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Why creaking door? Remedies squeaks

After a certain amount of time after the installation of the door may appear creaking. This sound effect irritably, so immediately want to get rid of it. There are many proven tools and methods for the elimination of the problem. For, To do this, We need to identify the root cause of squeaking.

The causes of the squeak

Depending on, which is set door, the causes of the squeak can be different.

masters, who are faced with the repair of doors, most often are the following reasons, provoking creaking:

  1. Improper installation. In this case it can be properly welded loop, and then, you need to solve the problem is to completely change the door and the door frame;
  2. Lack of lubrication. maybe, after installation of the product, its hinges were not lubricated, so only need to purchase a lubricant solution and fill it loops. It is important to know, that the composition should not be grease - it will eventually become the abrasive particles, which can also cause squeaking;
  3. Lack of balls. If in the loop there is no mechanism bearings, canvas will need to remove and disassemble the hinges, supplementing them with the necessary details;
  4. excess moisture. Due to the constant exposure to moisture, the door can swell, with the result that the friction of the door frame will be, provoking creaking. This situation involves the complete dismantling of the old installation of a new door gruppyi. Before implement this process, to get rid of moisture source, so that the problem does not repeat itself;
  5. Wrong choice of cladding. The material may come into contact with the door frame, causing friction and squeaking. In this case, the need to replace the encasing material;
  6. Faulty elements. Check the suitability of all the details of the door and the door frame, may eventually, some of them are out of order and need to be replaced;
  7. The hinges are fixed securely. It is necessary to change the mounting bolts and check the result;
  8. Cloth side portion may touch the casings and cause squeaks, to eliminate the unpleasant sound - Adjust the door;

Apartment owner, I heard the creaking of the door, immediately gives preference to any means at hand based on oil. More often, people use vegetable oil, that is fundamentally wrong. oil can be used and should only, when the problem is really connected with the hinges.

In this should apply lube, which is sold in the automobile. It has the appropriate composition, which clears the door hinges, and prevents them from clogging, can not be said about the sunflower oil.


Eliminate creaking door

wooden door, which is installed on the staircase and leads to the apartment, will always be subject to temperature changes. such differences, undoubtedly, may be the cause of creaking doors.

temperature difference between inside and outside flat approximately ten degrees, this is especially noticeable in the offseason. Repair is not possible to cause, but it is possible to influence the consequences. In this situation, it helps the graphite powder or plain simple pencil.

If the door has been installed recently, and the creaking already appeared, so, reason gapping hinges to doorpost. Prepare a screwdriver, matches and glue and perform the following steps:

  1. Try to tighten the screws in the loop more tightly with a screwdriver;
  2. If the first option is not helped, glue some matches or take Chopyk ready and insert it in the hole, and lock.

It happens, that loops the front door creak rust. To resolve these issues - you can use melted paraffin.

koordinalno method to eliminate
Method to eliminate the creaking of the door of the box by hinges zataplivaniya

How to remove the plastic creaking door?

This type of door is most often installed on a balcony or in offices. The reasons, provoking creaking, may be the:

  • Contact with doorsteps. Hinges loosened, and there is constant friction products. Timely elimination of problems will help avoid gaps between the frame and the canvas;
  • The door touches the frame. Correct the situation is to adjust the fittings;
  • The door creaks only when opening and closing - requires the full adjustment of products.

Fast solution squeaks problem is to use the same graphite rod, which must be put under the loop. But this is only short-term solution to the situation, better to carry out the adjustment loop. Before performing the procedure,, should carefully lubricate parts Oils. detail adjustment of doors.

Designated door adjustment
adjusting space

Other methods for eliminating creaking

If these methods did not help, There are other methods of getting rid of the unpleasant sound:

  1. The use of spray oils. The most popular option today is the WD-40 means, which is used not only for lubrication of door. It is convenient, that has an extra thin tip, which can be used to penetrate the loop holes.

Spray the solution directly on the loop, at the same time try to open and close the door. Creaking must leave immediately;

  1. Pochynka rod. If the sound does not go away, it is necessary to disassemble the loop. The very item is held on a rod, want to get. This device is easy to find - it links together all the loop plate.

The rod must be well wiped, and it is better to use a metal sponge, to remove dirt and clogs. If the item is bent, it is necessary to align with a hammer.

If the rod is detected rust - use sandpaper, to get rid of it. An alternative may be soap, which lubricated and installed back into the loop.

After the performed manipulation, set the rod back and apply grease.

  1. You can use Vaseline, smazav their cocks. Next, you need to open and close the door until, until the sound disappears completely.
  2. If the hand is no lubrication, eliminate creaking doors can plain soap. It is necessary to lubricate the pivot hinges or friction side doors.

These tips will help eliminate the annoying creaking door. Performing operations on the sound disposal, be careful not to overdo it with the amount of lubricant.



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  1. In our house there is always a high humidity, but it is felt in the winter in a special way, first floor and the laundry is dried at home more often, namely in the kitchen, which is why even in the kitchen, When you breathe this damp feel very. And it was in the kitchen very often creaking door, I associate it with high humidity is, and still aging doors. In such cases, I always lubricate hinges conventional engine oil. Husband lifts the door, I thin layer of grease the hinges, and the next six months forget about creaking doors. Door wooden way we.

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