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Determine the optimum height of the chimney

Before you start building a house, you need to select a project or order the development of the individual. To build even a small country house building, need to know, as sdelat.K chimney device should be approached responsibly, previously it is important to determine the correct height of the pipe above the roof. Actual meet soSNiP41-01-2003 "Heating, ventilation, conditioning", This document regulates the design standards of these sections of the draft.

How to choose the design of the chimney

To smoke from the combustion products leaving outwardly, you need to create cravings. It occurs due to the difference in temperature of the hot air furnace and the outer. The heated air, getting up, begins to cool, due to differential pressure in the tube starts its movement, This is the thrust.

To heating systems functioned normally, and high efficiency was obtained, you need to calculate the height of the chimney over its cross section krysheyi. A large opening in the pipe will create strong cravings, rapid air cooling and condensation. This is undesirable for a heating system.

If you increase the height of the pipe and therefore make it smaller cross-section, it will increase cravings, cold air will flow a lot, which will lead to unnecessary heat loss. Furnace or boiler to heat for a long time and have to use a lot of fuel for heating.

The device proper chimney

One of the main parameters for the calculation of the height of the pipe above the roof ridge. The correct calculation will help create a strong pull in the heating system and save fuel. make a calculation, you need to consider directions in the instructions for the heating unit and the recommendations of the following documents - SNiP41-01-2003 and SP 7.13130-2009.chimney distance

You should know the rule, that the chimney all the way from the furnace to the output space of smoke into the atmosphere, can not have a length less 5 m. When the flat roof the smallest height of the chimney above the roof mounted 1,2 m.

If a multi-level roof, with complex differences in height, the calculation is complicated. Such raschetyluchshe left to specialists.

Flue pipe cross section depends on the power of the boiler and must be such, mm:

  • 140× 140 - when thermal power is less than 3,5 kW;
  • 140-With capacity × 200 3,5 – 5,2 kW;
  • 140× 270 - when its value 5,2 – 7 kW.

At round chimneys sectional area should match the dimensions of rectangular channels.

Determine the height of the pipe

Consider, indicating SNP to determine the height of the chimney pipe above the roof. it is:

  • In the flat built-up roof chimney height above its coating may be less than 50 cm;
  • on the same roof, Only the device high parapets, upper pipe marker must exceed a mark on the fencing 50 cm;
  • when the pipe on the roof in place, located closer 1,5 metrovpo horizontally from the center of the ridge, height of the chimney above the roof ridge required 50 see above;
  • the location of the chimney on 1,5 – 3,0 meter from the center of the roof require horizontal pipe height at or slightly above the Level of the ridge;
  • If the flue outlet on the roof close to the edge and remote from the ridge point further 3,0 m, its height determines the line, drawn from the point of the ridge to the chimney at an angle 100 downward from the horizon.
  • when the building under construction next to the other tall buildings, dymohoddolzhen vystupatnadsamoy its high point. If near have structures with higher upper stamp, plantations, used in the calculation of the line 450 to the horizontal, constructed from the highest point of the pipe. Its top can bytraspolozhen below this line.

Graphical method of departure height

Having a simple roof construction, you can try to determine graphically, What is the height of the pipe above the roof will be the most suitable.

First you need to arm themselves with pencils, paper, straightedge. The scale draws the projection of the pitched roof. Note the location of the point of the ridge. Next plot the location of the axis of the chimney, the horizontal line indicates the position of the roof ridge point.

Measure the distance interna. If it is less 3 m, draws the flue above the ridge point on 50 cm (Using your drawing scale), measuring the height of the entire surface of the roof to the top of the pipe line, We obtain the length of the chimney above the roof, Apply scale, define its real height.

If the pipe is located further 3 meters from the ridge, drawing have complicate. from the horizontal, passing through the top of the ridge, postpone down the line at an angle 100. Its place peresecheniyas axial chimney line will mean its upper section. Next it will measure the distance and translate it into a real value, I am using the selected zoom.

ventilation device in a residential building

When installing the boiler to heat the dwelling house shall be provided room ventilation, Where it is located. It will help determine the height of the ventilation pipe over the roof SNiP41-01-2003 "Heating, Ventilation and air conditioning". Calculation of its height being similar to the definition of the chimney height. Taken into account its location relative to the ridge, roof construction, location near high-rise buildings, other designs.

the height of the pipe in an apartment house
The height of the pipe in an apartment building

What should be the height of the chimney above the roof, if there is chimney? Ventilation hood should be below the chimney pipe, to prevent ingress of smoke into the room. We can not allow the distance between the ventilation shafts and smoke less 5 m.

construction of flues

To the heating system to work effectively, you need to choose the design of fume collection channels. The most used are:

  • brick, most durable, thermal capacity. Disadvantage - complexity in manufacturing;
  • asbestos cement, inexpensive, light in weight and installation, but loses heat;
  • steel single-circuit, inexpensive, a light weight, but not heat resistant and short-lived;
  • steel in two circuits, It is made of two tubes with an intermediate insulation, good modern version;
  • ceramic, It consists of refractory ceramics, insulation and protective layer of concrete. Not a bad option, but heavy.

Recommendations on the production and maintenance

Chimney distance from trees and buildings
The distance from trees and buildings

During the construction of the chimney should be aware of the following:

  • at a laying of a brick chimney joints should be sealed, the inner surface should be flat and smooth to do;
  • to reduce the load on the brick structure base in the attic is necessary to make the transition to a light pipe;
  • selecting a section of the chimney and the size of its internal passage, should take into account the characteristics of the heating equipment, its capacity;
  • metal and asbestos pipes set vertically;
  • work to be effective chimney, it should be cleaned of soot constantly;
  • to avoid falling into the system of insects, birds or rain, It allowed the installation of protective caps on the tube;
  • when using higher chimneys 1,2 m is necessary to strengthen them with additional elements.

realizing, how important it is to determine the height of the pipe above the roof ridge home, you can make the right choice for this parameter. This will provide a convenient and comfortable living in a new home.


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