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Characteristics of plastic balcony doors

PVC doors is the most common design for balcony openings. Today the market offers a wide variety of PVC balcony doors. Plastic constructions are distinguished not only beautiful appearance, but the heat and sound insulation of the room, long-lived, various embodiments of the. Consider, What are plastic balcony doors, their benefits, how to choose, and how to install

Varieties balcony doors

Single-plastic balcony doors

This solution is particularly in demand, because, usually, flat executed in the same style.

  • Type single-PVC doors stands out better insulation, that will provide a stable temperature in the room;
  • In the summer time, the door can be used, as part of the ventilation, opening flap fully or partially;

Plastic doors to the balcony
Single-plastic balcony doors

Vertically balcony door PVC

Double doors are considered to be more effective, they stand out more, in comparison with the single-wing door, width.

Plastic balcony doors
Vertically balcony door PVC

sliding system

Ggotovye balcony doors PVCEmbodiment is a separate structure, not included in the main room. The main advantage of sliding doors to save space in the room, which it is very important for small apartments.

Folding "accordion"

An unusual option for mounting the balcony opening. The device is characterized by a folding door usability and compactness. Also, when compared with standard glazing, can be isolated increased tightness.

Design plastic balcony doors

Before, how to choose a model for your own balcony is important to understand that, what are the different designs. There are several types:

  • "Garmoška";
  • Slaydynh;
  • parallel shift system;
  • Lifting-sliding;
  • Tilt-sliding;
  • Lifting-sliding.

Type "accordion" is convenient for comfortable use. It provides a smooth opening, even with minimal available space. The main drawback of this system is, that closed the sunlight does not reach the room.

Sliding system also serves well in small spaces. Structure equipped with casters to make optimal use of the space.

Parallel shift highlighted by heavy doors and easy operation, an opportunity to open the system completely and an excellent ability to pass light rays.

Doors with lifting razdvizheniya operate through raising the flaps. Rubber seal provides excellent sealing. The downside of such a structure may be called the inability to reveal it to the end, sash move sequentially.

Steady razdvizheniya - a system, similar to the bus structure. She is, first pushed back forward, then pushed for the fixed part.

lifting shift design provides the ability to set the volume of plastic balcony doors. Moreover, the system is characterized by good heat retention and tightness.

The composition of the plastic doors

For the production of plastic balcony doors are used in all 2 type of material: aluminum and plastic.

Sliding glass balcony door is made of standard profile. The material was chosen because, he restrains great heat, reliable and extremely tight. Balcony doors from PVC, usually, made in white. However, there are options in other colors, e.g. wood decoration.

Aluminum balcony doors are made of profile constructions. The main feature of such structures is the ability to perform in any form with a combination of different materials, which makes these systems an important element in the construction of expensive buildings. Aluminum balcony door is characterized by its resistance to fire, a harmonious combination of many solutions, corrosion resistance.

Features and Benefits balcony doors

According to the standard ready-made PVC balcony doors with window. The advantages of plastic designs are:

  • impermeability, due to the tight fit of the frame and profile;
  • Insensitivity to temperature extremes;
  • thermal insulation, whereby the temperature is maintained in the room;
  • Simplicity in service.

The doors to the balcony

Balcony door on a structure identical to the window system, so the production uses the same mechanisms. The customer may wish to, that the outputs are equipped with handles on both sides, to prevent accidental collapse.

Sometimes the glass balcony door fully or partially glazed. Open Solution allows you to add light to the room.

Dimensions plastic balcony doors will depend on the parameters of the balcony opening. If it exceeds 90 cm, then mounted double-wing scheme. standard dimensions: height of 1,90 m, width plastic balcony door - 60 centimeters. If necessary, reducing the alignment parameters disclosed, the second part is made hollow or closed by espagnolettes.

How to install the balcony PVC system

Prior to installation of any design, you want to work on the training - measure, buy tools and materials, etc.. Installing glass doors to the balcony did not like working with wood profiles and has a number of features.

Balcony doors from PVC

The following applies:

  1. To start need to prepare an opening . It is important to follow, to conform to the size of the wall and profile.
  2. Then, prior to installation of plastic doors to the balcony have to parse. Initially it sold in the assembled structure embodiment, but easier to install the system in parts.
  3. The frame is set by the brackets and anchorages. If a, to secure the brackets used system, it is necessary to trace, to be installed in a special slot on the back side. The anchors are installed in pre-prepared holes, stitched through the box. Regardless of the chosen method is required to put on 3 fasteners on the side.
  4. Further, the opening screws or nails are driven, to stop. For regular plane will suffice 4 dowels.

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