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Adjustment of plastic doors

Plastic doors are widely used in homes, apartments, offices and shops: they are used as a balcony, interior, input. This is a great alternative to wooden doors, and such products provide better protection from noise, dust, They have a large margin of safety. Over time, you may need adjustment of plastic doors, that it is easy to do yourself.

When adjustment is required?

Even if you do not skimp on quality, and purchased expensive profile from trusted manufacturers, This does not mean, it is not necessary to adjust the door in a few years. This problem is related to many factors:

  • building shrinkage.
  • Improper installation.
  • misuse.
  • Subsidence structure from its own weight.

In order to know exactly, how to handle plastic door, you can watch, as do the installers. Over time, this skill can be useful.

About tom, that require adjustment of doors, you can learn, if there were drafts, steel door will not open or close, I ceased to be parallel to the box. To determine, how tight design, You can use plain paper, which must be placed between the door frame and the frame itself. When sealing the pull list will not work. If it comes out easily, or falls, so, fit in this place weak.

The flap could move due to frequent changes in temperature, attenuation door mechanism, due to which it starts to affect the frame elements. Adjust the plastic doors must be in that situation,, if it touches when opening threshold. When configuring a look at the handle: it can hang, fly out of the nest, also requiring adjustment. Web can loosely fit the frame and due to wear of the seal, which need to be replaced.

defining a fault, you will understand, what is necessary adjustment of plastic doors yourself; guide to all the action is simple and is available to any owner. door blocks It can be adjusted in three directions, it will take to prepare tools advance. You will need two screwdrivers: flat and Phillips, hexahedron, roulette, plastic gaskets, pliers.

Adjustment of plastic doors
Correctly adjusted the door must be stable in any position

vertical adjustment

Adjusting the loop plastic doors It takes place with a special screw, located on them. When it rotates, the door will be lowered or raised. This method is used, if the threshold valve clatter or seal at the bottom or the top part has indentations.

Before you begin, you need to remove the cap from the adjustment screw, which is located on the underside of the loop. It is located along the axis. Rotating propellers is possible by means of the hexagon. When you rotate the mechanism clockwise rise will occur, in the opposite direction - lowering web.

How to adjust the plastic door
Setting plastic balcony door height

horizontal adjustment

This type of configuration is needed, if the canvas sagged. Most often this occurs because of the high structural weight. Adjust the plastic door happens height, when the flap is open. To do this, unscrew the screws from the upper hinge, when you want to close the flap, remove the covers on the hinges, closing screws to adjust. Setting is carried out by means of the longest fastener element, located in a horizontal position.

If there is a bias, We need to tighten the screw on the top and center hinges; the, that is above, should be tightened more. If you do not know, how to pull the plastic balcony door so, that it stands exactly, relax all horizontal screws and adjust them together.

Adjustment of plastic doors yourself
Adjustment of the door leaf horizontally in the upper loop
Adjust the plastic door
Horizontal adjustment of the door at the bottom of the loop

Debugging clamp

You need to know not only that, how to handle plastic balcony door yourself, but when it is required to do so. for example, clamp need to constantly monitor, and not only, when you notice a problem. In summer time the plastic expands due to high temperatures, so you need to loosen the clamp, in the winter on the contrary it is necessary to strengthen to eliminate drafts, since the extension will no longer be. The device is a plastic door on the balcony is quite simple, therefore only the hex wrench is required to work. Locate the frame locking pin type. In this design element has a special notch, which will help determine the extent of the pressure density. Rotate the frame notches provide attenuation, in the opposite direction - strengthening.

If the position of the screws, employees to adjust, extreme, the setting is effective. In this case it is necessary to resort to fixing the position of glass. pull shtapiki, that it is fixed, in the right places, set the pads, it can be done by using a special device - the blades. By skewing will be able to get rid, find the right place for laying and taking into account its thickness. After that glazing beads can be returned to the place.

Adjust the plastic door hinges
Adjusting clamp the door leaf

replacement seal

If the adjustment of plastic doors alone is not carried out for a long time, and the door is operated out of alignment, often happens noticeable deformation of sealing material. His need to change: you can buy a new one in the hardware store. Pay attention to the shape and cross-section of the purchased material - they should coincide with the old.

Extract from the slot seal can come into disrepair, use a flat head screwdriver. Wipe, narostы glue, apply a new layer thereof, insert a fresh seal so, so it does not taut or slack.

Debug state handles

These products may come loose or, conversely, rotate tight, not allowing the door to open normally. In the first case, a plastic door adjustment input is performed by means of screws, located on the handle. To do this, remove the protective cover, pulling a screwdriver.

The second version of the problem will require other efforts. To resolve this issue will need to adjust the door leaf. How to adjust the hinges on the doors of plastic, described above. If you put the canvas properly, but handles the defect has not disappeared, It needs to be replaced. It is easy to do: you need to unscrew the two screws, which keep the product, pull the handle, to put a new card and tighten the screws into place.

Adjusting the door
Adjustment handle

Professional advice

  • In order to protect the door from damage and eliminate the need for frequent adjustment, You can set the limiter opening. This device protects the loop from loosening, because it will not let them touch the doorjamb.
  • Another useful device is a lifter. He takes on the weight of the door leaf in the closed position and prevents it from sagging.
  • To extend the life of the seal it must be treated with silicone grease.
  • Nothing can be hung on the door handle.
  • All parts of the opening mechanism must be greased regularly

Compliance with these simple rules will allow to extend the service door, avoiding frequent adjustments.



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