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Mosquito nets to the door - design variety and proper installation

Everyone wants to feel comfortable and comfortable in their home. One of the components of a good time, undoubtedly, is the lack of intrusive and annoying insects. Protect against this scourge will help a mosquito net on the door. Such designs are now installed not only on the window, but also in doorframes, that provides complete protection against the invasion of mosquitoes and flies. Besides, Grid will help to protect the house from the invasion of dirt, dust and poplar fluff.

Advantages of mosquito nets

Of course, most obviously advantages of grids appear in the summer, when the outside invades the mass of stimuli. What exactly has the advantages installation mosquito net on the balcony door?

  • The main advantage - absolute protection against external irritants. Mosquito Net reliably protect you not only against insects, but also from dirt and even the rain drops.
  • Easy to operate. Moskitku easy to install and very easy to take care of it. Construction is enough to wipe with a damp cloth, dipped in a soap solution.
  • Flexible - easily design will fit into any decor, because it is very thin and will not actually be visible on the screen. In addition, due to its small thickness, grid easy to find storage space for winter.
  • Strength. Mosquito net on the balcony door is able to withstand heavy loads, It is not subjected to stretching and deformation.

How view, design has many advantages and it is worth considering that, to install it on the balcony door or at the front door, if you live in a private home.

Mosquito net on the door

types of structures

When choosing a mosquito net on the balcony or front door, should define the structure opening mechanism. they are divided into several types.

  1. swing mechanism. The most common configuration, which is installed in the homes of most of. Mechanism works the same way, as well as usual door. It consists of a grid, stretched over the frame impostnuyu. The main advantages of such a mechanism are considered easy assembly and ergonomics, the opportunity to choose any shape and size. Sometimes a single and a double swing door mosquito.
  2. Grid magnets. This design is equipped with the adhesive strip around the perimeter of the grid and cut in the middle, The fastening magnet. Moskitka attached to the door trim and closes automatically after passing through an opening.
  3. Plisse, but it is also the accordion - this design, consisting of a frame and a strong grid, which is formed just on the principle of an accordion and moves aside as useless. This grid takes up very little space, while performing their duties very effectively, because it is made of strong plastic web.
  4. roll mechanism. With this type of structure, grid, a control mechanism, going inside the box and extends from there if necessary.
  5. Sliding door. Also enjoys fairly high popularity among consumers. The door to the roller guides move in the right direction and is opened / closed in the required direction.

Mosquito net on the balcony

We should also focus on these types of mosquito nets, as the Anti-dust and antikoshka. Door mosquito net "antikoshka" model is designed for the construction of additional protection from your pets, which can damage the. "Anti-dust" model is best installed in the houses, where there are people with strong allergies. Both of these are highly durable mesh, applying an additional protective coating, which allows to minimize the intrusion of external stimuli and to increase the stability of the construction. The downside of these two models can be called a low level of ventilation space.

Door mosquito net "antikoshka" model

Moskitka own hands

If for any reason you can not install the above-described construction, or simply want to save, and insect protection you obviously need, then you can try to make yourself a grid. so, how to make a mosquito net on the balcony door with his own hands?

  1. The first step, thoroughly clean from dirt profile. Wash and dry the frame, degrease, otherwise all the work will come to nothing.
  2. According to the perimeter of the frame, apply construction adhesive and glue the bottom part of the adhesive fastener.
  3. By the size of the adhesive tape, determine the size of the grid, attaching it to the window. Make a piece of the desired width and height, Trim any excess.
  4. At the edge of the grid glue or sew the second part of the adhesive tape. That's all, mosquito net on the balcony door with his hands ready.

Is it possible to gather the most complete mosquito door?

Install mosquito screens on the balcony door

Mosquito door yourself

In the presence of the minimum skills hands, you can self-assemble construction of a wooden frame and mesh, which reliably protects you from insects. so, Here's how to do it.

  1. Measure the door frame, to determine the right size frame and mesh.
  2. Fabricate wooden blocks required size. Assemble two frames. Secure them on the diagonal corners using screws and perforated plasterboard Profile.
  3. Spend markup mosquito nets and cut a piece of the desired size.
  4. Place the grid on top of one of the frames and attach enhanced buttons. Take care, to the canvas was strained hard enough.
  5. After fixing promazhte frame buttons on top of the grid construction adhesive or liquid nails. Place on top of the second frame and carefully press together the two frames.
  6. Once the glue is dry, you can do the installation of accessories to the frame. Install the hinges and the handle.
  7. Hang door hinge and attach the magnetic plates to the structure itself and the frame profile, so that it can be latched and held in position. That's all, mosquito door ready.

Independent design and installation of a door in the cellar, but it will allow you to save money.

Installing mosquito nets allow you to enjoy summer to the fullest and feel protected against intrusion from the street. design functionality is not in doubt and the whole mosquito door - this is an excellent choice for installation in apartments, and in private homes.

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