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Glass doors for bathroom, how to choose the appropriate?

Installation of doors takes place on the last, the final stage of repair bathroom. on, which will be the door, It depends on the overall style of the room. Today, popular glass doors, that, thanks to the material manufacturing, give refinement and elegance of the interior, as well as meet all the requirements for doors, installed in the bathroom.

Reliability interior glass doors

The first association, appearing at the mention of glass, - fragility. However, this is not always a true. Modern technologies allow to get the interior doors made of glass with high strength and resistance to mechanical damage. Smash the glass door can be, just hitting it hard with a metal object. But what is a homeowner decides to? Domestic and foreign manufacturers of interior doors made of glass, in a rich variety of market presence, They use the latest technology, improving many of the basic characteristics of glass. At the moment, for the production of door leaf is used tempered glass, as well as crystal glass, whose thickness is not less than 1 cm. If such a web and be able to break, it will not cause any damage to the health of inhabitants of the house, because it is shatterproof, t. it is. shatters into small blunt pieces finishing.

Glass is melted from the purified quartz sand, the process temperature is about 1200 degrees Celsius. To enhance transparency and the play of light in the main part of adding a small amount of lead. Interior doors of this type - the most common choice of households across the country. A distinctive feature of tempered glass serves its increased strength: material is repeatedly subjected to quenching at a temperature in the furnace is not less than 600 degrees Celsius. In this approach the glass strength increases nearly 10 time. After tempering glass sheet is subjected to a series of additional checks. Many manufacturers check strength, throwing metal balls on glass from a height 1 meter. Due to the high reliability and resistance to damage tempered glass, such doors are often used in places with crowded. Notable examples of the interior of the subject can be found in a Moscow supermarket, shopping centers. In the manufacture of sliding doors or color stained glass inserts using triplex glass. it, of a kind, - two glass paintings, between which is a special gluing film of various colors. These interior doors have stunning visuals and a variety of decorative finishes.

Variety of glass doors

Glass door creates a certain zest in the bathroom, making it a more modern design. In addition to its functionality, glass door is catchy component bathroom interior. Often, bathroom replete with an abundance of chrome parts: mixers, shower, Framing mirrors and cabinets, therefore glass door completion compositions give.

Besides, door glass can serve as an additional source of light for the room. It can be decorated with stained glass or colored paintings.

glass doors by type of construction, can be:

  • hinged. Such doors in its design may have one or two doors, which are fixed on hinges and can be opened in either direction. It is the most popular type of doors among consumers.
  • pendulum. this type of doors also it has a door on its hinges, however, it can be opened in both directions: in and of themselves.
  • Sdvižnymi. This design represents a guide rail, on which moves the door to one side. The choice of such doors is often due to the presence of a small space, since it opens the door moving along the wall.
  • telescopic. In this type of doors there are two guides and two door wings. when opening, they parted in different directions. Such construction is often used for doors of concertina.
  • In most cases, all the doors are mounted on a special door frame, which provides additional insulation against sound. Glass doors can be mounted directly on the door. Also, the glass doors can be divided according to their shape type:
  • Straight-line - are the usual rectangular door, used in the flats with the standard layout;
  • Curved - these include radius doors, used in the presence of non-standard semicircular opening.

As for the size of the glass doors, their dimensions do not differ from doors of wood. Dimensions of standard door height are equal 1980 mm and more, and the width varies 610-860 mm, depending on the width of the opening.


Pros and cons of glass doors in the bathroom

Glass is fragile material, but, in spite of this, Glass doors will please their durability and strength. The advantages of these windows can be called:

  • Water resistance of the material makes it possible to install the door in the bathroom. If a, in the case of wooden doors there is a risk of gradual deterioration of the material due to high humidity, the glass has a long service life;
  • Resistance temperature extremes. Bathroom - the place, where constantly circulate alternately warm and cold air mass. Glass is not subjected to deterioration under constant change degrees air;
  • The strength of the Mother. Glass for doors quenched, which increases its anti-shock properties, and the glass thickness in such doors is generally from 7 to 10 mm;
  • A visual extension of the space. Room bathroom is usually small, a glass door, thanks to its transparency, It helps to visually enlarge the room area;
  • The material is versatile and allows the use of glass doors in all forms of doorways;
  • You should not bother about fittings for doors: Glass models use the same hardware, as for the wooden door options;
  • The aesthetic appearance of the door. Glass provides great opportunities of the design space, than can not boast of any other material;
  • Easy maintenance. The glass material is not afraid of chemicals and cleaning agents.

The advantages of the glass doors to the bathroom significantly outweigh shortcomings, among which:

  • The high cost of glass cloth for a door, as well as work, followed during the installation;
  • The ability of glass to accumulate condensate: as is the case with a mirror in the bathroom, the glass will be collected droplets of evaporated moisture.

Last less easily eliminated by wiping with a dry soft cloth doors, as well as the ventilation of the room after the adoption of water treatments.

What to look for when choosing a door?

Choosing the glass door to the bathroom, should pay attention to these nuances:

  1. door installation method. You need to decide, Whether the door is installed with the help of the door frame, or frameless manner. In the second case, possibly, You need professional help.
  2. type of glass. To date, among the proposed glass doors, such materials are used: tempered glass - has high strength, It is often used in frameless doors; triplex - equipped with a special protective film within the glass; combined composition - is applied on the glass Book stiff film on both sides.
  3. Size door structure. It is important to measure the door opening dimensions, and, if you install the door frame will be used, you must subtract the width, to get the dimensions of the finished door;
  4. Decor glass door. Of course, you can buy one-piece glass door, without any drawings, but why should be given to platitudes, if today offer so many different options for door decor, eg:
  • Picture, made stained glass paints;
  • Film, which is glued to the glass surface and can have a variety of image;
  • spraying: This method has a relatively high cost, however, it can be used to create any image and make the door opaque;
  • Stained glass - pieces of glass of different colors adorn the door, creating a bizarre image;
  • Fusing - Glass Melting Technology, which creates a variety of forms.
  1. findings, comes bundled. Probably, doors equipped with handles and lock budget. If you are not satisfied with this option, You need to purchase accessories separately.
  2. The cost of the door. This factor depends on all of the above selection criteria.

glass door installation Features

Picking up the glass door to the bathroom you must go to its installation. If you've ever had to deal with the installation of conventional swing doors, the issues and difficulties should arise. If it was purchased by the door sliding type, possibly, It needs the help of the wizard. The entire process consists of the following stages:

  1. Installed door frame, or guide rails, which will move the door;
  2. Produced marking for fastening loops;
  3. installed fasteners;
  4. Are installing the door;
  5. Mounted door fittings;
  6. By the end of the installation of the door is adjusted.
Fittings for glass doors
Installing glass doors

Adjusting the swing door is made with a screwdriver, which tighten up the loop, thereby relaxing its course, or vice versa, tightening.

Caring for the glass doors in the bathroom

During the operation needs the right care for a glass door. It contains the same principles, that care for any other glass elements:

  • In the course of the door pollution, clean it with special means for glass;
  • Chrome hinges or rails wipe specifically designed for this purpose solutions;
  • Lubricate moving machinery special oil from time to time;
  • If the door has a decor, care of it is carried out according to manufacturer's recommendations.

Observe the rules of operation of the glass door, and it will last for years to come, giving a visual delight and functionality.




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