host. Besides, this decision will help distribute the lighting right, in cases, when it is quite rich.

matt tiles in the kitchen

For the most part refuse such an option makes the view, glossy coating that is more difficult to care. But actually it is not. First of all, on such surface less visible contamination, Secondly, under certain conditions, and the use of household chemicals it is perfectly cleaned.

Matte Coating for floors and walls

It should be noted, that among the large variety of finishing materials is matt tiles is optimal for flooring. because, mention, what better to put the tiles in the bathroom should be given to just such a variety.

Floor tile matt

Its popularity is due to the following factors:

  1. Tile is easy to maintain and operate.
  2. When using detergent after drying it does not remain divorces.
  3. The material itself allows you to create extremely beautiful interior.
  4. If water does not slide surface.

Besides, this solution is applicable not only to the floor, but also for walls, which will become much more attractive and will gain a new look. Against the background of such a lining room become warm and cozy.

What better: matte or glossy finish tiles

It is time to evaluate all the pros and cons, and yet determined, some tiles in the bathroom, glossy or matte, and it depends on various factors. In total, we provide you with a number of recommendations, and that will help make the right choice:

  1. When finishing flooring desirable to use matte tile, especially at high humidity.
  2. In the case of finishing the apron or other areas and rooms with a high level of pollution is better suited glossy tiles, because it is easier to clean.
  3. Directly to the bathroom is better to stay on the matte tile, because that it will help create a comfortable interior. But the glossy tile in the bathroom, of course, create a feeling of brightness and beauty.
  4. In low light, the room will suit a glossy material.

One last tip, which applies to all types of material - important to choose quality, and only finish results will please you for a long time.

And finally offer you a few videos, who will talk about the characteristics of the materials.

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