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What tile to choose for the kitchen?

A very important issue is becoming the choice of tiles. In particular, there are difficulties in the matter which tiles on the floor in the kitchen is best suited, to be here to consider a large number of factors. Become an important, from size and finishing color, as well as marking the tiles.

tiles on the floor in the kitchen

This material is the most popular, due to its durability and good performance. But the advantages and disadvantages in the individual tiles can be found in the article "What is the tile on the floor better?». And now need to find out directly with the question of how to choose the tiles on the floor.

Main factors of choice

The first step is to consider the main factors, which should be considered when choosing the material. Among them are the following notice:

  1. First of all, we note, what on the floor in no case can not lay down wall tiles, because it has less strength and durability. Accordingly, a much faster and lose aesthetic qualities, and operational characteristics.
  2. It is also important to choose a tile with a matte or rough surface, as slippery material lozhit strongly undesirable. Laying glazed tiles, for example, may result in injuries and bruises, due to the high risk of falling.
  3. Another factor, you should pay attention to, become a strength. As we know each tile has its own level of strength, as evidenced by the marking on the material and packaging. Thus the use of floor tiles to be 4 or 5th grade according to GOST classification.
  4. Do not forget about, that the kitchen - a room with high levels of pollution, and humidity. Accordingly household chemicals to be used for cleaning the floor. Therefore, you must make sure that, to the tile surface is impervious to chemical attack, and was the most water-resistant.

some tiles on the floor to select

Council! For the arrangement of the kitchen floor good option would be the matte or semi-matte surface. Thanks to its special structure, it is not only slippery, but also there was low visibility of scratches and other damages on its surface.

The shape and size of the tiles

When considering, What better tile floor, should pay attention to the choice of the shape and size of the tile, that actually depends on the type of presentation.

The most popular forms may be noted the standard square and rectangular tiles. Much less likely to be found six or octagonal products.

Speaking of size, Here, the most popular are three types: 20*20, 30*30, 40*40, In addition you can often find variations in data size, for example 20,6*20,6 or 31,4*31,4.

Of course this is not all kinds of sizes, in some cases, are used more or less overall, but rarely. More detail about What are the dimensions of the tiles and how to choose in a separate article.

what size tiles for kitchen

It is also an important factor when choosing the caliber to become. Features pottery production cause some differences in the amount of up to tile 5-7 millimeters. Because sorting carried out not by size, and Calibration. So, even buying a tile size 30*30 you must pay attention to the manufacturer and caliber.

In some cases, the size of the tiles with the declared size 30*30 can vary from 29,5*29,5 to 30,5*30,5. It takes into account the size and the discrepancy.

Color and tone tiles

Talking about, What tile is best for kitchens, It should also take into account the selection of colors. often marked, Tiles that even one marking from different parties different shade. In this way, color tiles may be somewhat darker or lighter. Therefore, when choosing and buying the tiles should be checked tiles on the tonality.

But let us dwell longer directly on the choice of tiles, what kind of design to choose. Here much depends not only on the preferences of the owner, but also on the characteristics of the premises:

  1. If the kitchen is small in size, is well suited light colors, that will help to visually enlarge the space. In the same time, dark tiles will help to emphasize the small size of the kitchen and its minimalism. But in this case it is necessary to compensate for dark floors bright interior items.
  2. It is also important, which side out the kitchen window. When, when they look to the north or west, then the best option will be the floors are solid light tone. Considering the direction of the east or the south, here is well suited and bright colors, or cold saturated shades.
  3. Another variant of the answer to the question, how to choose tiles for the kitchen to get the selection of tiles with a neutral pattern or monochromatic coating. by the way, this option is a good choice for the design of floors with the overall style of the room minimalism or hi-tech.

some tiles for the kitchen on the floor

But also do not forget about the natural textures. Very popular are covering in natural colors, as well as textured tiles in the form of wood or stone.

Tips, recommendations and major mistakes

And the most important issue in the analysis of, how to choose a tile in the kitchen on the floor, consider becoming major mistakes most, to avoid their very.

But let's start with a few tips, after which already consider the basic share of mistakes, are most often made by people with no experience of tile work.

  1. Firstly, important factor is compliance with stacking technology, and whatever tiles you choose, misfolded, and even the slightest error can completely ruin the whole look of the room.
  2. It is also recommended that before laying completely dismantle the old flooring up to the base. This is because, the coating durability can be guaranteed only when laying tiles on perfectly flat and solid floor screed. In some cases, the flowability of the base does need to be replaced.
  3. And of course a thorough cleaning and primer to tiling a must.

but with stacking technology and surface preparation you can find in our other articles.

You can also note, which is very good help and attachments. Thus, experts recommend the use of additional:

  1. Decorative ceramic plinth. This arrangement will not only complement the coverage, but also to focus on the interior style.
  2. In some cases, this type of baseboard can be made most, which is enough to cut the tiles into small strips. But in this case it would have to be further processed and polished edges.

ceramic moldings

Another issue, which is greater will be paired with a solution of problem what color the tiles on the kitchen floor a better choice - a selection of grouting. There can also give some recommendations:

  1. When choosing a self-colored tiles can be used in grout color coated tone, but experts recommend to emphasize the geometry of the floor, Why choose a contrasting grout.
  2. When the floor tiles made using multiple colors, you can pick up the grout to match the base color, or take a transparent grout, which will help to fulfill some transfusion of colors between the tiles.
  3. It is also a good helper can be epoxy grout, of course, it is more expensive, but with the very high quality. First of all do not be afraid of water, immune to defeat by a fungus or dirt.

grouting in the bathroom

For more information about choosing a grout can be found in a separate article, how to choose a grout.

And now it's time to start parsing errors, are most often made in the selection and purchase of the tiles.

Tile does not fit into the interior

the most basic, what is necessary to pay attention to considering the question, What tile is best for the kitchen on the floor, is its design. Many people buy a tile even before fully decided on other elements, and ultimately the tiles on the floor just spoils the interior.

In this way, experts recommend to fully develop the design of the kitchen, and then have him pick up a tile, its color and pattern. It is best to compare all elements of the kitchen with tile, mainly pay attention to the table top. It should clearly be in harmony with the floor covering.

Also important is the combination of wallpaper and floor with an apron. So keep in mind, without a detailed study of the choice of you make the same common mistake, that many other. but think, remake because the coating will not cost very cheap.

Also we recommend that you read the information about how to tile laying of granite on floor heating.

Buying material is strictly according to calculations

The next most common mistake, despite, that we are in each of your material tiling repeat the same advice, "buy the tile with a stock", many do not follow him.

Thus, for most people ignore this advice, and as a result fall into awkward situations. We do not knowingly recommend doing a small margin, at least 5-10% of the total number.

For example, you purchased the tiles exactly as, how much you have got in the calculations. But many things can go according to plan, and cases of mass:

  1. Dropped and broken tiles.
  2. A mistake in the calculations, even a few centimeters and has a lack of material.
  3. maybe, not cut tile, and now it needs to be replaced.

And this is not all the reasons, which can occur tiles shortage. It may also be necessary and floor repairs, and buying a few extra tiles, it is a bad option, Since the exact matching of shade, you can no longer find.

It is therefore necessary to acquire the material with a margin, no matter how strong was the desire to save, and help in this online tile adhesive calculation calculator.

Credibility is our enemy

Another defect, because of which happen to get trouble trust. And in buying tiles it also uchuvstvuet. Let's say you have decided on what floor Tile is best for kitchens. We decided to buy it, but completely entrusted calculation of the number the store specialists.

How many can guess what question, not all experts as honest with customers. Some simply try to sell as much as possible. Accordingly calculations performed improperly, and on completion of the work you can stay a few extra cartons of tiles, and the chance to return it to the store is close to zero.

Do not count on the possibility of a return

Another tricky issue, as well as the popular mistake, which allow, It becomes return excess material. Looking at this issue in more detail, you can note, mortar stores that are not obliged to take back the goods, even if its full integrity.

purchase of the tiles on the kitchen floor

By law, many states tiles sold by the meter, respectively, exchange and non-refundable. At the same time, many believe, it is possible to take a material with a large margin, almost in 1,5-2 times more, than necessary, and then return the excess back to the store.

In this way, even determine the order, What better floor tiles for the kitchen, buy it is necessary to accurately calculate the amount of material. Return the excess will not always, since only some stores can go on concessions.

Be sure to inspect all of the tiles when buying

there are cases, when you buy the tile, and a month later, when it comes to laying found, that have chipped material, cracks, or simply come across broken tiles.

Mistakes in Choosing tiles

And those unpleasant moments only the result of the negligence of the buyer. Replace it accordingly does not happen, and claims to the store to push and you have no right.

because, so as not to fall into such a situation is not clever, should be checked when buying all the material on their own. If you plan to buy a large number of tiles, is good enough to find a mate in this matter. Otherwise, just run the risk of your finances, because the need to buy a new tile.

Pick up at your room size

Another popular mistake to get the wrong choice of size. That is why, the question of, what size tile is particularly relevant to choose for the kitchen.

Just a little mistake and choose the wrong tile, you can not only spoil the appearance of the premises, but also to spend the extra finance. That's because before buying tiles you need and pick up all vymeryat right size.

You can not take into account only the appearance

And the last common mistake, when considering, what better to choose tile in the kitchen floor, to become the choice of appearance. Of course, the aesthetic quality of the tiles is important, but they should not stand in the first place.

beautiful tiles are not important

Even if you have already decided on the, what colour, design and texture tiles should be, pick it still necessary for the performance characteristics.

Here, attention should be paid to the surface strength, friction coefficient, resistance to abrasion, etc..


In this way, read our tips and tricks, You can decide for yourself, how to choose ceramic tiles for kitchen. But nonetheless, Another bit of advice, never hesitate to ask questions to the seller, consult on every little thing, and only then will you be able to pick up the tiles, which will last for many years.

And finally, we offer watch a few videos, where experts will give some recommendations on choosing tile.



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