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How to choose a tile adhesive to lay the tiles in the bathroom

The first question for finishing premises become ceramics, a glue for tiles in the bathroom to choose. Knowing the characteristics of the different adhesive mixtures to make a choice is not difficult. And given the fact, that these species are not so much, and does the question of acquisition becomes quite simple. Further, we suggest that you find out along with the existing varieties of mixtures, and decide, a tile adhesive better in the bathroom.

adhesive for tiles in the bathroom

What to look for before selecting?

There is a certain number of factors, which directly influence the choice of mixture. Accordingly, the question of how to choose the glue for tiles in the bathroom to get a response only on the basis of these nuances.

  1. The first factor is directly tile size. Here you have to pay attention to the level of adhesion of the glue mixture. In particular, for a more oversized and heavy tiles need glue with high adhesion level. While for small tiles can take the mixture with a lower level.
  2. The following are the operating conditions. In the case of the bathroom, you must consider the possible stipulation floor heating system, wherein the mixture required higher heat resistance characteristics. When laying on plasterboard, additionally need to pay attention to the quality of waterproofing.
  3. And another will immediately base, which conducted the laying. In this case, the important factor is the level of moisture absorption surface. It may therefore be necessary to purchase a flexible mix, that may cost a bit more expensive standard options.

Also, considering the question of whether, a tile adhesive to the bathroom is better not to forget about the difference mixtures for walls and floors, this is due to a different composition of the turnover. Where you need or choose different types of glue, or use a universal mixture, about which we will talk later.

Please note, that each manufacturer of a wide range of products and a tile adhesive is suitable for the tasks required to solve not worth a common approach. This is due to various additives which are incorporated in and gives the material an extra viscosity and fluidity.

adhesives, features and assigning

It should be noted, that there are several types of compositions, which are used for laying tiles. because, to select, you need to know each of them individually, have an understanding of their properties, and in addition to understand the appointment.

adhesives for tiles in the bathroom

Total share five types:

  1. thin-layer.
  2. high build.
  3. Elastic.
  4. epoxy.
  5. Fungitsidnыy.

And let's look at each of the species separately in more detail.

Thin-layer adhesive for tiles

This is the first, and most popular type of adhesive mixture. Its main feature, which becomes a distinctive characteristic - Permissible layer thickness. it is for this adhesive is not more 1 cm.

Considering the purpose of this composition, it may be noted in the application with smooth surfaces, defects, bumps and drops that do not exceed, respectively, 1 centimeter. Composition upon setting itself forms fairly strong adhesion to the surface, moreover finds a high level of hardiness.

Among representatives of this type of adhesive mixture, can be distinguished producer Mira, in particular the brand «Mira 3100 unifix».

adhesive for tiles in the bathroom
Look 3100 unifix


If the walls or floor irregularities seen strong, the answer to the question, on which the adhesive lay tile, it becomes thick bed. The thickness of the tile, when in use may exceed 10 millimeters.

As it has become clear, such a mixture is used when working with uneven surfaces with a deviation of up to 2 centimeters.

The most popular brand of glue of this type is Kreisel maxi-multi 107.

some adhesive to glue the tiles in the bathroom

elastic adhesive

As I mentioned earlier, low moisture absorption capabilities tiles and a base applied elastic adhesive. A distinguishing feature of such material becomes small mobility, and high stability when grasping. Such properties cause the material application when laying tiles on a floor heating, as well as in the regeneration of the movable base.

Among the brightest representatives of the species observed Moment "Elast", Knauf Flexkleber and other mixtures of this type.

Clay tile thick bed
We recommend this type of tile adhesive. He did not flowing non-shrinking and allows to fix the tile.


Another type are epoxy mixture. This type of structure is most often used when laying tiles in swimming pools, bathrooms and other areas with high requirements for waterproofing. Such use of a greater portion of it was due to waterproof adhesive.

Besides, It may be mentioned as chemical resistance. In some cases, this type of adhesive is used as grouts, which ensures their complete tightness.

The highest quality according to experts compositions - it Ceresit CU 22 и ARDEX WA.

Adhesive for tiles in the bathroom which is betterElastic adhesive for tiles

fungicidal glue

And last on our list becomes fungicidal composition. This type is also a good option for laying tiles in the bathroom, and all thanks to its characteristic features.

In particular, we are talking about additional additives in the mixture, that prevent the formation of fungus and any corrosion processes. This ability for the bathroom is one of the most important, and even essential.

Also, of course, there are also other classifications of the glue mixture, for example, color, because it is also important. Especially, when it comes to laying tile transparent, when the standard yellow glue can ruin the whole look.

tile adhesive in the bath

universal adhesive: features, Advantages and disadvantages.

Besides, There are also classification by purpose. It is worth mentioning another part, in particular it about the universal adhesive mixture, this is Ceresit CM11.

Universal adhesive for tiles
This tile adhesive fine-proven and is a very popular, https site:// recommends

must be, of course, mention the unique adhesive mixture, because often wondering about, on what glue to glue the tiles in the bathroom, response finds itself precisely in its use.

But let's see what it is. By itself, this adhesive is a kind of golden mean, between all the specialized types of mixtures. While, it is not necessary to mistake it for something very good, since mid-he takes no costly adhesives, and it becomes something between a cheap and expensive.

Whatever it was not good and expensive tile adhesive, important to keep the instructions for use of the time wherein said mixing and viability solution.

Thus, its use is not always appropriate, and in particular, in the bathroom it is better not to use, due to the following factors:

  1. Considering that, that the room is one of the most aggressive Load on coating, the question, some adhesive to glue the tiles in the bathroom need to be considered more carefully. Universal mixture of such loads can not withstand.
  2. This mixture was poorly resists moisture, and even with the sealing joints, moisture penetrates the tiles from the ceiling, where they are poorly protected.
  3. It is because, when deciding, which adhesive used for the tiles in the bathroom, your choice is to stop moisture resistant formulation. The only alternative would be using a standard mixture of additives and special vlagoottalkivayuschey grouting.

That is why, If you are considering tile adhesive and which is better presented, it is necessary to stop the look on special mixtures, and this kind of leave for the corridor, for example.

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Of course, the choice will also depend on, how to glue the tiles in the bathroom. But nonetheless, factors such as moisture present in a number of characteristics are obliged to. In conclusion, we offer watch a few videos, so that you can visually understand the types of glue, properties and permissible operating conditions of each. Find out details of what constitutes a tiling costs.



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