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The main causes of burnout LED lamps

Often, even the most advanced and reliable development of technical devices, become useless due to breakdowns, caused by negligence, misuse or simply the unwillingness to read the operating instructions. Ice lamp thus are no exception, because the durability of their work, as well as other techniques is largely dependent on the human factor.

As we know best - the enemy of the good, everything, that delivers high quality,, promising and economically, sooner or later replacing cumbersome, inefficient and backward. So it was with the lighting devices from Edison's light bulbs to LED device has been only a little more than nothing 100 years and a lamp with a tungsten coil universally replaced by light-emitting diode LED-lamps. But even such a rapid development of technology can not solve the problem, due to which the LED light bulb burn out.

LED lamps - design feature

The similarity and difference between LED lamps and conventional incandescent bulbs in many open features the entire life cycle from the purchase of equipment, until such time as will be stated that the ice is completely burned out lamp.

a standard bulb, This simple device, wherein the tungsten spiral is a resistor, placed in an inert gas atmosphere, while passing an electric current therethrough is heated to a high temperature, at which the outer glow.

For the ice-bulb, unlike incandescent lamps is typical LED illumination, connected via a special driver - a special fee, the transforming power 220 volt household power into a voltage 3-3,5 volt supply to LED element.

The presence in the built-in LED lamp driver design, high-power LED, unlike ordinary light bulb makes the lamp is not only more economical, but also durable, because the performance of the LED and tungsten coil incommensurable - the diode operates in dozens of times longer.

When selecting unnecessary to pay attention to a greater number of diode elements, Conversely the fewer the better their quality.

The main causes of the fault LED lamps

so, despite, that the LED-lamps are now the most modern and reliable equipment, question, Why LED bulb is burned out is becoming increasingly important. And here, as well as in analogy to conventional incandescent lamps are the more obvious reasons, which can be divided into several groups:

A more detailed study of the problem of why burn diode bulb, you can identify other causes, but these factors are often the cause of failures and become instruments.

The main reason is, that the pursuit of profit makers greatly save and produce rather weak driver, who work at the limit, plus the heats, a heat dissipation occurs slightly.

How does the light

Home durability conditions

According to the manufacturer 10 000 or even 50 000 hours of operation of the device is largely justify the appointment of LED-lamps as a long-lasting lighting device, but at the same time, It should take into account a number of technical characteristics of the factors, significantly affect the resource.

first. Today, throughout the ice-lamps have a standard incandescent lamp base E14 and E27, that is designed for use in standard chandeliers and lamps! But because of the small size of standard bulbs is difficult to fit a good enough driver, and at the same time do a good cooling of the surface.

A simple rule. Before buying pay attention to the cooling fins, the more of them and the reasonableness of the system the better. Ideally, if the lamp has a decent power, the radiator and lamp should be aluminum.

Led lamp with aluminum radiator.

Screwing in the new bulb in the chandelier old, care must be taken, to contacts in the cartridge were in good condition, without flaws and had no traces of oxidation. As with conventional lamps burn diode bulbs, primarily due to poor contact in the cartridge.

second most important reason, Why LED bulb burns out quickly, It acts as the quality of the electrical current. Not a secret, that in most houses built 60-80 the last century consumer power is calculated at the level of 1,3-1,6 KW load at peak times to the apartment. Based on this index was laid electric wiring corresponding cross section and material. So it turns out, often network "sags" when you turn on the microwave and iron at the same time. As low voltage network, and conversely high voltage negative impact on the driver, It leads to overheating, and accordingly breakdown of the electric circuit elements. And if you frequently burn LED bulb in the apartment, then definitely need to purchase protective equipment, to reduce the impact of poor voltage on the electrical whole apartment and modernize the entire wiring system.

third possible cause burnout ice lamps, is the presence of the backlight on the switch. When improper wiring system, correctly when the phase is the switch, there is leakage current through the switch illumination. As a result, light can be even a little light in the darkness. The solution is simple to remove the lamp with switch. Or globally revise how to change the phase and zero panel.

The name speaks for itself

A bright packaging and the promises of many years of continuous work more often and become the point, and which are caught gullible buyers. And along with those of companies producing LED lamps is mushrooming, more and more. The more that the main, the most expensive element of the LED lamps in China over the past year fell by 30%. This rush to market unknown manufacturers with offers of cheap products of unknown origin significantly increases the risk that the ice will last long lamp.

For well-known international and domestic manufacturers, production of quality products is always a priority, therefore, for buildings, and element base are selected only the highest quality components, so the full guarantee 5 years old, true, and the corresponding price. How to select the led lamp.

The main problem of the ice tubes that are trying to solve all the manufacturers this flickering light bulbs. Accordingly, it is smaller than the light better and more suitable for use in residential areas. It can be found by sending a mobile phone, the screen strips should not be.


Human factor

As with any expensive equipment, the human factor has a significant impact on, that burned ice lamp. In fact, reasons to frequently burn LED bulb in the apartment plenty:

  • failure to comply with the rules of the lamp assembly, when excessive force just breaks plinth;
  • installation and operation of the appliance immediately after the lamp has been brought from a cold room in;
  • installation of LED lights in the lamp switch, which is equipped with indicator diode;
  • use in areas with high humidity outside the sealed lamps.

In all these cases, it is the human factor acts cause the lamp burns out the ice.

Factor external impact

Unfortunately, despite the use of modern technologies, and electrical protection devices can not be today with 100% confidence to guarantee correct operation of the LED lamp during external forces. As for fluorescent lamps, and for LED-lamps characteristic reaction to static electricity, occurs during thunderstorms. A ingress thunderstorm charge in the lightning rod unprotected house 100% cases, lead to, Diode light bulbs that burn out.




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