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Diversity selection aluminum profiles under LED tape

Quality lighting has a positive effect on human well-being. Inadequate lighting can cause eye problems. Proper distribution of the light in the room allows you to fully relax after a busy day. With the development of new technologies improved LED lighting and related hardware. In a large assortment aluminum profile presented by the LED tape. They are used for decoration LED strip, as well as for playing all kinds of lighting effects, prevent the tape from different influences, which can damage the light fixture.

What type of profile is better to buy? What are the characteristics of a particular type of profile? How to Install? These questions arise in the selection box under the LED Strip.

Features of aluminum profiles

Aluminum LED profile is a solid ground with n- shaped configuration. The housing is closed with the front of the plastic or glass. Glass has scattering, directing light properties. These housings are divided into three types:

  • Invoice profile - is set perfectly on any solid surface, it can be, as the ceiling, and furniture. before, you begin decorating the contours, you must consider design. Surface mounted aluminum profile for LED strips bargain for interior decoration;
  • Angular aluminum profile for LED lentyvo much like bill, but it has a difference in configuration. Ideal for internal illumination of all kinds of cabinets. The shape of the profile - the two walls are at right angles (90 degrees), the front side is covered with glass screen;
  • Recessed aluminum profile for LED strips mounted inside surface, Installation can be made even in the floor surface, this type of profile has elevated levels of protective properties, and it is waterproof. This feature of the profile makes it possible to apply no room. Mounted lighting tracks, facades of houses, fences etc. Profile resistant to moisture, thus suitable for installation in areas such as the, bathroom, kitchen and t.d.

Details about the various areas of application profile options in the apartment.


Variety of profiles in class

Because of its design features aluminum body is resistant to all kinds of mechanical stress. Reliably protect LED tapes from damage and facilitate quick installation and are not labor.svetodiodnyj-profil

In aluminum profile has anticorrosive feature, it is durable, when proper operation is many years. These products are perfect for absolutely any room.

Boxes of aluminum have a good heat conductivity, this is a very positive effect on the temperature of the tape itself.

Angle and overhead aluminum boxes are compact, they will be used literally anywhere in the, thereby create a comfortable and high-quality lighting. With their help, you can change the interior to your taste and mood.

Mounting box for LED strip

Installation of the profile is made fairly quickly and easily, It requires no special training and knowledge. Installation is performed in the usual tools, who are found in every home, box is fixed as the adhesive, and fixtures for profile. Mounting LED strip in the housing is performed using double-sided adhesive tape with the surface. there are manufacturers, which produce profiles, with special fasteners, they make it possible to carry out super-fast installation products.


The procedure for mounting profile

The following installation sequence:

  • Fixation of aluminum profile;
  • Installation of LED ribbon;
  • Getting Started Kit associated equipment, this, as the - power supply, dimmer, amplifier, etc.;
  • The tape in the profile is closed special light diffuser.

Installation box with light diffuser allows you to create unique, decorative lighting. Special diffuser is very beautiful, continuously illuminates the surface and recreates the unique effect. If illuminate LED tape with a glossy finish ceiling, mounted in a profile strip with a scatterer, you get a wonderful color effect.

By setting the embedded profile is important to provide, as lighting will be distributed in the room. Location LED lighting gives the edge to 180 gradusov.Bolee deep location diodes gives the smallest dispersion. The method of fastening the profile is dependent on the species, it may be - glue, brackets, clips, that, usually, included. detail, as a roll LED aluminum profile.

Functional features of lighting devices

Manufacturers are always trying to make your product more perfect in the "pursuit" of demand. complementary function, which favorably distinguish them from the goods competitor. Manufacturer profiles LED device sometimes will improve adding reflective panel profile packaging, thus creating the effect of an unbroken strip, which is extraordinarily beautiful distributes the luminous flux.


Corner box for LED strip can be mounted in corners slozhnodostupnyh, it is an indisputable advantage of the product and increases the demand on him. With this box decorate and illuminate the most problematic areas of the premises. There are built-in box for LED strip, round design.

There are profiles with a pre-mounted LED ribbon. Installation of this design is carried out by fixing to a wall and connection to the power supply. proceeding, the composition of the kit,product value changes. Includes - profile, protecting cap - Diffuser, brackets, plugs. The value affects the size of the box, They come in different widths, for narrow and wide tape

The most well-known companies manufacturers of aluminum profile for LED strip, whose products are most in demand in the market:

  • profile ARLIGHT;
  • profile KLUS;
  • profile ECO;
  • Profile S-LUX;
  • profile TOP;
  • profile LEDsON.

Overview of various modifications of aluminum profile: application, types and sizes.

Determine the choice of aluminum profiles for diode tape, it is recommended to take into account several momentov.Eto:

  • installation location;
  • The parameters of the diode tape;
  • Circumstances, in which the device will function;
  • Features of operation;
  • Kind of light effect;
  • The combination of profile and tape, It enables the production of a variety of lighting fixtures.

The device performs the desired function, decorate, cover and create comfort in your apartment. This is a very important component of the design space,certainly, it would require certain material investments. Aluminum profile for LED screen with a large length of the tape, respectively, is not cheap.
save, possibly, on the lens, but if it does not set much lost a unique view of the consecration. Price above the embedded profile, than the cost of the applicator, it is necessary to take into account, proschityvaya purchase of such an interesting and unique lighting device for the interior of your apartment. In addition, it is worth paying attention to Track LED lamp, which is gaining in popularity.


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