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After some time, you can walk on the tiles after laying on the floor

When carrying out repairs to complete all the work would be desirable as soon as possible. But in some cases, this possibility is completely absent, because time is getting on the quality side, and a determining. In particular, this happens and veneering. And in this case it is important to know, as drying tiles after installation and when it is possible to walk.

Key factors, that affect the rate of drying

To begin to explore all the factors, which may influence the drying rate of the coating. The first of these is used the adhesive composition becomes.

The next important factor is tile adhesive thickness. Decrease it can apply a smaller tooth spatula and pre aligning the surface of the floor screed.

how many you can walk on the tile after laying

Most manufacturers of tile adhesive on the packaging indicate the rate of drying. but note, that this indicator is very conditional, and therefore a clear answer to the question, after some time, you can walk on the tiles, It will depend not only on the adhesive, but also by environmental factors.

Once on the package indicated drying time in ideal conditions, then it can hardly ignore, such as to achieve in life is practically impossible or, least, extremely difficult. For the most part understood by them:

  • stable temperature 20-24 degrees without any differences;
  • air humidity 40%.

In such circumstances, to walk on the tile after laying can be had in a day, but this is only in theory, in practice a few more dramatic.

note, that the wait for the complete drying of the tile just need, because at high loads until solidification of the adhesive, it can be deformed, you can also do damage coverage.

But let's analyze in detail the factors, which most affect the, as drying tiles on the floor after laying, such as can be noted in all three.

temperature conditions

The main factor is that, the temperature at which the tile is laid, as well as the maintenance of the regime in the future. Respectively, the higher the temperature, the faster will be the drying process.

But despite this, It is highly undesirable to carry out artificial heating premises, because it could badly affect the quality of coatings. conditions, in which the tiles to dry must be natural, otherwise, the coating may occur deformation or cracking even tiles.

You can note, that the dry summer will pass quickly, than in the winter. Besides, if we consider the winter season, we must not forget, the glue can dry, but simply freeze. Because it is important to know the temperature at which you can lay tile, and what conditions support after installation.

In particular, laying is carried out at a temperature in the 20-25 degrees, and this should be when dry, with small deviations. In warm seasons tiles to dry for 24-36 hours, during the cold season, this period is extended for another 12-16 hours.

Substrate temperature

The second factor, It is also related to the temperature, It is the condition of the substrate. As can be seen, in the summer room can be heated by the sun, with the floors still remain cold. Because they should also pay attention.

as drying tiles after laying

In this way, placing the minimum temperature is 5 degrees, but can also be incorporated after floor tile, to this figure reached 20 degrees, which is considered the best. Also important, to room temperature difference and the base it was not too great.

Because it may be noted, that the cold floor, the longer the dry coating.


And the last factor is the humidity of the room. Here, unlike the question, the temperature at which the tile is laid, It works Feedback. That is, in this case,, the higher the humidity, the slower will be the glue to dry.

That is why you will notice, in the kitchen or hallway installation will take less time, in this case the difference can reach 20-30 hours. It is worth noting, that at high humidity, complete drying of the floor can occur within a week.

Determination of drying glue

Once we are waiting, until the coating is dry and it will be possible to walk, as well as to fully exploit the room, then you need to know, how to check this factor. A drying check can be carried out in two ways. Thus both methods are simple and do not require additional devices.

  1. It becomes the first tapping. I.e, can be tapped at the corners of the tiles with a rubber mallet, and if it is completely immobile, It means the adhesive has dried.
  2. To become the second attempt to tear the tiles from the base. it is desirable to carry out such a procedure in the corner, insofar as, if you can tear off the floor tile, then put it in place and remove the roughness will be much easier, than in the case of the procedure in the middle of the room.

drying tiles after laying

As you can see, ways are quite simple and primitive.

If you still need to go through the tile, but you are not sure, then route the bridge of lay boards or plywood sheet, to reduce the load area.

What you need to wait for the glue dries

Bыtuyut posts, that the premises can be operated, or, least, just walk across the tile has to dry completely, in this case you can even spend Groutin. note, that so many people do even "experts".

But open the truth, to do this, you should not, and then there are at least two good reasons:

  1. In the first place there is a big risk move the tiles. note, that even, when the solution had a tightly grab, it does not dry, and therefore did not get strength. Respectively, under the pressure of human weight, it may move.
  2. And the second factor is the risk of damaging the tiles. Especially, if the work is carried out not by a professional, and somewhere formed small voids due to lack of adhesive mixture.

the temperature at which lay down the tiles

In this way, even for grouting has to wait for the complete drying of the adhesive mixture.

Drying depending on the type of glue

We dare a little again, and note, that the most common glue drying time is 24 o'clock (in ideal conditions). But nonetheless, whichever, a glue is used, this period may vary higher or lower.The drying time of the tiles on the floor

Consider the drying time of each type of adhesive for tiles:

  1. The first option - Universal. Adhesive mixture for light tiles of the universal category in the dry period 7-8 hours, though complete drying may take 12-14.
  2. Considering the heavy mixture for laying tiles (granite, for example), their period can be from 12 to 24 hours, at elevated humidity life will be a little longer.

Speaking of cold-resistant formulations, which are used for laying tiles on the street, their drying takes place in the period up to 36 hours.

moisture-resistant glue, which often finds its application in the baths and pools, dries at least 24 o'clock, and it is better to wait two or three days.

Formulations for Glass Tile (white glue) located on the time interval from 24 to 36 hours.

When there is no time to wait, when dry solution

There are variations of the mixture, which quickly stiffen and allow you to walk on the tile - it's fast drying tile adhesive. Due to its unique composition, it is able to completely harden for three hours, then you can immediately begin to grout.

fast glue
Quick-drying adhesive tile adhesive

Often used in combination with a proprietary self-leveling floor, allowing fast curing adhesive for tiles IVSIL EXPRESS + allows for a full packing, including all work on the floor leveling just one day.

Also Recommended Reading: how to choose the right adhesive for tiles.

Roughly the minimum time necessary to comply with. but again, it only indexes manufacturers, ie the time for comfort, the average temperature and humidity. Respectively, In the event of drying can be increased.

A bit about the stages of drying glue

And finally, it should be noted stages of hardening of the solution, and the nature of these periods:

  1. The first time period is ended. In this segment include the process of laying and adjustments. For different types of adhesive phase may last from 30 to 60 minutes. Depending on the personal conditions of laying, time periods may be increased to 2 hours.
  2. The second step is the primary solidification. Considering this period, you can note, that the adhesive mixture has an active phase at the solidification, tile practically does not move and theoretically, it is already possible to carry out grouting. But in no case can not be loaded surface, put furniture and other. comes later 1-2 day.
  3. And the last stage is the complete solidification of the solution. Now we can fully exploit the room, fully load it and so on. An indicator of this period is considered to be a period of 5-7 days.

Now you know, the temperature at which the tiles can be laid and how much it will dry depending on a number of external factors. And finally we propose to consolidate the material to view a few videos on the topic.

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